Lemuria, the Forgotten City

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Lemuria, the Forgotten City
(ぼう)(きゃく)(みやこ) レミューリア
Flag of the United Kingdom English Lemuria, the Forgotten City
Flag of Germany German Lemuria, die vergessene Stadt
Flag of Portugal Portuguese Lemuria, A Cidade Esquecida
Flag of Japan Japanese (Kana) ぼうきゃくのみやこ レミューリア
Flag of Japan Japanese (Base) 忘却の都 レミューリア
Flag of Japan Phonetic Bōkyaku no Miyako Remyūria
Flag of Japan Translated Forgotten Capital Lemuria
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Field Field
Card Number 34103656
Card effect types Condition, Continuous, Ignition-like
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