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"Lightray Gearfried"

  • ライトレイ
  • Raitorei (romanized)
  • Lightray (translated)


  • Lichtstrahl


  • Raggiodiluce


  • Raio-de-Luz


  • Rayoluz


"Lightray" is a series of LIGHT monsters that debuted in Galactic Overlord. In contrast to Dark counterparts, they are LIGHT versions of existing monsters.

All "Lightray" seem to have the same blue-and-white color scheme. They're mostly Special Summoned by having a certain number of cards banished or in the Graveyard, and focus on banishing LIGHT monsters and supporting LIGHT Attribute monsters.


Lightray counterpart Original card
Lightray Daedalus Levia-Dragon - Daedalus
Lightray Diabolos Diabolos, King of the Abyss
Lightray Gearfried Phoenix Gearfried
Lightray Grepher Warrior Dai Grepher
Lightray Madoor Neo Aqua Madoor
Lightray Sorcerer Chaos Sorcerer

Recommended Cards

Monster Cards

  • Freed the Brave Wanderer: Banishes LIGHT monsters in your graveyard (to summon "Sorcerer"/"Madoor") in addition to destroying high-ATK monsters, it's also Warrior-Type to use "Lightray Gearfried's" effect.
  • Lightsworn monsters: Sends many LIGHT monsters from your Deck to your Graveyard. You can use different Lightsworns to help the Summon of the Lightray monsters that need monsters with different names.
  • Hieratic monsters: also make good use of Lightrays, since all Hieratics are LIGHT monsters and can easily swarm the field with 0 ATK Monster Cards that will eventually be destroyed or Tributed for use of Lightrays.

Extra Deck

Spell Cards

  • Chaos Zone: Gain many counters as you banish monsters to use the effects of Lightray monsters. Can also be used as a target to the effect of "Lightray Daedalus".
  • Realm of Light: Can be used in a Lightsworn+Lightray deck. When this card would be destroyed you can remove counters instead. This means that it can be used with "Lightray Daedalus's" effect repeatedly.
  • A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon: For "Lightray Diabolos", it is a great spell card to use as soon as you summon it for field control, also if you have at least 6 different LIGHT monsters in your graveyard you can reuse "Diabolos'" effect in the same turn.

Trap Cards

Sworn of Lightray

This deck is a mixture of Lightrays and Lightsworns with other support monsters that goes with the archetype.

Sworn of Lightray

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