Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack

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Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack
Flag of the United Kingdom English
  • Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack
Flag of France French

Collection Légendaire 4 Méga-Pack

Flag of Germany German

Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack

Flag of Italy Italian

Collezione Leggendaria 4 Mega-Pack

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Coleção Lendária 4 Mega-Pacote

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Colección Legendaria 4 Mega-Paquetes

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  • LCJW-EN (en)
  • LCJW-FR (fr)
  • LCJW-DE (de)
  • LCJW-IT (it)
  • LCJW-PT (pt)
  • LCJW-SP (es)
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Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • October 11, 2013
English (eu)
  • October 11, 2013
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • October 10, 2013
  • October 11, 2013
Spanish (lat-am)
  • October 11, 2013

Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack

Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack is a Mega-Pack released with Legendary Collection 4: Joey's World boxes.

The set contains close to 300 cards, featuring ones used by or related to ones used by Joey Wheeler, Mai Valentine, Yami Marik, Rex Raptor, and Bandit Keith. It also includes cards used by Bonz, the Paradox Brothers, Duke Devlin, Serenity Wheeler, and The Big Five, as well as a number of presumably Halloween-themed cards such as Zombie-Type monsters and cards from the "Vampire", "Archfiend", "Dark World", and "Gravekeeper's" archetypes. The set is designed such that foil cards are easier to collect, while assembling an entire set of Common cards is difficult.

This set also debuted several cards in the TCG. Prior to the release of this set, a total of 20 cards were originally OCG-exclusive: 1 Effect Monster ("Harpie Dancer"), 1 Trap Card ("Sixth Sense"), 2 non-Effect Fusion Monsters ("Bracchio-Raidus" and "Great Mammoth of Goldfine"), and 16 Normal Monsters ("Meotoko", "Kageningen", "Stone Armadiller", "Anthrosaurus", "Skull Stalker", "Wolf", "Hero of the East", "Tomozaurus", "Little D", "Sword Arm of Dragon", "Megazowler", "Ancient Tool", "Giganto", "Sword Slasher", "The Snake Hair", and "Monster Tamer").


Each pack contains:

In a set, there are:



