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Japanese (romanized)

Rinku Mākā

A Link Marker is a set of indicators unique to Link Monsters, used to denote a Link Monster's Linked Zones. A Link Monster's Link Number is equal to the number of Link Markers it has. Link Markers are represented by red arrows radiating outward from the Link Monster's art frame.

If a Link Monster is in a Monster Zone, any Monster Zone pointed to by its Link Marker becomes a Linked Zone of that Link Monster, and any monsters occupying those Linked Zones are considered to be linked to the Link Monster(s) whose Link Marker(s) are pointing to those Zones. Monsters can be Special Summoned from the Extra Deck to Main Monster Zones if they are Linked Zones.

Link Markers are not card effects, so links remain even if the effects of a Link Monster are negated. However, only Link Monsters can create links, so if a Link Monster is treated as an Equip Card, it is no longer a Link Monster and thus it can no longer create links.


Link Markers Non-Link Markers
LM-TopLeft LM-Top LM-TopRight
LM-Left LM-Right
LM-BottomLeft LM-Bottom LM-BottomRight
LM-TopLeft2 LM-Top2 LM-TopRight2
LM-Left2 LM-Right2
LM-BottomLeft2 LM-Bottom2 LM-BottomRight2

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