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Legendary Collection
  • Legendary Collection

Legendary Collection


Legendary Collection

Set information


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Legendary Collection

  • LC01-EN (en)
  • LC01-DE (de)
  • LC01-IT (it)
Number of cards


Release dates
English (na)
  • October 5, 2010
English (eu)
  • October 1, 2010
English (oc)
  • October 1, 2010
  • September 30, 2010
  • September 30, 2010

Legendary Collection

Legendary Collection is a TCG collector's set. It contains an Egyptian God ring binder, six promotional cards and a number of Booster Packs. It has been released in English, German and Italian.

The promotional cards include the original versions of the Egyptian Gods; "Obelisk the Tormentor", "Slifer the Sky Dragon" and "The Winged Dragon of Ra", and the signature cards of Seto Kaiba, Yugi Muto and Joey Wheeler; "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", "Dark Magician" and "Red-Eyes B. Dragon".

The North and Latin American version of the set contains one of each of the following Booster Packs, without -EN in their Set Numbers:

The European and Oceanic version of the set contains two of each of the following Booster Packs.

  • Legend of Blue Eyes White Dragon
  • Metal Raiders
  • Pharaoh's Servant

The reason why six specific packs were chosen for the North and Latin American version of this product is because they were "the 6 best-selling packs from the classic era," as quoted by Kevin Tewart in one of his posts on Pojo.

This collection was later reprinted in a box more similar to later releases in the Legendary Collection series as Legendary Collection: Gameboard Edition.



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Set number English name German name Rarity Category
LC01-DE001 Obelisk the Tormentor Obelisk der Peiniger Ultra Rare Egyptian God
LC01-DE002 Slifer the Sky Dragon Slifer der Himmelsdrache Ultra Rare Egyptian God
LC01-DE003 The Winged Dragon of Ra Geflügelter Drache des Ra Ultra Rare Egyptian God
LC01-DE004 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blauäugiger w. Drache Ultra Rare Normal Monster
LC01-DE005 Dark Magician Dunkler Magier Ultra Rare Normal Monster
LC01-DE006 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Rotäugiger schwarzer Drache Ultra Rare Normal Monster

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