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Legendary Collection 4 Mega-Pack
(TCG - English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
LCJW-EN001 Flame Manipulator Common 34460851 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN002 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Common 44287299 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN003 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Ultra Rare 74677422 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN004 Rude Kaiser Common 26378150 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN005 Rock Ogre Grotto 1 Common 68846917 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN006 Baby Dragon Super Rare 88819587 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN007 Axe Raider Common 48305365 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN008 Tiger Axe Common 49791927 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN009 Garoozis Common 14977074 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN010 Swordsman of Landstar Common 03573512 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN011 Cyber-Tech Alligator Common 48766543 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN012 Alligator's Sword Common 64428736 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN013 Meotoko Common 53832650 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN014 Kageningen Common 80600490 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN015 Stone Armadiller Common 63432835 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN016 Anthrosaurus Common 89904598 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN017 Skull Stalker Common 54844990 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN018 Wolf Common 49417509 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN019 Hero of the East Common 89987208 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN020 Swamp Battleguard Common 40453765 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN021 Time Wizard Common 71625222 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN022 Lava Battleguard Common 20394040 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN023 Jinzo Rare 77585513 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN024 The Legendary Fisherman Common 03643300 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN025 Sword Hunter Common 51345461 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN026 Hayabusa Knight Common 21015833 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN027 Mad Sword Beast Common 79870141 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN028 Goblin Attack Force Common 78658564 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN029 The Fiend Megacyber Common 66362965 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN030 Gearfried the Iron Knight Common 00423705 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN031 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon Common 64335804 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN032 Marauding Captain Common 02460565 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN033 Fiber Jar Common 78706415 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN034 Sasuke Samurai Common 16222645 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN035 Neko Mane King Common 11021521 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN036 Little-Winguard Common 90790253 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN037 Insect Queen Common 91512835 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN038 Red-Eyes B. Chick Super Rare 36262024 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN039 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Common 96561011 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN040 Gearfried the Swordmaster Common 57046845 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN041 Gilford the Lightning Common 36354007 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN042 Rocket Warrior Common 30860696 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN043 Panther Warrior Common 42035044 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN044 Gilford the Legend Common 69933858 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN045 Copycat Common 26376390 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN046 Divine Knight Ishzark Common 57902462 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN047 Maximum Six Common 30707994 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN048 Comrade Swordsman of Landstar Common 83602069 Tuner monster
LCJW-EN049 Red-Eyes Wyvern Common 67300516 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN050 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Secret Rare 88264978 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN051 Phoenix Gearfried Common 69488544 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN052 Lightray Gearfried Common 04722253 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN053 Flame Swordsman Common 45231177 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN054 B. Skull Dragon Rare 11901678 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN055 Thousand Dragon Common 41462083 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN056 Alligator's Sword Dragon Common 03366982 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN057 Raigeki Secret Rare 12580477 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN058 Hinotama Common 46130346 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN059 Polymerization Super Rare 24094653 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN060 Monster Reborn Ultra Rare 83764718 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN061 Pot of Greed Secret Rare 55144522 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN062 Salamandra Common 32268901 Equip Spell Card
LCJW-EN063 Giant Trunade Common 42703248 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN064 Premature Burial Common 70828912 Equip Spell Card
LCJW-EN065 Graceful Dice Common 74137509 Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-EN066 Scapegoat Secret Rare 73915051 Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-EN067 The Warrior Returning Alive Common 95281259 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN068 Meteor of Destruction Common 33767325 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN069 Release Restraint Common 75417459 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN070 Foolish Burial Secret Rare 81439173 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN071 Silent Doom Super Rare 42534368 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN072 Dangerous Machine Type-6 Common 76895648 Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-EN073 Trap Hole Common 04206964 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN074 Skull Dice Common 00126218 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN075 Metalmorph Common 68540058 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN076 Fairy Box Common 21598948 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN077 Collected Power Common 07565547 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN078 Bottomless Trap Hole Secret Rare 29401950 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN079 Drop Off Common 55773067 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN080 Magical Arm Shield Common 96008713 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN081 Kunai with Chain Common 37390589 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN082 Harpie Lady Super Rare 76812113 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN083 Harpie Girl Common 34100324 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN084 Dunames Dark Witch Ultra Rare 12493482 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN085 Harpie Lady Sisters Common 12206212 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN086 Harpie's Pet Dragon Ultra Rare 52040216 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN087 Amazoness Paladin Super Rare 47480070 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN088 Amazoness Fighter Common 55821894 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN089 Amazoness Tiger Ultra Rare 10979723 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN090 Harpie Lady 1 Super Rare 91932350 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN091 Harpie Lady 2 Super Rare 27927359 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN092 Harpie Lady 3 Super Rare 54415063 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN093 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon Common 06924874 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN094 Harpie Queen Ultra Rare 75064463 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN095 Amazoness Scouts Common 71209500 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN096 Cyber Harpie Lady Common 80316585 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN097 Harpie Dancer Ultra Rare 68815132 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN098 Elegant Egotist Super Rare 90219263 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN099 Harpie's Feather Duster Secret Rare 18144506 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN100 Amazoness Spellcaster Common 81325903 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN101 Spell Reproduction Common 29228529 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN102 Harpies' Hunting Ground Super Rare 75782277 Field Spell Card
