Legacy of the Valiant

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Legacy of the Valiant
Flag of the United Kingdom English
  • Legacy of the Valiant
Flag of France French

L'Heritage des Braves

Flag of Germany German

Legacy of the Valiant

Flag of Italy Italian

L'Eredità del Valoroso

Flag of Portugal Portuguese

O Legado do Destemido

Flag of Spain Spanish

El Legado del Valiente

Flag of Japan Japanese
Kanji and furigana

LEGACY OF THE VALIANT(レガシー・オブ・ザ・ヴァリアント)






Regashī Obu Za Varianto

Flag of South Korea Korean

레거시 오브 더 밸리언트

Revised Romanization

Legeosi Obeu Deo Baellieonteu

Set information


  • LVAL-EN (en)
  • LVAL-FR (fr)
  • LVAL-DE (de)
  • LVAL-IT (it)
  • LVAL-SP (es)
  • LVAL-JP (ja)
  • LVAL-KR (ko)
Order number


Number of cards
  • 85 (OCG)
  • 100 (TCG)
Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
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Sneak Peek

Legacy of the Valiant Sneak Peek Participation Card

Deluxe Edition

Legacy of the Valiant: Deluxe Edition

Release dates
  • November 16, 2013
  • January 24, 2014
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • January 23, 2014
  • February 12, 2014

Legacy of the Valiant

Legacy of the Valiant is a Booster Pack in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG) and Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game (TCG). It is the seventh set in the OCG's 8th series, following Shadow Specters and followed by Primal Origin.


The set contains a lot of the latest cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime.

A ton of new Xyz Monsters are inside, allowing you to completely change how to fight. Get ready to be able to enjoy an exciting Duel.

Includes cards used by Yuma Tsukumo, Kite Tenjo, Number 96, Trey, Quinton, Vector, Abyss, Eliphas and Nash. The TCG version also includes cards used by Yusei Fudo, Akiza Izinski and Eviluder.

It introduces the "Sylvan" and "Gorgonic" archetypes to the OCG/TCG. Contains more members and support for the "Bujin", "Chronomaly", "Dododo", "Gagaga", "Gogogo", "Ghostrick", "Gravekeeper's", "Monarch", "Number", "Forest", "Rank-Up-Magic", "Plant Princess" and "Zubaba" archetypes and series. The OCG version also contains more members and support for the "Heraldic Beast" archetype. The TCG version contains more members and support for the "Noble Knight" and "Rose" archetypes.


In the OCG, there are 5 cards per pack and 30 packs per box. There are 85 cards in total. Counting cards released with more than one rarity, there are 91 cards. This comprises:

In the TCG there are 9 cards per pack, 24 booster packs per box and 12 display boxes per case. The set contains 100 cards or 106 in the Master Set. This comprises:



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Set # English name Rarity Category
LVAL-EN000 Sylvan Bladefender Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN001 White Duston Short Print Normal Monster
LVAL-EN002 ZW - Asura Strike Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN003 Gillagillancer Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN004 Rainbow Kuriboh Secret Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN005 Overlay Sentinel Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN006 Overlay Booster Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN007 Photon Chargeman Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN008 Chronomaly Moai Carrier Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN009 Chronomaly Winged Sphinx Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN010 Deep-Space Cruiser IX Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN011 Gorgonic Golem Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN012 Gorgonic Gargoyle Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN013 Gorgonic Ghoul Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN014 Gorgonic Cerberus Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN015 Sylvan Peaskeeper Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN016 Sylvan Komushroomo Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN017 Sylvan Marshalleaf Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN018 Sylvan Flowerknight Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN019 Sylvan Guardioak Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN020 Sylvan Hermitree Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN021 Ghostrick Jackfrost Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN022 Ghostrick Mary Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN023 Ghostrick Nekomusume Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN024 Ghostrick Skeleton Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN025 Ghostrick Mummy Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN026 Bujin Arasuda Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN027 Bujingi Peacock Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN028 Bujingi Swallow Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN029 Bujingi Fox Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN030 Bujingi Hare Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN031 Gravekeeper's Nobleman Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN032 Gravekeeper's Ambusher Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN033 Gravekeeper's Shaman Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN034 Gravekeeper's Oracle Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN035 Mystic Macrocarpa Seed Common Tuner monster
LVAL-EN036 Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN037 Nikitama Rare Spirit monster
LVAL-EN038 Black Brachios Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN039 Chirubimé, Princess of Autumn Leaves Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN040 Mobius the Mega Monarch Secret Rare/Ghost Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN041 Sirenorca Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN042 Xyz Avenger Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN043 Tackle Crusader Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN044 Majiosheldon Short Print Effect Monster
LVAL-EN045 Paladin of Photon Dragon Rare Ritual Monster
LVAL-EN046 Number C101: Silent Honor DARK Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN047 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN048 Number 39: Utopia Roots Rare/Ultimate Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN049 Number C69: Heraldry Crest of Horror Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN050 Number C92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN051 Gorgonic Guardian Common Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN052 Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector Ultra Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN053 Ghostrick Dullahan Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN054 Bujintei Tsukuyomi Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN055 Fairy Knight Ingunar Super Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN056 Evilswarm Exciton Knight Secret Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN057 Downerd Magician Secret Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN058 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree Rare Synchro Monster
LVAL-EN059 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN060 Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Fall Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN061 Xyz Shift Common Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN062 Luminous Dragon Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
LVAL-EN063 Mount Sylvania Super Rare Field Spell Card
LVAL-EN064 Ghostrick Museum Common Field Spell Card
LVAL-EN065 Bujinunity Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN066 Hidden Temples of Necrovalley Rare Continuous Spell Card
LVAL-EN067 Onomatopaira Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN068 Xyz Override Common Field Spell Card
LVAL-EN069 Stand-Off Short Print Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN070 Shared Ride Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LVAL-EN071 Release, Reverse, Burst Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN072 Purge Ray Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN073 Sylvan Blessing Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN074 Ghostrick-Go-Round Rare Continuous Trap Card
LVAL-EN075 Bujin Regalia - The Jewel Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN076 Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
LVAL-EN077 The Monarchs Awaken Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN078 Skill Prisoner Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN079 Oath of Companionship Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN080 Duston Roller Short Print Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN081 Sylvan Mikorange Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN082 Ghostrick Yeti Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN083 Bujingi Pavo Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN084 Gravekeeper's Heretic Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN085 Noble Knight Peredur Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN086 Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms Secret Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN087 Powered Inzektron Super Rare Synchro Monster
LVAL-EN088 Obedience Schooled Super Rare Spell Card
LVAL-EN089 The First Monarch Secret Rare Continuous Trap Card
LVAL-EN090 Dark Artist Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN091 Swordsman from a Distant Land Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN092 Queen Angel of Roses Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN093 Rose Witch Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN094 Snapdragon Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN095 Alpacaribou, Mystical Beast of the Forest Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN096 Mighty Warrior Common Synchro Monster
LVAL-EN097 Dododo Buster Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN098 Interplanetarypurplythorny Beast Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN099 Starship Spy Plane Common Effect Monster

