This is a list of Immortal-Type Monster Cards.

OCG/TCG Immortal-Type Monster Cards

Anime Immortal-Type Monster Cards

Manga Immortal-Type Monster Cards

All Immortal-Type Monster Cards

 Japanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeLevel/ RankATKDEF
Carat IdolN・U・L・L
Effect MonsterLIGHT0000260000003100
Electromagnetic Bagworm (DOR)電磁ミノ虫Effect MonsterLIGHT0000020000001400
Jowls of Dark Demise (DOR)X・E・N・OEffect MonsterWATER0000020000000100
Moisture Creature (DOR)モイスチャー星人Effect MonsterLIGHT0000280000002900
Mucus Yolk (DOR)グラッジEffect MonsterDARK0000000000000100
Rigras Leever (DOR)リグラス・リーパーEffect MonsterFIRE0000160000000100
Servant of Catabolism (DOR)異形の従者Effect MonsterLIGHT0000070000000500
Shapesnatch (DOR)シェイプ・スナッチEffect MonsterDARK0000120000001700
Slate Warrior (DOR)ニュートEffect MonsterWIND0000190000000400
Souleater (DOR)魂喰らいEffect MonsterEARTH0000120000000000
Timeater (DOR)タイム・イーターEffect MonsterDARK0000190000001700

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