LCJW-EN103 Triangle Ecstasy Spark Common 12181376 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN104 Amazoness Village Common 00712559 Field Spell Card
LCJW-EN105 Cyber Shield Common 63224564 Equip Spell Card
LCJW-EN106 Fairy's Hand Mirror Common 17653779 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN107 Mirror Wall Common 22359980 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN108 Gravity Bind Common 85742772 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN109 Shadow of Eyes Common 58621589 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN110 Gryphon Wing Common 55608151 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN111 Trap Jammer Secret Rare 19252988 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN112 Hysteric Party Super Rare 77778835 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN113 Revival Jam Common 31709826 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN114 Dark Jeroid Common 90980792 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN115 Newdoria Common 04335645 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN116 Helpoemer Common 76052811 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN117 Lava Golem Rare 00102380 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN118 Drillago Common 99050989 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN119 Lekunga Common 62543393 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN120 Lord Poison Common 40320754 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN121 Makyura the Destructor Common 21593977 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN122 Legendary Fiend Common 99747800 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN123 Black Pendant Common 65169794 Equip Spell Card
LCJW-EN124 Jam Breeding Machine Common 21770260 Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-EN125 Vengeful Bog Spirit Common 95220856 Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-EN126 Card of Sanctity Common 42664989 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN127 Magical Stone Excavation Common 98494543 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN128 Spell of Pain Common 76714458 Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-EN129 Magic Jammer Common 77414722 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN130 Mirror Force Secret Rare 44095762 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN131 Jam Defender Common 21558682 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN132 Coffin Seller Common 65830223 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN133 Rope of Life Common 93382620 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN134 Nightmare Wheel Common 54704216 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN135 Judgment of Anubis Common 55256016 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN136 Malevolent Catastrophe Common 01224927 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN137 Relieve Monster Common 37507488 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN138 Metal Reflect Slime Common 26905245 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN139 Serpent Night Dragon Common 66516792 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN140 Two-Headed King Rex Common 94119974 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN141 Crawling Dragon 2 Common 38289717 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN142 Kabazauls Secret Rare 51934376 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN143 Sabersaurus Secret Rare 37265642 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN144 Tomozaurus Common 46457856 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN145 Little D Common 42625254 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN146 Sword Arm of Dragon Common 13069066 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN147 Megazowler Common 75390004 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN148 Gilasaurus Common 45894482 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN149 Tyrant Dragon Common 94568601 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN150 Dark Driceratops Common 65287621 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN151 Hyper Hammerhead Common 02671330 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN152 Black Tyranno Common 38670435 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN153 Tyranno Infinity Common 83235263 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN154 Black Ptera Common 90654356 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN155 Black Stego Common 79409334 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN156 Miracle Jurassic Egg Common 63259351 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN157 Babycerasaurus Common 36042004 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN158 Destroyersaurus Secret Rare 80186010 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN159 Bracchio-raidus Common 16507828 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN160 Ultra Evolution Pill Common 22431243 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN161 Big Evolution Pill Common 84808313 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN162 Tail Swipe Common 83682725 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN163 Jurassic World Common 10080320 Field Spell Card
LCJW-EN164 Fossil Dig Common 47325505 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN165 Fossil Excavation Common 23869735 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN166 Hunting Instinct Common 11925569 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN167 Survival Instinct Common 58419204 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN168 Volcanic Eruption Common 42175079 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN169 Seismic Shockwave Common 79569173 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN170 Seiyaryu Common 06740720 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN171 Launcher Spider Common 87322377 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN172 Slot Machine Common 03797883 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN173 Zoa Common 24311372 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN174 Ancient Tool Common 49587396 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN175 Giganto Common 33621868 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN176 Sword Slasher Common 73911410 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN177 Barrel Dragon Common 81480460 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN178 Metalzoa Common 50705071 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN179 Machine King Common 46700124 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN180 Blast Sphere Common 26302522 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN181 Fiendish Engine Ω Common 82556058 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN182 Solemn Judgment Secret Rare 41420027 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN183 Dragon Zombie Common 66672569 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN184 Armored Zombie Common 20277860 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN185 The Snake Hair Common 29491031 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN186 Vampire Baby Common 56387350 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN187 Patrician of Darkness Common 19153634 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN188 Dark Dust Spirit Common 89111398 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN189 Pyramid Turtle Super Rare 77044671 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN190 Spirit Reaper Ultra Rare 23205979 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN191 Vampire Lord Common 53839837 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN192 Despair from the Dark Common 71200730 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN193 Fear from the Dark Common 34193084 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN194 Ryu Kokki Common 57281778 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN195 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower Common 63012333 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN196 Vampire Lady Common 26495087 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN197 Regenerating Mummy Common 70821187 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN198 Vampire Genesis Common 22056710 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN199 