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A Lingering Effect (残存効果 Zanzon Kōka) is any effect that applies even if the card is no longer on the field. Lingering effects cannot be negated (except by negating the initial effect). Here are a few such cards with these effects:

One type of card which often has a "lingering" effect are the Token Monsters. Tokens are not Effect Monsters and they do not have any effects of their own; rather, the "effects" of Token Monsters are actually the lingering effect of the Spell, Trap or Effect Monster that Summoned it, and the tokens are always treated as normal monsters.

An example of this is Cobra Jar.

These effects, however, are listed as effect(s) of the Token Monsters in video games to make their purposes less confusing.

A lingering effect can never be negated or prevented from resolving. For example, if Limiter Removal Effects Number 81: Superdreadnought Rail Cannon Super Dora, it will be destroyed during the end phase, even if its effect would make it unaffected by card effects. An analogous way of looking at this is a cost you pay after the card has resolved

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