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Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
LVAL-IT000 Sylvan Bladefender Lamadifensore Silvano Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT001 White Duston Polverello Bianco Short Print Normal Monster
LVAL-IT002 ZW - Asura Strike ZW - Colpo Asura Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT003 Gillagillancer Gillagillanciere Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT004 Rainbow Kuriboh Kuriboh Arcobaleno Secret Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT005 Overlay Sentinel Sentinella Rivestita Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT006 Overlay Booster Impulsore Rivestito Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT007 Photon Chargeman Uomocarica Fotonico Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT008 Chronomaly Moai Carrier Cronomalia Trasporta Moai Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT009 Chronomaly Winged Sphinx Cronomalia Sfinge Alata Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT010 Deep-Space Cruiser IX Incrociatore Spazio Profondo IX Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT011 Gorgonic Golem Golem Gorgonico Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT012 Gorgonic Gargoyle Gargoyle Gorgonico Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT013 Gorgonic Ghoul Ghoul Gorgonico Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT014 Gorgonic Cerberus Cerbero Gorgonico Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT015 Sylvan Peaskeeper Custodibaccelli Silvano Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT016 Sylvan Komushroomo Komusofungo Silvano Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT017 Sylvan Marshalleaf Fogliasceriffo Silvano Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT018 Sylvan Flowerknight Nottefiore Silvano Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT019 Sylvan Guardioak Guardiaquercia Silvana Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT020 Sylvan Hermitree Eremitalbero Silvano Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT021 Ghostrick Jackfrost Pupazzodineve Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT022 Ghostrick Mary Mary Fantasmatrucco Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT023 Ghostrick Nekomusume Nekomusune Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT024 Ghostrick Skeleton Scheletro Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT025 Ghostrick Mummy Mummia Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT026 Bujin Arasuda Bujin Arasuda Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT027 Bujingi Peacock Bujingi Pavone Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT028 Bujingi Swallow Bujingi Rondine Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT029 Bujingi Fox Bujingi Volpe Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT030 Bujingi Hare Bujingi Lepre Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT031 Gravekeeper's Nobleman Nobiluomo - Custode di Tombe Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT032 Gravekeeper's Ambusher Infiltratore - Custode di Tombe Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT033 Gravekeeper's Shaman Sciamano - Custode di Tombe Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT034 Gravekeeper's Oracle Oracolo - Custode di Tombe Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT035 Mystic Macrocarpa Seed Seme Mistico di Macrocarpa Common Tuner monster
LVAL-IT036 Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest Kalantosa, Bestia Mistica della Foresta Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT037 Nikitama Nikitama Rare Spirit monster
LVAL-IT038 Black Brachios Brachiodonte Nero Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT039 Chirubimé, Princess of Autumn Leaves Chirubimé, Principessa delle Foglie d'Autunno Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT040 Mobius the Mega Monarch Mobius il Mega Monarca Secret Rare
Ghost Rare
Effect Monster
LVAL-EN041 Sirenorca Sirenorca Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT042 Xyz Avenger Vendicatore Xyz Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT043 Tackle Crusader Crociato Attrezzatura Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT044 Majiosheldon Majiosheldon Short Print Effect Monster
LVAL-IT045 Paladin of Photon Dragon Paladino del Drago Fotonico Rare Ritual Monster