Reborn Zombie Common 23421244 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN200 Plague Wolf Common 55696885 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN201 Return Zombie Common 03072077 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN202 Zombie Master Common 17259470 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN203 Il Blud Common 70595331 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN204 Vampire's Curse Common 34294855 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN205 Goblin Zombie Common 63665875 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN206 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Rare 05186893 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN207 Malevolent Mech - Goku En Common 31571902 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN208 Paladin of the Cursed Dragon Common 68670547 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN209 Skull Conductor Common 62782218 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN210 Great Mammoth of Goldfine Common 54622031 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN211 Book of Life Ultra Rare 02204140 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN212 Call of the Mummy Super Rare 04861205 Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-EN213 Zombie World Ultra Rare 04064256 Field Spell Card
LCJW-EN214 Everliving Underworld Cannon Common 31467372 Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-EN215 Pyramid of Wonders Common 66835946 Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-EN216 Overpowering Eye Common 60577362 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN217 Call of the Haunted Super Rare 97077563 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN218 Tutan Mask Common 03149764 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN219 Trap of the Imperial Tomb Common 80955168 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN220 Labyrinth Wall Common 67284908 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN221 Dungeon Worm Common 51228280 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN222 Monster Tamer Common 97612389 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN223 Gate Guardian Common 25833572 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN224 Sanga of the Thunder Common 25955164 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN225 Kazejin Common 62340868 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN226 Suijin Common 98434877 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN227 Jirai Gumo Common 94773007 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN228 Shadow Ghoul Common 30778711 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN229 Wall Shadow Common 63162310 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN230 Labyrinth Tank Common 99551425 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN231 Magical Labyrinth Common 64389297 Equip Spell Card
LCJW-EN232 Fairy Meteor Crush Common 97687912 Equip Spell Card
LCJW-EN233 Tribute Doll Common 02903036 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN234 Riryoku Common 34016756 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN235 Summoned Skull Rare 70781052 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN236 Beast of Talwar Rare 11761845 Normal Monster
LCJW-EN237 Toon Summoned Skull Rare 91842653 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN238 Lesser Fiend Rare 16475472 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN239 Shadow Tamer Rare 37620434 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN240 Fiend Skull Dragon Rare 66235877 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN241 A Deal with Dark Ruler Rare 06850209 Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-EN242 Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World Ultra Rare 33731070 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN243 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Secret Rare 79126789 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN244 Brron, Mad King of Dark World Ultra Rare 06214884 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN245 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Secret Rare 32619583 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN246 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Secret Rare 78004197 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN247 Scarr, Scout of Dark World Common 05498296 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN248 Snoww, Unlight of Dark World Secret Rare 60228941 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN249 Dark World Lightning Secret Rare 93554166 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN250 Gateway to Dark World Secret Rare 93431518 Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-EN251 Dark World Dealings Super Rare 74117290 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN252 Dark World Grimoire Common 61623148 Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-EN253 The Gates of Dark World Ultra Rare 33017655 Field Spell Card
LCJW-EN254 The Forces of Darkness Common 29826127 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN255 Gravekeeper's Spy Secret Rare 24317029 Flip Effect Monster
LCJW-EN256 Gravekeeper's Curse Common 50712728 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN257 Gravekeeper's Vassal Common 99690140 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN258 Gravekeeper's Priestess Rare 03381441 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN259 Gravekeeper's Visionary Rare 03825890 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN260 Necrovalley Common 47355498 Field Spell Card
LCJW-EN261 Gravekeeper's Stele Ultra Rare 99523325 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN262 Dice Jar Common 03549275 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN263 Roulette Barrel Common 46303688 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN264 Blowback Dragon Common 25551951 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN265 Snipe Hunter Common 84290642 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN266 Twin-Barrel Dragon Common 70050374 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN267 Gatling Dragon Common 87751584 Fusion Monster
LCJW-EN268 Second Coin Toss Common 36562627 Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-EN269 Blind Destruction Common 32015116 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN270 Needle Wall Common 38299233 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN271 Dice Re-Roll Common 83241722 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN272 Dice Try! Common 59905358 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN273 Sixth Sense Common 03280747 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN274 Adhesion Trap Hole Common 62325062 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN275 D.D. Trap Hole Common 05606466 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN276 Giant Trap Hole Common 80723580 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN277 Treacherous Trap Hole Common 99590524 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN278 Chaos Trap Hole Common 11593137 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN279 Cave Dragon Common 93220472 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN280 Injection Fairy Lily Common 79575620 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN281 Berserk Dragon Common 85605684 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN282 Strike Ninja Common 41006930 Effect Monster
LCJW-EN283 Dark Hole Secret Rare 53129443 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN284 Heavy Storm Ultra Rare 19613556 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN285 Mystical Space Typhoon Secret Rare 05318639 Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-EN286 Reinforcement of the Army Ultra Rare 32807846 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN287 Super Rejuvenation Super Rare 27770341 Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-EN288 Book of Moon Secret Rare 14087893 Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-EN289 Stray Lambs Ultra Rare 60764581 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN290 Pot of Avarice Secret Rare 67169062 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN291 Trade-In Ultra Rare 38120068 Normal Spell Card
LCJW-EN292 Horn of Heaven Ultra Rare 98069388 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN293 Chain Destruction Rare 01248895 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN294 Torrential Tribute Secret Rare 53582587 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN295 Compulsory Evacuation Device Secret Rare 94192409 Normal Trap Card
LCJW-EN296 Spirit Barrier Common 53239672 Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-EN297 Black Horn of Heaven Ultra Rare 50323155 Counter Trap Card
LCJW-EN298 Imperial Iron Wall Ultra Rare 30459350 Continuous Trap Card

