Korean cards are manufactured by Daewon for distributing in South Korea. Their ID was K, then changed into KR.

Being part of the OCG, Korean cards follow Japanese printing schedules. However, they also follow some TCG product lines, such as the Hidden Arsenal series, and have a few exclusive sets and cards.

Korean cards have their own backing, with the first Korean logo. They use a terminology translated from Japanese, but they are formatted with the TCG style. For example, the type line "[Dragon/Synchro/Effect]" is written "[드래곤족/싱크로/효과]", using a slash instead of a middle dot as of the Japanese style ([드래곤족싱크로/효과]); the copyright text on the bottom-right corner is English. They also use censored TCG artworks, though the Korean-dubbed shows have uncensored OCG artworks.