LVAL-IT046 Number C101: Silent Honor DARK Numero C101: OSCURITÀ Onore Silente Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT047 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK Numero 101: ARCA Onore Silente Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT048 Number 39: Utopia Roots Numero 39: Radici dell'Utopia Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT049 Number C69: Heraldry Crest of Horror Numero C69: Cimiero dell'Araldo dell'Orrore Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT050 Number C92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon Numero C92: Drago del Chaos Heart-eartH Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT051 Gorgonic Guardian Guardiano Gorgonico Common Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT052 Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector Alsei, l'Alto Protettore Silvano Ultra Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT053 Ghostrick Dullahan Dullahan Fantasmatrucco Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT054 Bujintei Tsukuyomi Bujintei Tsukuyomi Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT055 Fairy Knight Ingunar Ingunar, Cavaliere delle Fate Super Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT056 Evilswarm Exciton Knight Brancomalvagio Cavaliere Exciton Secret Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT057 Downerd Magician Maga Pasticciona Secret Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-IT058 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree Leo, il Custode dell'Albero Sacro Rare Synchro Monster
LVAL-IT59 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force Alza-Rango-Magico Forza Astral Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Normal Spell Card
LVAL-IT060 Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Fall Abbassa-Rango-Magico Caduta Numeron Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-IT061 Xyz Shift Scambio Xyz Common Normal Spell Card
LVAL-IT062 Luminous Dragon Ritual Rituale Drago Luminoso Common Ritual Spell Card
LVAL-IT063 Mount Sylvania Monte Silvania Super Rare Field Spell Card
LVAL-IT064 Ghostrick Museum Museo Fantasmatrucco Common Field Spell Card
LVAL-IT065 Bujinunity Bujinunità Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-IT066 Hidden Temples of Necrovalley Tempio Nascosto della Necrovalle Rare Continuous Spell Card
LVAL-IT067 Onomatopaira Onomatocoppia Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-IT068 Xyz Override Alternatore Xyz Common Field Spell Card
LVAL-IT069 Stand-off Stallo Short Print Normal Spell Card
LVAL-IT070 Shared Ride Viaggio Condiviso Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LVAL-IT071 Release, Reverse, Burst Rilascia, Inverti, Esplodi Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-IT072 Purge Ray Raggio Epuratore Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-IT073 Sylvan Blessing Benedizione Silvana Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-IT074 Ghostrick-Go-Round Girello Fantasmatrucco Rare Continuous Trap Card
LVAL-IT075 Bujin Regalia - The Jewel Regalie Bujin - Il Gioiello Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-IT076 Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley Tombe Imperiali della Necrovalle Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
LVAL-IT077 The Monarchs Awaken Il Risveglio dei Monarchi Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-IT078 Skill Prisoner Prigioniero dell'Abilità Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-IT079 Oath of Companionship Giuramento del Cameratismo Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-IT080 Duston Roller Rullo Polverello Short Print Normal Trap Card
LVAL-IT081 Sylvan Mikorange Mikoarancia Silvana Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT082 Ghostrick Yeti Yeti Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT083 Bujingi Pavo Bujingi Pavo Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT084 Gravekeeper's Heretic Eretico - Custode di Tombe Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT085 Noble Knight Peredur Nobile Cavaliere Peredur Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT086 Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms Gwenhwyfar Regina delle Nobili Armi Secret Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT087 Powered Inzektron Inzektron Potenziato Super Rare Synchro Monster
LVAL-IT088 Obedience Schooled Obbedienza Insegnata Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-IT089 The First Monarch Il Primo Monarca Secret Rare Continuous Trap Card
LVAL-IT090 Dark Artist Artista Oscuro Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT091 Swordsman from a Distant Land Spadaccino da una Terra Lontana Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT092 Queen Angel of Roses Angelo Regina delle Rose Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-IT093 Rose Witch Strega Rosa Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT094 Snap Dragon Scattodrago Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT095 Alpacaribou, Mystical Beast of the Forest Alpacaribou, Bestia Mistica della Foresta Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT096 Mighty Warrior Guerriero Potente Common Synchro Monster
LVAL-IT097 Dododo Buster Combattente Dododo Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT098 Interplanetarypurplythorny Beast Bestia Interplanetarioporporaspinosa Common Effect Monster
LVAL-IT099 Starship Spy Plane Astronave Aereo Spia Common Effect Monster

