Kakimoto is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is a student of Leo Institute of Dueling and is one of Sylvio's friends.



Kakimoto wears the LID students' uniform with a pastel blue shirt. He has brown eyes and purple/brown hair. He is shorter than Sylvio.


Pre-Arc League Championship

Kakimoto was first seen soon after Sylvio took Yuya to LID. Kakimoto wished to see Yuya's Pendulum monsters, but Sylvio wouldn't allow him to keep them. He later helped Sylvio capture Yuya's friends and witnessed the ensuing Duel,[1] and was surprised to see Sylvio lose. Kakimoto, Ootomo, and Yamabe tried to attack Yuya but all three got knocked out by Sora Perse.[2]

Later on, Kakimoto lost to Sylvio in a Duel. Kakimoto wondered why he lost to Sylvio's Deck, but Sylvio told him that it wasn't the deck but the duelist that defeated Kakimoto. He, Sylvio, Ootomo, and Yamabe began to fool around after that. After Ootomo and Yamabe brought Sylvio some food, Kakimoto witnessed Sylvio Duel and lose against Yuto.[3]

Kakimoto and his friends visited Sylvio in the hospital and spread the word that Yuya was the one who attacked him. Claude rewarded the LID students by giving them rare cards.[4]

Arc League Championship

Duel Academy

After Zarc's defeat and the Standard Dimension being reborn into the "Pendulum Dimension", Kakimoto is seen watching Yuya's Duel against Jack Atlas with Ootomo and Yamabe.[5] He cheered when Yuya won and watched Yuya and Declan's Action Duel.[6] He was happy when Yuya won the Duel and witnessed Zuzu's revival.[7]


The only known card shown in Kakimoto's Deck is "Power Dart Striker". This is likely due to Sylvio changing his Deck and giving his old rare cards to his friends.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Sylvio Sawatari 7 Lose


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