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Kalin plays an Infernity Deck, whose effects activate when he has no cards in his hand.



Past Deck

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Magician's Four Leader 33 Win
Duel Gang Member 33 Win
Duel Gang Member 33 Win
Duel Gang Member 33 Win
Team Golem Member 34 Win
Team Golem Member 34 Win
Duel Gang Member 54 Win
Sector Security 34 Interrupted

When Kalin was in The Enforcers, he used a beatdown Deck consisting of high ATK, Level 4 Monster Cards to quickly overpower and punish the opponent. He used this Deck when The Enforcers took over Satellite by destroying other Duel Gangs with it. These events were shown during flashbacks in the Dark Signer arc. This Deck was taken from Kalin when he was arrested.

Ground Deck - Past Deck

World Racing Grand Prix Preliminaries

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Malcom Group Duelist 86 Win
Malcom Group Duelist 86 Win
The Giant 86 Win
Yusei Fudo 87-88 Lose
Lawton 91-92 Win (w/Yusei)

In Crash Town, Kalin continues to use an "Infernity" Deck focused around his famous "handless combo", though he Duels in Ground Duels this time. He utilizes several cards which revive the "Infernity" monsters from the Graveyard, making full use of their capabilities. He also uses several burn cards such as "Infernity Burst" and "Infernity Randomizer" which work well with his overall strategy of swarm and need for cards to be in the Graveyard respectively.

Ground Deck - Season 3

Ark Cradle

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Jack Atlas 152 Lose (off-screen)

None of Kalin's cards were seen, but he was shown losing to Jack Atlas when he was Dueling the best Duelists he knew.

Turbo Decks

Dark Signers

Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Yusei Fudo 33-35 No result
Yusei Fudo 54-55 Lose

Kalin uses an "Infernity" Turbo Deck, primarily focused around fueling his Graveyard with "Infernity" monsters through cards such as "Depth Amulet" and "Limit Impulse" for his "Hundred Eyes Dragon". As a last resort, he uses "Earthbound Immortal Ccapac Apu".

Turbo Deck - Season 2


Video games

Reverse of Arcadia


The Enforcing Ones


Quaking Giant

Over the Nexus

The Enforcing Ones
Master of Demise

Tag Force 4

Dark Signer Kalin

Kalin Kessler 01
Kalin Kessler 02
Kalin Kessler 03
Kalin Kessler 04

The Enforcers Kalin

Kalin Kessler 11
Kalin Kessler 12
Kalin Kessler 13
Kalin Kessler 14

Tag Force 5

Every Day Dissatisfaction
Feelings of Dissatisfaction
Truth of Dissatisfaction
Eternal Dissatisfaction

Tag Force 6

Crashtown Kalin

Infinity Heroes
Infinity Memoirs
Infinity Illusion
Infinity Luxury

Satisfaction Kalin


Dark Signer Kalin


Duel Transer

Dark Signer

Spineless Nightmare

Duel Terminals

Pulse of Trishula!!

Pulse of Trishula!!

Vylon Descends!!

Raid of the Inverz!!

Judgement of Omega!!

Xyz Startup!!

Xyz Startup!!

Sacred Star Knights!!

Sacred Star Knights!! V1
Sacred Star Knights!! V2

Ouroboros, Wicked Dragon of Destruction!!


  1. In the OCG/TCG this card is a Tuner monster.
  2. In the OCG/TCG this card isn't a Tuner monster.
  3. The second copy of this card is discarded to pay the cost of "Depth Amulet" in episode 33.
  4. The second copy of this card is discarded to activate "Limit Impulse" in episode 54.
  5. In the OCG/TCG, this card is a Synchro Monster.
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