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This is a list of Ghost Rare cards.

Rainbow Dragon - Tactical Evolution

Elemental HERO Chaos Neos - Gladiator's Assault

Rainbow Neos - Phantom Darkness

Honest - Light of Destruction

Stardust Dragon - The Duelist Genesis

Black Rose Dragon - Crossroads of Chaos

Red Dragon Archfiend/Assault Mode - Crimson Crisis

Power Tool Dragon - Raging Battle

Ancient Fairy Dragon - Ancient Prophecy

Majestic Star Dragon - Stardust Overdrive

Majestic Red Dragon - Absolute Powerforce

Blackwing Dragon - The Shining Darkness

Dragon Knight Draco-Equiste - Duelist Revolution

Shooting Star Dragon - Starstrike Blast

Odin, Father of the Aesir - Storm of Ragnarok

Junk Berserker - Extreme Victory

Number 17: Leviathan Dragon- Generation Force

Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon - Photon Shockwave

Number C39: Utopia Ray - Order of Chaos

Neo Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon - Galactic Overlord

Heroic Champion Excalibur- Return of the Duelist

Number C32: Shark Drake Veiss - Abyss Rising

Number 92: Heart-eartH Dragon - Cosmo Blazer

Number 107: Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon - Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy

Star Eater - Judgment of the Light

Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand - Shadow Specters

Mobius the Mega Monarch - Legacy of the Valiant

Bujinki Amaterasu - Primal Origin

Stellarknight Delteros - Duelist Alliance

Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon - The New Challengers

Malacoda, Netherlord of the Burning Abyss - Secrets of Eternity

Clear Wing Synchro Dragon - Crossed Souls

Red-Eyes Flare Metal Dragon - Clash of Rebellion

Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend - Dimension of Chaos

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