Limited Edition 4 is a set of two packs available through mail order through the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The Yugi Pack and Marik Pack each contained a different set of three cards.




Yugi Pack
Card numberEnglish nameJapanese nameRarityCategory
LE4-001"Queen's Knight" 「クィーンズ・ナイト」Ultra Rare
Normal Monster
LE4-002"King's Knight" 「キングス・ナイト」Ultra Rare
Effect Monster
LE4-003"Jack's Knight" 「ジャックス・ナイト」Ultra Rare
Normal Monster
Marik Pack
LE4-004"Gil Garth" 「ギル・ガース」Ultra Rare
Normal Monster
LE4-005"Relieve Monster" 「モンスターレリーフ」Ultra Rare
Normal Trap Card
LE4-006"Hidden Soldiers" 「隠れ兵」Ultra Rare
Normal Trap Card

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