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"Gene-Warped Warwolf" (released in Strike of Neos) is one of the two 2000 ATK Level 4 Normal Monster Cards that completely breaks the "Rule of 2000 ATK".
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The ATK and DEF of a Level 4 or lower monster are limited by two rules: the "2000 ATK Rule" and the "2300 DEF Rule". The rule states that for a Level 4 monster to have an ATK or DEF equal to or higher than these values, it must have some kind of negative effect or other restriction, such as being a Nomi monster. For example, "Meklord Emperor Wisel" is only Level 1 yet has 2500 ATK and DEF; however, it cannot be Normal Summoned or Set.

Rule of 2000 ATK

"Meklord Emperor Wisel" is tied with "Giant Kozaky" to the highest ATK for a Level 4 or lower monster and has one of the highest DEF, however that power comes with difficulty in Summoning.
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The "Rule of 2000 ATK" is a general rule that applies to Level 4 or lower Monster Cards; it states that once Monster Cards get to 1900 ATK, to go further, to 2000 and beyond, negative effects had to apply to the monster to limit the card.

Two exceptions to this rule are "Gene-Warped Warwolf" and "Alexandrite Dragon". These cards essentially removed the existing usefulness of other 2000 ATK cards with negative effects (like "Panther Warrior") when they were released.

Over 1900 ATK Level 4 Monster Cards

There are many Level 4 cards beyond 2000 ATK points. However, they have negative side effects to counterbalance their massive (for their Level) power. Some examples include "Zombyra the Dark" (2100 ATK) "Giant Orc" (2200 ATK), "Goblin Attack Force" (2300 ATK), "Chainsaw Insect" (2400 ATK) and "Giant Kozaky" (2500 ATK). There are currently 65 Level 4 or less monsters with more than 1900 ATK, which makes them very common. This makes devastating effects, if you "lift" restrictions when you usually summon it with effects negated.

Level 4 and lower TCG/OCG Cards with more than 1900 ATK

  Japanese name Level Attribute Type Card type ATK DEF
Alexandrite Dragon アレキサンドライドラゴン 4 LIGHT Dragon Normal Monster 2,000 100
Archfiend General ジェネラルデーモン 4 DARK Fiend Effect Monster 2,100 800
Armor Exe 魔導アーマー エグゼ 4 LIGHT Rock Effect Monster 2,400 1,400
Arsenal Bug アーマード・フライ 3 EARTH Insect Effect Monster 2,000 2,000
Axe Dragonute アックス・ドラゴニュート 4 DARK Dragon Effect Monster 2,000 1,200
Battlin' Boxer Glassjaw BK グラスジョー 4 FIRE Warrior Effect Monster 2,000 0
Berserk Gorilla 怒れる類人猿 4 EARTH Beast Effect Monster 2,000 1,000
Boar Soldier ボアソルジャー 4 EARTH Beast-Warrior Effect Monster 2,000 500
Bujin Hirume 武神-ヒルメ 4 LIGHT Beast-Warrior Effect Monster 2,000 1,000
Cave Dragon グランド・ドラゴン 4 WIND Dragon Effect Monster 2,000 100
… further results

Rule of 2300 DEF

"Gear Golem the Moving Fortress" has 2200 DEF points and no negative effects.
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Similar to the "Rule of 2000 ATK", the "Rule of 2300 DEF" states that, for Monster Cards to go beyond 2200 DEF, special conditions have to apply to limit the card's usefulness. The original limit was 2000, but since many Level 4 or lower Monster Cards have DEF equal to or higher than 2000, it makes a "Rule of 2000 DEF" rather meaningless. Some even have positive effects like "Gear Golem the Moving Fortress" or "Gladiator Beast Hoplomus". 6 monsters have 2200 DEF, making them somewhat uncommon, while there are 27 2100 DEF monsters.

Over 2200 DEF Level 4 Monster Cards

The 3000 DEF of "Super Crashbug" is the highest of all Level 4 Monster Cards, but the card is difficult to Summon.
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Only 5 Level 4 cards have over 2200 DEF. They are "Giant Kozaky" (2400 DEF), "Meklord Emperor Wisel" (2500 DEF) "Big Shield Gardna" (2600 DEF), "Destiny HERO - Defender" (2700 DEF) and "Super Crashbug", with the incredibly high DEF of 3000, which, by its own effect, becomes 3000 ATK. They all have negative effects, such as increasing your opponent's hand advantage, switching to Attack Position (in addition to having extremely weak ATK), only being able to exist on the field while an extremely weak monster exists as well, or being difficult to Summon.

Level 4 and lower TCG/OCG Cards more than 2200 DEF

  Japanese name Level Attribute Type Card type ATK DEF
Big Shield Gardna ビッグ・シールド・ガードナー 4 EARTH Warrior Effect Monster 100 2,600
Destiny HERO - Defender D-HERO ディフェンドガイ 4 DARK Warrior Effect Monster 100 2,700
Giant Kozaky G・コザッキー 4 DARK Fiend Effect Monster 2,500 2,400
Meklord Emperor Wisel 機皇帝ワイゼル∞ 1 DARK Machine Effect Monster 2,500 2,500
Mist Bird Clausolas 霞鳥クラウソラス 3 WIND Winged Beast Synchro Monster 0 2,300
Super Crashbug スーパーバグマン 4 DARK Fiend Effect Monster 0 3,000

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