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Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Card number Category
LVAL-JP001 White Duston ホワイト・ダストン Normal Rare 03557275 Normal Monster
LVAL-JP002 ZW - Asura Strike ZW(ゼアル・ウェポン)阿修羅副腕(アシュラ・ブロー) Rare 40941889 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP003 Gillagillancer ギラギランサー Common 76436988 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP004 Rainbow Kuriboh (にじ)クリボー Super Rare 02830693 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP005 Overlay Sentinel オーバーレイ・スナイパー Common 39229392 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP006 Overlay Booster オーバーレイ・ブースター Common 75214390 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP007 Photon Chargeman フォトン・チャージマン Common 02618045 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP008 Chronomaly Moai Carrier 先史遺産(オーパーツ)モアイキャリア Common 38007744 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP009 Chronomaly Winged Sphinx 先史遺産(オーパーツ)ワィングス・スフィンクス Common 65591858 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP010 Deep-Space Cruiser IX ディーブ・スペース・クルーザー・ナイン Common 01586457 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP011 Gorgonic Golem ゴルゴニック・ゴーレム Common 37984162 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP012 Gorgonic Gargoyle ゴルゴニック・ガーゴイル Common 64379261 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP013 Gorgonic Ghoul ゴルゴニック・グール Common 90764875 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP014 Gorgonic Cerberus ゴルゴニック・ケルベロス Common 37168514 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP015 Sylvan Peaskeeper (しん)()()()り ピース Rare 63257623 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP016 Sylvan Komushroomo (しん)()(かげ)(ぼう)() ストール Common 99641328 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP017 Sylvan Marshalleaf (しん)()(みず)(さき) リーフ Common 36046926 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP018 Sylvan Flowerknight (しん)()(はな)()() ナルサス Common 62434031 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP019 Sylvan Guardioak (しん)()(ばん)(にん) オーク Common 99429730 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP020 Sylvan Hermitree (しん)()(せん)(じゅ) レギア Rare 25824484 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP021 Ghostrick Jackfrost ゴーストリック・フロスト Common 61318483 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP022 Ghostrick Mary ゴーストリック・マリー Rare 98707192 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP023 Ghostrick Nekomusume ゴーストリックの(ねこ)(むすめ) Common 24101897 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP024 Ghostrick Skeleton ゴーストリック・スケルトン Common 51196805 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP025 Ghostrick Mummy ゴーストリック・マミー Common 97584500 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP026 Bujin Arasuda ()(じん)ーアラスダ Super Rare 23979249 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP027 Bujingi Peacock ()(じん)()ーヤサカニ Rare 50474354 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP028 Bujingi Swallow ()(じん)()ーヤツカ Common 86868952 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP029 Bujingi Fox ()(じん)()ーオキツ Common 23857661 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP030 Bujingi Hare ()(じん)()ーサグサ Rare 59251766 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP031 Gravekeeper's Nobleman (はか)(もり)使()(しゃ) Common 85646474 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP032 Gravekeeper's Ambusher (はか)(もり)(ふく)(へい) Common 22134079 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP033 Gravekeeper's Shaman (はか)(もり)()(とう)() Common 58139128 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP034 Gravekeeper's Oracle (はか)(もり)()()() Super Rare 25524823 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP035 Mystic Macrocarpa Seed (げん)(よう)(しゅ)ミトラ Common 51912531 Tuner monster
LVAL-JP036 Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest (もリ)(せい)(じゃう) カラントーサ Common 97317530 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP037 Nigitama 和魂(ニキタマ) Rare 24701235 Spirit monster
LVAL-JP038 Black Brachios 暗黒(ブラック)ブラキ Common 50896944 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP039 Chirubimé, Princess of Autumn Leaves 紅姫(あき)チルビメ Super Rare 87294988 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP040 Mobius the Mega Monarch (とう)(ひょう)(てい)メビウス Rare 23689697 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP041 Sirenorca (れい)(すい)(ちょう)シレーヌ・オルカ Common 50074392 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP042 Xyz Avenger エクシーズ・アヴェンジャー Rare 86062400 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP043 Tackle Crusader タックルセイダー Common 12467005 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP044 Majiosheldon アドバンス・ディボーター Normal Rare 59951714 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP045 Paladin of Photon Dragon 光子竜の聖騎士(ナイト・オブ・フォトンドラゴン) Rare 85346853 Ritual Monster
