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Line Monster
Line Monster
Hishakaku with "Line Monster Spear Wheel" and " Line Monster K Horse" inside "Line World".

  • ラインモンスター
  • Rain Monsutā (romanized)


Manga appearances

"Line Monster" (ラインモンスター, Rain Monsutā ) is an archetype consisting of EARTH Beast-Warrior-Type monsters used by Hishakaku. They are themed after the Japanese board game Shogi, and their effects are based on a card's position on the field. In the TCG, the card's names were changed to "Shogi", though the archetype has no TCG support cards.


Each card is named after a Shogi piece or move. The monsters' names are puns involving the Japanese name of the piece, and their appearances consist of the piece they are based mixed with elements of the words their pun is made of (check individual card's trivia for more information).

Line Monster Origin
Number 72: Shogi Rook Rook
Shogi Knight Knight
Shogi Lance Lance
Line Promotion Promotion
Line World Board
Line World Revival Drops

Playing style

In the manga, the "Shogi" cards had effects based on a card's position on the field, similar to the "Senet" series. They focused mainly on destruction effects to annihilate the opponent monsters, using "Line World Revival" afterwards to revive the opponent's monster and further corner them.

When released, the Main Deck monsters were given effects more focused on quickly Xyz Summoning "Number 72: Shogi Rook".

Recommended Cards
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