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Set number Name Portuguese Name Rarity Category
LCJW-PT001 Flame Manipulator Manipulador de Chamas Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT002 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman Masaki, o Espadachim Lendário Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT003 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Dragão Negro de Olhos Vermelhos Ultra Rare Normal Monster
LCJW-PT004 Rude Kaiser Kaiser Violento Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT005 Rock Ogre Grotto 1 Ogre de Rocha da Gruta #1 Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT006 Baby Dragon Dragão Filhote Super Rare Normal Monster
LCJW-PT007 Axe Raider Predador com Machado Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT008 Tiger Axe Tigre do Machado Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT009 Garoozis Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT010 Swordsman of Landstar Espadachim de Landstar Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT011 Cyber-Tech Alligator Jacaré Cyber-Tech Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT012 Alligator's Sword Espada do Jacaré Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT013 Meotoko Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT014 Kageningen Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT015 Stone Armadiller Armadilheiro de Pedra Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT016 Anthrosaurus Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT017 Skull Stalker Perseguidor de Crâneos Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT018 Wolf Lobo Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT019 Hero of the East Herói do Leste Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT020 Swamp Battleguard Guarda de Batalha do Pântano Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT021 Time Wizard Mago do Tempo Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT022 Lava Battleguard Guarda de Batalha da Lava Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT023 Jinzo Jinzo Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT024 The Legendary Fisherman Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT025 Sword Hunter Caçador das Espadas Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT026 Hayabusa Knight Cavaleiro Hayabusa Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT027 Mad Sword Beast Besta Louca da Espada Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT028 Goblin Attack Force Força de Ataque dos Goblins Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT029 The Fiend Megacyber Demônio Megacyber Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT030 Gearfried the Iron Knight Gearfried, o Cavaleiro de Ferro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT031 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon Dragão Metálico Negro de Olhos Vermelhos Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT032 Marauding Captain Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT033 Fiber Jar Jarro de Fibra Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT034 Sasuke Samurai Samurai Sasuke Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT035 Neko Mane King Rei Neko Mane Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT036 Little-Winguard Pequeno-Winguarda Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT037 Insect Queen Rainha dos Insetos Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT038 Red-Eyes B. Chick Filhote Negro de Olhos Vermelhos Super Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT039 Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon Dragão das Trevas de Olhos Vermelhos Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT040 Gearfried the Swordmaster Gearfried, o Mestre da Espada Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT041 Gilford the Lightning Gilford, o Relâmpago Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT042 Rocket Warrior Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT043 Panther Warrior Guerreiro Pantera Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT044 Gilford the Legend Gilford, a Lenda Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT045 Copycat Imitador Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT046 Divine Knight Ishzark Cavaleiro Divino Ishzark Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT047 Maximum Six Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT048 Comrade Swordsman of Landstar Companheiro Espadachim de Landstar Common Tuner monster
LCJW-PT049 Red-Eyes Wyvern Wivern de Olhos Vermelhos Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT050 Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon Dragão Metálico das Trevas de Olhos Vermelhos Secret Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT051 Phoenix Gearfried Gearfried Fênix Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT052 Lightray Gearfried Gearfried Raio Luminoso Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT053 Flame Swordsman Espadachim das Chamas Common Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT054 B. Skull Dragon Dragão Caveira Negro Rare Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT055 Thousand Dragon Dragão Milenar Common Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT056 Alligator's Sword Dragon Dragão Espada do Jacaré Common Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT057 Raigeki Raigeki Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT058 Hinotama Hinotama Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT059 Polymerization Polimerização Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT060 Monster Reborn Reviver Monstro Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT061 Pot of Greed Pote da Ganância Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT062 Salamandra Salamandra Common Equip Spell Card
LCJW-PT063 Giant Trunade Tornado Gigante Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT064 Premature Burial Enterro Precoce Common Equip Spell Card
LCJW-PT065 Graceful Dice Dado Gracioso Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-PT066 Scapegoat Bode Expiatório Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-PT067 The Warrior Returning Alive O Regresso do Guerreiro Vivo Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT068 Meteor of Destruction Meteorito da Destruição Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT069 Release Restraint Libertado Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT070 Foolish Burial Enterro Tolo Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT071 Silent Doom Perdição Silenciosa Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT072 Dangerous Machine Type-6 Máquina Perigosa Tipo 6 Common Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-PT073 Trap Hole Buraco Armadilha Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT074 Skull Dice Dado Caveira Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT075 Metalmorph Metalmorfo Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT076 Fairy Box Caixa Fada Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT077 Collected Power Poder Acumulado Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT078 Bottomless Trap Hole Buraco Armadilha Sem Fundo Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT079 Drop Off Jogar Fora Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT080 Magical Arm Shield Escudo Mágico de Braço Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT081 Kunai with Chain Kunai com Corrente Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT082 Harpie Lady Lady Harpia Super Rare Normal Monster
