Link Arrow

Link Arrows on "Decode Talker" in the anime.



Japanese (romanized)

Rinku Mākā

Japanese (translated)

Link Marker


Link Arrow

Link Arrows, known as Link Markers (リンクマーカー, Rinku Mākā) in the OCG, indicate where a Link Monster points to. Only the red arrows around a Link Monster's art frame are Link Arrows. The number of Link Arrows a Link Monster has is its Link Rating.

Link Arrows are not card effects and cannot be removed while the Link Monster is in a Monster Zone. If a Link Monster is in the Spell & Trap Zone, it is not treated as a Link Monster; therefore, it does not have Link Arrows and cannot point to anything.


Link Arrows Non-Link Arrows
LM-TopLeft LM-Top LM-TopRight
LM-Left LM-Right
LM-BottomLeft LM-Bottom LM-BottomRight
LM-TopLeft2 LM-Top2 LM-TopRight2
LM-Left2 LM-Right2
LM-BottomLeft2 LM-Bottom2 LM-BottomRight2

Lists of Monsters by Link Arrow

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