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Rinku no Sūjibun

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Link Number


Link Rating

A Link Rating (Japanese: LINKリンクすうぶん Rinku no Sūjibun, "Link Number"), often referred to as simply Link (Japanese: LINKリンク Rinku), is a property exclusive to Link Monsters, in place of a Level or a Rank. The original Link Rating of a Link Monster Card is located next to its ATK, in the space normally taken up by the DEF on other Monster Card types.

A Link Monster's Link Rating is equal to the number of Link Arrows it has, and also the number of Link Materials that must be used for its Link Summon. If a Link Monster is used as Link Material, it can either be treated as either a single Link Material or multiple Link Materials equal to its Link Rating.


Like Levels and Ranks, the original ATK assigned to Link Monsters seems to influenced by their Link Rating, with each Link Rating having a corresponding maximum value to be given to Link Monsters of that Rating. So far, the limits are:

  • 2000 ATK for Link-2 monsters
  • 3000 ATK for Link-3 or higher monsters


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