LCJW-PT083 Harpie Girl Rapariga Harpia Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT084 Dunames Dark Witch Bruxa Obscura Dunames Ultra Rare Normal Monster
LCJW-PT085 Harpie Lady Sisters Irmãs de Lady Harpia Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT086 Harpie's Pet Dragon Dragão de Estimação da Harpia Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT087 Amazoness Paladin Paladino Amazoness Super Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT088 Amazoness Fighter Lutador Amazoness Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT089 Amazoness Tiger Tigre Amazoness Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT090 Harpie Lady 1 Lady Harpia 1 Super Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT091 Harpie Lady 2 Lady Harpia 2 Super Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT092 Harpie Lady 3 Lady Harpia 3 Super Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT093 Harpie's Pet Baby Dragon Bebê Dragão de Estimação da Harpia Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT094 Harpie Queen Rainha Harpia Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT095 Amazoness Scouts Batedores Amazoness Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT096 Cyber Harpie Lady Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT097 Harpie Dancer Dançarina Harpia Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT098 Elegant Egotist Egotista Elegante Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT099 Harpie's Feather Duster Espanador de Penas da Harpia Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT100 Amazoness Spellcaster Mago Amazoness Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT101 Spell Reproduction Reprodução de Spells Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT102 Harpies' Hunting Ground Terreno de Caça das Harpias Super Rare Field Spell Card
LCJW-PT103 Triangle Ecstasy Spark Faísca do Êxtase Triangular Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT104 Amazoness Village Aldeia Amazoness Common Field Spell Card
LCJW-PT105 Cyber Shield Cyberescudo Common Equip Spell Card
LCJW-PT106 Fairy's Hand Mirror Espelho de Mão do Anjo Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT107 Mirror Wall Parede Espelhada Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT108 Gravity Bind União Gravítica Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT109 Shadow of Eyes Sombra dos Olhos Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT110 Gryphon Wing Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT111 Trap Jammer Bloqueador de Armadilhas Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT112 Hysteric Party Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT113 Revival Jam Geleia Renascida Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT114 Dark Jeroid Jeroid das Trevas Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT115 Newdoria Newdoria Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT116 Helpoemer Helpoemer Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT117 Lava Golem Golem de Lava Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT118 Drillago Drillago Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT119 Lekunga Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT120 Lord Poison Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT121 Makyura the Destructor Makyura, o Destruidor Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT122 Legendary Fiend Demônio Lendãrio Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT123 Black Pendant Pendente Negro Common Equip Spell Card
LCJW-PT124 Jam Breeding Machine Máquina de Reprodução de Geleia Common Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-PT125 Vengeful Bog Spirit Common Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-PT126 Card of Sanctity Card da Santidade Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT127 Magical Stone Excavation Escavação da Pedra Mágica Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT128 Spell of Pain Feitiço da Dor Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-PT129 Magic Jammer Bloqueador de Magia Common Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT130 Mirror Force Força do Espelho Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT131 Jam Defender Defensor da Geleia Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT132 Coffin Seller Vendedor de Caixões Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT133 Rope of Life Corda da Vida Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT134 Nightmare Wheel Roda dos Pesadelos Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT135 Judgment of Anubis Julgamento de Anubis Common Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT136 Malevolent Catastrophe Catástrofe Malevolente Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT137 Relieve Monster Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT138 Metal Reflect Slime Limo Reflete Metal Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT139 Serpent Night Dragon Dragão-Serpente da Noite Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT140 Two-Headed King Rex Rei Rex de Duas Cabeças Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT141 Crawling Dragon 2 Dragão Rastejante #2 Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT142 Kabazauls Kabazauls Secret Rare Normal Monster
LCJW-PT143 Sabersaurus Secret Rare Normal Monster
LCJW-PT144 Tomozaurus Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT145 Little D Pequeno D Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT146 Sword Arm of Dragon Dragão Armado de Espada Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT147 Megazowler Megazowler Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT148 Gilasaurus Gilassauro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT149 Tyrant Dragon Dragão Tirano Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT150 Dark Driceratops Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT151 Hyper Hammerhead Hiper Cabeça de Martelo Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT152 Black Tyranno Tyranno Negro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT153 Tyranno Infinity Tyranno Infinito Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT154 Black Ptera Ptera Negro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT155 Black Stego Estego Negro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT156 Miracle Jurassic Egg Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT157 Babycerasaurus Bebecerassauro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT158 Destroyersaurus Destrossauro Secret Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT159 Bracchio-raidus Braquio-raidus Common Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT160 Ultra Evolution Pill Pílula de Ultra Evolução Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT161 Big Evolution Pill Pílula de Grande Evolução Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT162 Tail Swipe Rasteira com a Cauda Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT163 Jurassic World Mundo Jurássico Common Field Spell Card
