Labyrinth of Nightmare is a Japanese set in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). In is the sixth Booster Pack in the OCG Series 2.

In other languages, the set Labyrinth of Nightmare is a combination of this set and Spell of Mask.


Labyrinth of Nightmare includes Yami Bakura's occult cards from Battle City", such as "Dark Necrofear" and "Destiny Board". It also contains the Attribute Spirits and an Ultimate Rare reprint of "Dark Magician".

Highly sought after cards include "Destiny Board" and "Dark Necrofear".


Each pack contains 5 cards and each box contains 30 packs. The set contains 52 cards or 56 in the Master Set. This is comprised of:



Card number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
LN-01 "The Portrait's Secret"かいひそもの Common Normal Monster
LN-02 "The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams"ぼうれい Common Normal Monster
LN-03 "Headless Knight"くびなしの Common Normal Monster
LN-04 "Earthbound Spirit"地縛霊アース・バウンド・スピリット Super Rare Normal Monster
LN-05 "The Earl of Demise"りょうはくしゃく Common Normal Monster
LN-06 "Boneheimer"ボーンハイマー Common Normal Monster
LN-07 "Flame Dancer"フレイムダンサー Common Normal Monster
LN-08 "Spherous Lady"スフィラスレディ Common Normal Monster
LN-09 "Lightning Conger"かみなりウナギ Common Normal Monster
LN-10 "Jowgen the Spiritualist"しょうれいじゅつ ジョウゲン Common Effect Monster
LN-11 "Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer"れいめつじゅつ カイクウ Common Effect Monster
LN-12 "Summoner of Illusions"げんそうしょうかん Common Effect Monster
LN-13 "Bazoo the Soul-Eater"たましいらうもの バズー Common Effect Monster
LN-14 "Dark Necrofear"ダーク・ネクロフィア Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
LN-15 "Soul of Purity and Light"神聖なる魂ホーリーシャイン・ソウル Common Effect Monster
LN-16 "Spirit of Flames"ほのおせいれい イフリート Common Effect Monster
LN-17 "Aqua Spirit"みずせいれい アクエリア Common Effect Monster
LN-18 "The Rock Spirit"いわせいれい タイタン Common Effect Monster
LN-19 "Garuda the Wind Spirit"かぜせいれい ガルーダ Common Effect Monster
LN-20 "Gilasaurus"しゅんそくのギラザウルス Common Effect Monster
LN-21 "Tornado Bird"トルネード・バード Common Flip monster
LN-22 "Dreamsprite"げんえいようせい Common Effect Monster
LN-23 "Zombyra the Dark"ダーク・ヒーロー ゾンバイア Normal Rare Effect Monster
LN-24 "Supply"ぶっ調ちょうたついん Common Flip monster
LN-25 "Maryokutai"りょくきゅうしゅうきゅうたい Common Effect Monster
LN-26 "The Last Warrior from Another Planet"せいさいしゅうせん Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
LN-27 "Collected Power"ちからしゅうやく Common Normal Trap Card
LN-28 "Dark Spirit of the Silent"ちんもく邪悪霊ダーク・スピリット Rare Normal Trap Card
LN-29 "Royal Command"おうきゅうごうれい Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
LN-30 "Riryoku Field"フォースフィールド Super Rare Counter Trap Card
LN-31 "Skull Lair"りょう Common Continuous Trap Card
LN-32 "Graverobber's Retribution"はからしのむく Common Continuous Trap Card
LN-33 "Deal of Phantom"しゅれいのおまも Common Normal Trap Card
LN-34 "Destruction Punch"カウンターパンチ Common Normal Trap Card
LN-35 "Blind Destruction"べつかい Common Continuous Trap Card
LN-36 "The Emperor's Holiday"はだかおうさま Common Continuous Trap Card
LN-37 "Destiny Board"ウィジャばん Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Continuous Trap Card
LN-38 "Spirit Message "I""のメッセージ「イー Rare Continuous Spell Card
LN-39 "Spirit Message "N""のメッセージ「エー Rare Continuous Spell Card
LN-40 "Spirit Message "A""のメッセージ「ティー Rare Continuous Spell Card
LN-41 "Spirit Message "L""のメッセージ「エッチ Rare Continuous Spell Card
LN-42 "The Dark Door"あんこくとびら Common Continuous Spell Card
LN-43 "Spiritualism"ポルターガイスト Rare Normal Spell Card
LN-44 "Cyclon Laser"サイクロンレーザー Common Equip Spell Card
LN-45 "Bait Doll"おとりにんぎょう Common Normal Spell Card
LN-46 "De-Fusion"ゆうごうかいじょ Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LN-47 "Fusion Gate"フュージョン・ゲート Common Field Spell Card
LN-48 "Ekibyo Drakmord"えきびょうウィルス ブラックダスト Common Equip Spell Card
LN-49 "Miracle Dig"せきはっくつ Common Normal Spell Card
LN-50 "Dragonic Attack"竜魂の力ドラゴニック・フォース Common Equip Spell Card
LN-51 "Spirit Elimination"れいこんしょうめつ Common Normal Spell Card
LN-52 "Vengeful Bog Spirit"おんりょう湿しったい Common Continuous Spell Card
LN-53 "Dark Magician"ブラック・マジシャン Ultimate Rare Normal Monster

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