Hugo und Helmine with Cinderella illustrations

The Hugo und Helmine text with Cinderella pictures.

Leon von Schroeder had a number of German fairy tale books, which he often read while alone in his childhood and pretended that he was part of the stories.[1]

In the Japanese version, Leon wrote a letter to Pegasus, inspired by the books, asking him to create more fairy tale based cards. In the English version, Leon said that Pegasus had felt the same way as him and decided to create cards inspired by the fairy tales.[1]

Despite illustrations depicting the stories Cinderella and Little Red Riding Hood, the visible text in all of the books is from the story, Hugo und Helmine. The covers of the books and the pictures indicate that they are read from the left pages to right pages, which is how English and German are traditionally read. However, the text is shown to read starting with the rightmost pages, which is how Japanese is read. In the English version, the text is blurred and made unreadable.[1]



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