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This is a list of cards for the Labyrinth Battle Game. This game was featured at the end of Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist volume 4, which provided a set of rules and a playing grid and set of 21 cards, which could be photocopied and cut out.

 Japanese nameLevelATKDEFAttack nameJapanese attack name
Blackland Fire Dragon暗黒の竜王40000220000002000Fire Breathほのおのブレス
Blue-Eyes White Dragon青眼の白龍60000300000002500Burst Streamバースト・ストリーム
Brain Slime脳ミソスライム30000160000001500
Celtic Swordsman40000230000002000
Curse of Dragon50000220000001900Hell Flameヘル・フレイム
Dark Eyeダーク・アイ30000170000000300
Dark Magicianブラック・マジシャン50000240000002600Black Magicブラック・マジック
Dragon Capture Jar50000120000001400
Feral Imp40000180000001900
Gaia the Fierce Knight50000230000001800Spiral Saberスパイラル・シェイバー
Gate Guardianゲート・ガーディアン50000230000002500
Hercules Beetleヘラクレス・ビートル40000190000002000
Killer Needleキラー・ビー40000150000001500
Mystical Elf30000150000001800
Red-Eyes Black Dragon真紅眼の黒竜60000250000002000Black Fire Bullet黒炎弾こくえんだん
Summoned Skull50000270000002000Demon Lightningこうらい
Time Magician時の魔術師30000100000000500
Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress40000210000001500Fire Ballきゅうのつぶて

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