LVAL-JP046 Number C101: Silent Honor DARK (カオス)No.(ナンバーズ)101 S・H・Dark Knight(サイレント・オナーズ・ダーク・ナイト) Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare/Holographic Rare 12744567 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP047 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK No.(ナンバーズ)101 S・H・Ark Knight(サイレント・オナーズ・アーク・ナイト) Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 48739166 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP048 Number 39: Utopia Roots No.(ナンバーズ)39 ()(ぼう)(おう)ホープ・ルーツ Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 84124261 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP049 Number C69: Heraldry Crest of Horror (カオス)No.(ナンバーズ)69 紋章死神(デス・メダリオン)カオス・オブ・アームズ Rare 11522979 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP050 Number C92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon (カオス)No.(ナンバーズ)92 ()(がい)(きょ)(りゅう) Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon(ハートアース・カオス・ドラゴン) Rare 47017574 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP051 Gorgonic Guardian ゴルゴニック・ガーディアン Common 84401683 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP052 Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector (しん)()(もり)(がみ) アルセイ Super Rare 10406322 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP053 Ghostrick Dullahan ゴーストリック・デュラハン Super Rare 46895036 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP054 Bujintei Tsukuyomi ()(じん)(てい)ーツクヨミ Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 73289035 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP055 Fairy Knight Ingunar (よう)(せい)()()イングナル Common 19684740 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP056 Evilswarm Exciton Knight (れい)()() ヴェルズビュート Super Rare 46772449 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP057 Downerd Magician ダウナード・マジシャン Super Rare 72167543 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP058 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree (しん)(じゅ)(しゅ)()(じゅう)()(オウ) Rare 08561192 Synchro Monster
LVAL-JP059 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force RUM(ランクアップマジック)-アストラル・フォース Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 45950291 Normal Spell Card
LVAL-JP060 Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Fall RDM(ランクダウンマジック)-ヌメロン・フォール Rare 71345905 Normal Spell Card
LVAL-JP061 Xyz Shift エクシーズ・シフト Common 08339504 Normal Spell Card
LVAL-JP062 Luminous Dragon Ritual (こう)()(りゅう)(こう)(りん) Common 34834619 Ritual Spell Card
LVAL-JP063 Mount Sylvania (しん)()(れい)(ほう) Common 70222318 Field Spell Card
LVAL-JP064 Ghostrick Museum ゴーストリック・ミュージアム Rare 07617062 Field Spell Card
LVAL-JP065 Bujinunity ()(じん)(しゅう)(けつ) Common 33611061 Normal Spell Card
LVAL-JP066 Hidden Temples of Necrovalley ネクロバレーの(さい)殿(でん) Common 70000776 Continuous Spell Card
LVAL-JP067 Onomatopaira オノマト連携(ペア) Super Rare 06595475 Normal Spell Card
LVAL-JP068 Xyz Override エクシーズ・オーバーライド Common 32999573 Field Spell Card
LVAL-JP069 Stand-Off (じつ)(りょく)(はく)(ちゅう) Common 65384188 Normal Spell Card
LVAL-JP070 Shared Ride (あい)() Normal Rare 01372887 Quick-Play Spell Card
LVAL-JP071 Release, Reverse, Burst リリース・リバース・バースト Rare 38777931 Normal Trap Card
LVAL-JP072 Purge Ray パージ・レイ Common 64161630 Normal Trap Card
LVAL-JP073 Sylvan Blessing (しん)()(めぐ) Common 91650245 Normal Trap Card
LVAL-JP074 Ghostrick-Go-Round ゴーストリック・ロールシフト Common 37055344 Continuous Trap Card
LVAL-JP075 Bujin Regalia - The Magatama ()(りつ)する()(じん) Common 63049052 Normal Trap Card
LVAL-JP076 Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley ネクロバレーの(おう)() Common 90434657 Counter Trap Card
LVAL-JP077 The Monarchs Awaken (てい)(おう)(とう)() Common 26822796 Normal Trap Card
LVAL-JP078 Skill Prisoner スキル・プリズナー Rare 63227401 Normal Trap Card
LVAL-JP079 Oath of Companionship 戦友(とも)(ちか) Common 99311109 Normal Trap Card
LVAL-JP080 Duston Roller ダストンローラー Normal Rare 25700114 Normal Trap Card
LVAL-JP081 Chronomaly Nebra Disk 先史遺産(オーパーツ)ネブラ・ディスク Common 24861088 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP082 Number 36: Chronomaly Fork Hyuk No.(ナンバーズ)36 先史遺産(オーパーツ)(ちょう)()(かん)フォーク=ヒューク Rare 50260683 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP083 Heraldic Beast Amphisbaena (もん)(しょう)(じゅう)アンフィスバエナ Common 87255382 Effect Monster
LVAL-JP084 Number 18: Heraldic Progenitor Plain-Coat No.(ナンバーズ)18 (もん)(しょう)()プレイン・コート Rare 23649496 Xyz Monster
LVAL-JP085 Heraldry Augmentation 昇華する紋章(オーグメント・メダリオン) Common 59048135 Field Spell Card

