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Structure Deck: Kaiba
Kanji and furigana

STRUCTURE DECKストラクチャーデッキ —海馬編—




ストラクチャーデッキ —海馬編—


Sutorakuchā Dekki: Kaiba-hen


Structure Deck: Kaiba Edition

Set information


  • KA (jp)
Number of cards


Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
  • January 24, 2002


Structure Deck: Kaiba is a Structure Deck in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game (OCG). It is the third deck in the OCG's Structure Deck series, following Structure Deck: Joey.


The deck contains cards used by Seto Kaiba. It includes 3 "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" cards, each in a different language: Asian-English, Chinese and Japanese. This was one of the only 3 cards officially released in Chinese, before Duel Starter Deck was released in 2014.


Each Structure Deck: Kaiba contains 56 cards in total. The number of card of each rarity are as follows:



Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category Qty
KA-01 Kaiser Sea Horse カイザー・シーホース Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
KA-02 Vampire Lord ヴァンパイア・ロード Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
KA-03 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 青眼の白龍ブルーアイズ・ホワイト・ドラゴン Common Normal Monster 1
KA-04 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 青眼白龍 Common Normal Monster 1
KA-05 Blue-Eyes White Dragon Blue-Eyes White Dragon Common Normal Monster 1
KA-06 Vorse Raider ブラッド・ヴォルス Common Normal Monster 1
KA-07 Steel Ogre Grotto #2 てつわんゴーレム Common Normal Monster 1
KA-08 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp ランプのせい・ラ・ジーン Common Normal Monster 2
KA-09 Battle Ox ミノタウルス Super Rare Normal Monster 1
KA-10 Saggi the Dark Clown やみどうのサギー Common Normal Monster 1
KA-11 Ryu-Kishin Powered ガーゴイル・パワード Common Normal Monster 1
KA-12 Cyber-Stein デビル・フランケン Common Effect Monster 1
KA-13 Sangan クリッター Common Effect Monster 2
KA-14 Gilasaurus しゅんそくのギラザウルス Common Effect Monster 1
KA-15 Invitation to a Dark Sleep あんこくねむりをさそうルシファー Common Effect Monster 1
KA-16 Ancient Lamp マジック・ランプ Common Effect Monster 1
KA-17 Heavy Storm おおあらし Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-18 Monster Reborn しゃせい Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-19 Premature Burial はやすぎたまいそう Common Equip Spell Card 1
KA-20 Graceful Charity てん使ほどこ Common Normal Spell Card 2
KA-21 Tribute to The Doomed しゃへの Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-22 Mesmeric Control さいみんじゅつ Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-23 Megamorph きょだい Common Equip Spell Card 1
KA-24 Soul Exchange クロス・ソウル Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-25 Ekibyo Drakmord えきびょうウィルス ブラックダスト Common Equip Spell Card 1
KA-26 The Shallow Grave あさすぎたはかあな Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-27 Nobleman of Extermination ぼくめつ使 Common Normal Spell Card 2
KA-28 Nobleman of Crossout まっさつ使 Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-29 Dark Hole ブラック・ホール Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-30 Snatch Steal ごうだつ Common Equip Spell Card 1
KA-31 Gift of The Mystical Elf ホーリー・エルフのしゅくふく Common Normal Trap Card 1
KA-32 Riryoku Field フォースフィールド Common Counter Trap Card 1
KA-33 Negate Attack こうげきりょく Common Counter Trap Card 1
KA-34 Ring of Destruction かいりん Common Normal Trap Card 1
KA-35 Shadow Spell やみじゅばく Common Continuous Trap Card 1
KA-36 Crush Card Virus のデッキかいウイルス Common Normal Trap Card 1
KA-37 Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon 青眼の究極竜ブルーアイズ・アルティメットドラゴン Common
Fusion Monster 1
KA-38 Gadget Soldier ガジェット・ソルジャー Common Normal Monster 1
KA-39 Versago the Destroyer かいしん ヴァサーゴ Common Effect Monster 1
KA-40 Needle Worm ニードルワーム Common Flip monster 2
KA-41 The Wicked Worm Beast じゃあくなるワーム・ビースト Common Effect Monster 1
KA-42 Hiro's Shadow Scout あくていさつしゃ Common Flip monster 2
KA-43 Morphing Jar #2 カオスポッド Common Flip monster 1
KA-44 Summoner of Illusions げんそうしょうかん Common Flip monster 1
KA-45 Lord of D. ロード・オブ・ドラゴン-ドラゴンのはいしゃ Common Effect Monster 1
KA-46 Man-Eater Bug ひとムシ Common Flip monster 1
KA-47 The Flute of Summoning Dragon ドラゴンをふえ Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-48 Fairy Meteor Crush メテオ・ストライク Common Equip Spell Card 1
KA-49 Polymerization ゆうごう Common Normal Spell Card 1
KA-50 Light of Intervention せいなるかがや Common Continuous Trap Card 1
Facts about "Structure Deck: Kaiba"RDF feed
Cover cardBlue-Eyes White Dragon +, Crush Card Virus +, Kaiser Sea Horse + and Vampire Lord +
Japanese database ID2,201,002 +
Japanese nameSTRUCTURE DECK —海馬編— +
Japanese release date24 January 2002 +
Japanese set and region prefixKA +
Japanese set prefixKA +
Japanese translated nameStructure Deck: Kaiba Edition +
MediumOfficial + and OCG +
Page nameStructure Deck: Kaiba +
Page typeSet page +
Romaji nameSutorakuchā Dekki: Kaiba-hen +
Ruby Japanese nameSTRUCTURE DECKストラクチャーデッキ —海馬編—
Ruby textSTRUCTURE DECKストラクチャーデッキ —海馬編—

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