LCJW-PT164 Fossil Dig Escavar Fóssil Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT165 Fossil Excavation Escavação de Fósseis Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT166 Hunting Instinct Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT167 Survival Instinct Instinto de Sobrevivência Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT168 Volcanic Eruption Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT169 Seismic Shockwave Onda de Choque Sísmica Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT170 Seiyaryu Seiyaryu Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT171 Launcher Spider Aranha Lançadora Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT172 Slot Machine Caça-Níquel Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT173 Zoa Zoa Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT174 Ancient Tool Ferramenta Antiga Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT175 Giganto Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT176 Sword Slasher Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT177 Barrel Dragon Dragão Revólver Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT178 Metalzoa Metalzoa Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT179 Machine King Rei Máquina Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT180 Blast Sphere Esfera Explosiva Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT181 Fiendish Engine Ω Motor Demoníaco Ω Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT182 Solemn Judgment Julgamento Solene Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT183 Dragon Zombie Dragão Zumbi Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT184 Armored Zombie Zumbi com Armadura Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT185 The Snake Hair Cabelos de Cobras Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT186 Vampire Baby Bebê Vampiro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT187 Patrician of Darkness Aristocrata da Escuridão Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT188 Dark Dust Spirit Espírito de Pó das Trevas Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT189 Pyramid Turtle Tartaruga Pirâmide Super Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT190 Spirit Reaper Ceifeiro de Espírios Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT191 Vampire Lord Senhor dos Vampiros Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT192 Despair from the Dark Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT193 Fear from the Dark Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT194 Ryu Kokki Ryu Kokki Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT195 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower Torre de Ossos que Absorve Almas Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT196 Vampire Lady Lady Vampira Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT197 Regenerating Mummy Múmia Regenerativa Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT198 Vampire Genesis Vampiro Gênesis Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT199 Reborn Zombie Zumbi Renascido Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT200 Plague Wolf Lobo da Praga Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT201 Return Zombie Zumbi Recorrente Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT202 Zombie Master Mestre Zumbi Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT203 Il Blud Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT204 Vampire's Curse Maldição do Vampiro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT205 Goblin Zombie Goblin Zumbi Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT206 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon Dragão Zumbi de Olhos Vermelhos Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT207 Malevolent Mech - Goku En Mech Malévolo - Goku En Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT208 Paladin of the Cursed Dragon Paladino do Dragão Amaldiçoado Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT209 Skull Conductor Condutor de Crânios Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT210 Great Mammoth of Goldfine Common Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT211 Book of Life Livro da Vida Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT212 Call of the Mummy Chamado da Múmia Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-PT213 Zombie World Mundo Zumbi Ultra Rare Field Spell Card
LCJW-PT214 Everliving Underworld Cannon Canhão Eterno do Submundo Common Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-PT215 Pyramid of Wonders Pirâmide das Maravilhas Common Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-PT216 Overpowering Eye Olho Esmagador Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT217 Call of the Haunted Chamado dos Assombrados Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT218 Tutan Mask Máscara de Tutan Common Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT219 Trap of the Imperial Tomb Armadilha da Tumba Emperial Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT220 Labyrinth Wall Paredes do Labirinto Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT221 Dungeon Worm Lombriga da Masmorra Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT222 Monster Tamer Domador de Monstros Common Normal Monster
LCJW-PT223 Gate Guardian Guardião do Portão Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT224 Sanga of the Thunder Sanga do Trovão Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT225 Kazejin Kazejin Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT226 Suijin Suijin Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT227 Jirai Gumo Jirai Gumo Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT228 Shadow Ghoul Carniçal das Sombras Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT229 Wall Shadow Parede das Sombras Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT230 Labyrinth Tank Tanque do Labirinto Common Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT231 Magical Labyrinth Labirinto Mágico Common Equip Spell Card
LCJW-PT232 Fairy Meteor Crush Common Equip Spell Card
LCJW-PT233 Tribute Doll Boneca Tributo Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT234 Riryoku Riryoku Common Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT235 Summoned Skull Caveira Invocada Rare Normal Monster
