Limited Edition 2 is a set of three packs available through mail order through the Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. The Yugi Pack, Joey Pack and Keith Pack each contained a different set of three cards.

This set shares its prefix, "WJ", with the Weekly Shōnen Jump promotional cards. Different cards between the two sets have the same set number. This set is the first set to have printed set numbers on its cards.


The set contains seven Normal Monsters, one Effect Monster and one Fusion Monster, all of which are Ultra Rare. Each pack contains three cards, which were used in the manga by the character depicted on the cover.



Yugi Pack
Card number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
WJ-01 "Gaia The Fierce Knight"あんこくガイア Ultra Rare Normal Monster
WJ-02 "Celtic Guardian"エルフのけん Ultra Rare Normal Monster
WJ-03 "Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts"げんじゅうおうガゼル Ultra Rare Normal Monster
Joey Pack
WJ-04 "Thousand Dragon"千年竜サウザンド・ドラゴン Ultra Rare Fusion Monster
WJ-05 "Tiger Axe"タイガー・アックス Ultra Rare Normal Monster
WJ-06 "Alligator's Sword"ワイバーンのせん Ultra Rare Normal Monster
Keith Pack
WJ-07 "Launcher Spider"TM-1ランチャースパイダー Ultra Rare Normal Monster
WJ-08 "Pendulum Machine"やいばごうもんかい Ultra Rare Normal Monster
WJ-09 "Blast Sphere"スフィア・ボム きゅうたいげんばくだん Ultra Rare Effect Monster

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