Kunai with Chain (Bandai)

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Release Number Set Rarity
1998-04-07 50 Yu-Gi-Oh! Bandai OCG: 2nd Generation Common
Facts about Kunai with Chain (Bandai)RDF feed
Bandai number50 +
Bandai number (string)050 +
Bandai rule
Card typeTrap Card +
English nameKunai with Chain +
English name (linked)Kunai with Chain +
Japanese kana nameくさりつきブーメラン +
Japanese name鎖付きブーメラン +
Main card pageKunai with Chain +
MediumBandai +
Page nameKunai with Chain (Bandai) +
Page typeCard page +
RarityCommon +
Romaji nameKusaritsuki Būmeran +
Ruby Japanese name(くさり)()きブーメラン
Ruby text(くさり)()きブーメラン
SetsYu-Gi-Oh! Bandai OCG: 2nd Generation +
Translated nameChain-Attached Boomerang +

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