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This is a list of all Capsule Monster Chess pieces featured in the manga and anime. In addition to the ten named pieces featured in Duel 24, "Capsule Monster Chess", several unnamed pieces appeared. All of the named pieces except for "Devil Castle" and "Hyumoko" were also featured in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule: Breed and Battle.

For a list of monsters featured in Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule: Breed and Battle, see List of Yu-Gi-Oh! Monster Capsule: Breed and Battle monsters.

  Japanese name Level Abilities Move Pattern
Armorsaurus アルマザウルス 5 Armor Attack
Beeton ビートン 2 Curl Up
Big Foot ビッグフット 5 Muscle Punch
Bear Hug
Giant Swing
Brain Slime 脳ミソスライム 1 Think
Poison Attack
Cobrada コブラーダ 4
Devil Castle デビル・キャッスル 1
Dinosaur Wing ダイナソーウイング 5
Eye Mouth アイ・マウス 1
Flower Man フラワーマン 1
The Great "Pa" グレート・パー 4
Gumbo ガンボ 5
Head Sucker ヘッド・ザッカー 5
Hyper Beetle ハイパービートル 5 Fly
Horn Attack
Hyumoko ヒュモコ 1
Megaton メガトン 5 Flatten
Nose Breath Hurricane
Mogley モグリン 1 Dig
Cheer Others
Nama Hargen ナマハーゲン 4 Chomp
Ninja Squid イカニンジャ 2 Water-Fu
Self Destruct
The Skull ドクラー 4
Toppo トッポー 1 Fly
Nose Balloon
Torigun トリガン 2 Whirlwind Razor Beak Slash
Zoid "M" ゾイド-M 5 Headbutt
Zoid Gas

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