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Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
LVAL-KR001 White Duston 화이트 더스튼 Normal Rare Normal Monster
LVAL-KR002 ZW - Asura Strike ZW(제알 웨폰)아수라 블로 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR003 Gillagillancer 기라기랜서 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR004 Rainbow Kuriboh 무지개 크리보 Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR005 Overlay Sentinel 오버레이 스나이퍼 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR006 Overlay Booster 오버레이 부스터 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR007 Photon Chargeman 포톤 차지맨 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR008 Chronomaly Moai Carrier 오파츠 모아이 캐리어 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR009 Chronomaly Winged Sphinx 오파츠 윙스 스핑크스 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR010 Deep-Space Cruiser IX 디프 스페이스 크루저 나인 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR011 Gorgonic Golem 고르고닉 골렘 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR012 Gorgonic Gargoyle 고르고닉 가고일 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR013 Gorgonic Ghoul 고르고닉 구울 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR014 Gorgonic Cerberus 고르고닉 케로베로스 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR015 Sylvan Peaskeeper 삼라의 실장 피스 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR016 Sylvan Komushroomo 삼라의 영포자 스톨 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR017 Sylvan Marshalleaf 삼라의 수선 리프 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR018 Sylvan Flowerknight 삼라의 화훼사 나르사스 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR019 Sylvan Guardioak 삼라의 파수꾼 오크 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR020 Sylvan Hermitree 삼라의 선수 레기아 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR021 Ghostrick Jackfrost 고스트릭 프로스트 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR022 Ghostrick Mary 고스트릭 마리 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR023 Ghostrick Nekomusume 고스트릭의 고양이 아가씨 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR024 Ghostrick Skeleton 고스트릭 스켈톤 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR025 Ghostrick Mummy 고스트릭 미라 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR026 Bujin Arasuda 무사신-아라스다 Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR027 Bujingi Peacock 무사신기-야사카니 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR028 Bujingi Swallow 무사신기-야츠카 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR029 Bujingi Fox 무사신기-오키즈 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR030 Bujingi Hare 무사신기-사구사 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR031 Gravekeeper's Nobleman 묘지기의 사도 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR032 Gravekeeper's Ambusher Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR033 Gravekeeper's Shaman 묘지기의 기도사 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR034 Gravekeeper's Oracle 묘지기의 심신자 Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR035 Mystic Macrocarpa Seed 환요종 미트라 Common Tuner monster
LVAL-KR036 Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest 숲의 성수 카란토사 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR037 Nikitama 니키타마 Rare Spirit monster
LVAL-KR038 Black Brachios 블랙 브라키 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR039 Chirubimé, Princess of Autumn Leaves 홍희 치루비메 Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR040 Mobius the Mega Monarch 차가운 얼음 제왕 뫼비우스 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR041 Sirenorca 영수조 씨레느 오르카 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR042 Xyz Avenger 엑시즈 어벤져 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR043 Tackle Crusader 테크루세이더 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR044 Majiosheldon 어드벤스 디보터 Normal Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR045 Paladin of Photon Dragon 나이트 오브 포톤 드래곤 Rare Ritual Monster
LVAL-KR046 Number C101: Silent Honor DARK CNo.(카오스 넘버즈)101 사일런트 아너즈 다크 나이트 Ultra Rare/Secret Rare/Holographic Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR047 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK No.101 사일런트 아너즈 아크 나이트 Ultra Rare/Secret Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR048 Number 39: Utopia Roots No.39 유토피아 루츠 Ultra Rare/Secret Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR049 Number C69: Heraldry Crest of Horror CNo.(카오스 넘버즈)69 데스 메달리온 카오스 오브 암즈 Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR050 Number C92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon CNo.(카오스 넘버즈)92 위해허룡 Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR051 Gorgonic Guardian 고르고닉 가디언 Common Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR052 Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector 삼라의 수신 아르세이 Super Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR053 Ghostrick Dullahan 고스트릭 듈라한 Super Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR054 Bujintei Tsukuyomi 무사신제-쓰쿠요미 Ultra Rare/Secret Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR055 Fairy Knight Ingunar 요정기사 인그날 Common Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR056 Evilswarm Exciton Knight 여휘사 벨즈뷰트 Super Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR057 Downerd Magician 다우너드 매지션 Super Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR058 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree 신수의 수호수-아왕 Rare Synchro Monster
LVAL-KR059 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force RUM(랭크 업 매직)-아스트랄 포스 Ultra Rare/Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-KR060 Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Fall RDM(랭크 다운 매직)-누메론 폴 Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-KR061 Xyz Shift 엑시즈 시프트 Common Normal Spell Card
LVAL-KR062 Luminous Dragon Ritual 광자룡강림 Common Ritual Spell Card
LVAL-KR063 Mount Sylvania 삼라의 영봉 Common Field Spell Card
LVAL-KR064 Ghostrick Museum 고스트릭 뮤지엄 Rare Field Spell Card
LVAL-KR065 Bujinunity 무사신집결 Common Normal Spell Card
LVAL-KR066 Hidden Temples of Necrovalley 네크로밸리의 제전 Common Continuous Spell Card
LVAL-KR067 Onomatopaira 오노마토페어 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-KR068 Xyz Override 엑시즈 오버라이드 Common Field Spell Card
LVAL-KR069 Stand-Off 실력백중 Common Normal Spell Card
LVAL-KR070 Shared Ride 합승 Normal Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LVAL-KR071 Release, Reverse, Burst 릴리스 리버스 버스트 Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-KR072 Purge Ray 퍼지 레이 Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-KR073 Sylvan Blessing warning.png
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Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-KR074 Ghostrick-Go-Round 로스트릭 롤시프트 Common Continuous Trap Card
LVAL-KR075 Bujin Regalia - The Jewel 새율하는 무사신 Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-KR076 Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley 네크로밸리의 왕묘 Common Counter Trap Card
LVAL-KR077 The Monarchs Awaken 제왕의 동지 Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-KR078 Skill Prisoner 스킬 프리즈너 Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-KR079 Oath of Companionship 전우의 맹세 Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-KR080 Duston Roller 더스튼롤러 Normal Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-KR081 Flowbot 플라봇 Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-KR082 Humpty Dandy 험프티 댄디 Common Effect Monster
LVAL-KR083 Outer God Nyarla 외신 나이알라 Rare Xyz Monster
LVAL-KR084 Dragonroar 아룡포효 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LVAL-KR085 Plank-Scale 플랑크스케일 Common Normal Trap Card


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