LCJW-PT236 Beast of Talwar Besta de Talwar Rare Normal Monster
LCJW-PT237 Toon Summoned Skull Caveira Invocada Toon Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT238 Lesser Fiend Demônio Menor Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT239 Shadow Tamer Manipuladora Sombria Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT240 Fiend Skull Dragon Demônio Dragão Caveira Rare Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT241 A Deal with Dark Ruler Um Acordo com o Senhor das Trevas Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-PT242 Beiige, Vanguard of Dark World Beiige, Vanguarda do Mundo Negro Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT243 Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Broww, Caçador do Mundo Negro Secret Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT244 Brron, Mad King of Dark World Brron, Rei Insano do Mundo Negro Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT245 Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Sillva, Senhor da Guerra do Mundo Negro Secret Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT246 Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Goldd, Wu-Lord do Mundo Negro Secret Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT247 Scarr, Scout of Dark World Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT248 Snoww, Unlight of Dark World Snoww, Sem Luz do Mundo Negro Secret Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT249 Dark World Lightning Relâmpago do Mundo Negro Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT250 Gateway to Dark World Portal para o Mundo Negro Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-PT251 Dark World Dealings Negócios do Mundo Negro Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT252 Dark World Grimoire Grimório do Mundo Negro Common Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-PT253 The Gates of Dark World Os Portões do Mundo Negro Ultra Rare Field Spell Card
LCJW-PT254 The Forces of Darkness As Forças das Trevas Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT255 Gravekeeper's Spy Espião do Coveiro Secret Rare Flip Effect Monster
LCJW-PT256 Gravekeeper's Curse Maldição do Coveiro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT257 Gravekeeper's Vassal Vassalo do Coveiro Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT258 Gravekeeper's Priestess Sacerdotisa do Coveiro Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT259 Gravekeeper's Visionary Visionário do Coveiro Rare Effect Monster
LCJW-PT260 Necrovalley Necro-Vale Common Field Spell Card
LCJW-PT261 Gravekeeper's Stele Monolito do Coveiro Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT262 Dice Jar Jarro de Dados Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT263 Roulette Barrel Tambor da Sorte Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT264 Blowback Dragon Dragão Solta Fogo Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT265 Snipe Hunter Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT266 Twin-Barrel Dragon Dragão de Cano Duplo Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT267 Gatling Dragon Dragão Metralhadora Common Fusion Monster
LCJW-PT268 Second Coin Toss Segundo Atirar de Moeda Common Continuous Spell Card
LCJW-PT269 Blind Destruction Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT270 Needle Wall Parede de Agulhas Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT271 Dice Re-Roll Re-Lançamento do Dado Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT272 Dice Try! Tentativa com Dado! Common Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT273 Sixth Sense Sexto Sentido Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT274 Adhesion Trap Hole Buraco Armadilha da Adesão Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT275 D.D. Trap Hole Buraco Armadilha de uma D.D. Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT276 Giant Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT277 Treacherous Trap Hole Buraco Armadilha Traiçoeiro Common Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT278 Chaos Trap Hole Buraco Armadilha Caótico Common Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT279 Cave Dragon Dragão da Caveira Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT280 Injection Fairy Lily Lily, a Fada Enfermeira Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT281 Berserk Dragon Dragão Furioso Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT282 Strike Ninja Common Effect Monster
LCJW-PT283 Dark Hole Buraco Negro Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT284 Heavy Storm Tempestade Pesada Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT285 Mystical Space Typhoon Tufão Espacial Místico Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-PT286 Reinforcement of the Army Reforço do Exército Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT287 Super Rejuvenation Super Rejuvenescimento Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-PT288 Book of Moon Livro da Lua Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LCJW-PT289 Stray Lambs Cordeiros Perdidos Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT290 Pot of Avarice Pote da Avarice Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT291 Trade-In Trocar Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
LCJW-PT292 Horn of Heaven Corneta Celestial Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT293 Chain Destruction Cadeia da Destruição Rare Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT294 Torrential Tribute Tributo Torrencial Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT295 Compulsory Evacuation Device Aparelho de Evacuação Obrigatória Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
LCJW-PT296 Spirit Barrier Common Continuous Trap Card
LCJW-PT297 Black Horn of Heaven Chifre Negro Celestial Ultra Rare Counter Trap Card
LCJW-PT298 Imperial Iron Wall Barreira de Ferro Imperial Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card


  • True to the product page's claims, any single Common card is harder to find than any single Secret Rare card in this set, as the probability of getting a particular Secret Rare card is 1/26 per pack while the probability of getting a particular Common card is only 1/44 per pack. This is the opposite from the vast majority of other sets.
  • Nine of Joey's Normal Monsters had their English flavor texts written in his Brooklyn accent: "Alligator's Sword", "Meotoko", "Skull Stalker", "Wolf", "Kageningen", "Stone Armadiller", "Hero of the East", "Anthrosaurus" and "Little D". Except for "Alligator's Sword", all of them were released in English for the first time ever.
  • All of the "Archfiend" cards in this set are ones that originally lacked the word "Archfiend" in their English names. This new release printed these cards with the Archetype condition text, "(This card is always treated as an "Archfiend" card.)" to clarify. As of this set, there are no longer "Archfiend" cards that lack such clarification.


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