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Leo plays a "Morphtronic" Deck. Their effects are dictated by battle position. The monsters' appearances are derived from various objects such as cell phones, pen drives, cameras and magnets. His Deck also specializes in Summoning his strongest card, "Power Tool Dragon", and the use of Equip Spell Cards.



Video games

Stardust Accelerator

Transform! Ta-Da!

Reverse of Arcadia

Morphtronic Festival

Over the Nexus

Equipped! Click!

Tag Force 4

Leo 01
Leo 02
Leo 03
Leo 04

Tag Force 5

Deformer Glittereen
Deformer Sparkleen
Deformer Flickeen
Deformer Screecheen
Luca's Feelings
Luca's Sensations
Luca's Wish
Luca's Prayer

Tag Force 6

De-Upper Former

Duel Transer

Go Morphtronic! (Level 7)
Summon Power Tool! (Level 15)
Open Morphtronic Map! (Level 21)
Powerful Morphtronic! (Level 23)

Wheelie Breakers

Turbo Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online 3: Duel Accelerator

Dial On!

Duel Terminals

Invasion of Worms!!

Invasion of Worms Deck

Demon Roar God Revival!!

Demon Roar God Revival!! Deck


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