A "Junk Doppel" Deck is named after its main 2 components, "Junk Synchron" and "Doppelwarrior". This build uses Junk's revival abilites and the Doppel Tokens generated by Doppelwarrior to perform long chains of Synchro Summons.

Playing Style

Due to "Doppelwarrior" being able to be Special Summoned whenever "Junk Synchron" uses its effect, and itself being a "Junk Synchron" target, the main goal during early game of this build is to get something to revive via Junk in your Graveyard. Due to this, cards like "Card Trooper" and "Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter" are commonly used to "fuel" the Graveyard with the appropriate cards.

Once you get something to revive, the basic idea is to Normal Summon "Junk Synchron", then Special Summon a monster and Special Summon "Doppelwarrior" afterwards. From there, you perform several Synchro Summons, using the materials you've gathered and the Doppel Tokens created by Synchro Summoning.

There's a certain combo that the Deck always aims to achieve:

  • Using "Junk Synchron", Special Summon a Level 1 Tuner Monster.
  • Special Summon "Doppelwarrior" with its effect.
  • Use Junk and Doppel to Synchro Summon "T.G. Hyper Librarian", getting 2 Doppel Tokens.
  • Synchro Summon "Formula Synchron", drawing 2 cards (Librarian + Formula).

After that, you can either keep Synchro Summoning using the remaining monsters and/or the cards you drew with Hyper Librarian, or "scale" into higher Level Synchros like "Black Rose Dragon" or "Scrap Dragon". It's important to note that keeping Librarian on the field lets you perform very long chains of Synchro Summons due to all the cards you end up drawing. Due to "Formula Synchron" being limited "T.G. Recipro Dragonfly" acts as a pseudo-substitute of Formula, allowing you to draw an extra card when Librarian is out and allowing different combinations to Synchro Summon.

It's worthy to note that, due to the ease of Synchro Summoning Level 2 to 6 Synchro Summons, this build excels at Summoning Delta Accel Synchro monsters, like "T.G. Halberd Cannon" or "Shooting Quasar Dragon". Also, "Junk Synchron" has access to its own repertoire of exclusive Synchro Monsters like "Junk Destroyer".

Because "Spore" and "Glow-Up Bulb" are some of the best Level 1 Tuners available, the "Junk Doppel" build is usually seen alongside the "Plant Engine", using "Lonefire Blossom" to Summon "Dandylion" or any of the mentioned Tuners. Due to "Card Trooper" being pretty common in the build, the presence of the "Plant Engine" and the fact that several "Junk Synchron" targets are valid for him as well, "Debris Dragon" is usually seen on the Deck too. "Effect Veiler" is also a common sight, both for its status as a Level 1 Tuner and its ability to provide effect negation. Since they provide easy materials to work with, "Reborn Tengu", "Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite" and "Tour Guide From the Underworld" aren't uncommon on these builds either.

Due to his Synchron status, "Junk Synchron" is a valid target for "Tuning", which allows other Tuners like "Unknown Synchron" and "Quickdraw Synchron" to be played in the Deck as well. An advantage of using Quickdraw is the line of Synchro Monsters it allows you to play, with "Drill Warrior" (and its recycling ability) and "Road Warrior" (and its ability to Summon "Doppelwarrior" from the Deck) being the highlights.

Since one of the preferred ways to fill the Graveyard is the use of Lightsworn monsters, the build can also use Chaos monsters pretty easily. "Chaos Sorcerer" is particularly useful thanks to its Level and Type, which allows for more Synchro Summons and grants access to the powerful "Arcanite Magician". "Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning" is also very useful as it can be recycled with "The Warrior Returning Alive", which can also be used to grab "Junk Synchron" and "Doppelwarrior" for another use. Due to the usually high number of DARK monsters, "Dark Armed Dragon" is also a viable option.

While overlooked, "Junk Forward" is a pretty good card to play in this deck. This card, if used in conjunction with "Quickdraw Synchron" and "Level Eater", can bring out either a "Road Warrior", a "Chevalier De Fleur", or a "Junk Destroyer" without using your Normal Summon/Set for that turn. This can open up an opporturnity for "Junk Synchron", "Synchron Explorer", and "Debris Dragon", and the path the player takes next depends on the Synchro Monster that was first summoned out.

"Dark Simorgh" is a great card in a Junk Doppel build since it is likely to have both DARK monsters and WIND monsters. While "Junk Synchron", "Unknown Synchron", "Doppelwarrior", and "Level Eater" are examples of a few DARK targets, a player can consider WIND targets such as "Debris Dragon", "Spore", "Turbo Synchron", and "Speed Warrior". Having "Dark Simorgh" on the field wil prevent your opponent from setting cards such as "Mirror Force" or "Dimensional Prison" to stop your plays.

While Spells and Traps aren't really that special, it's important to note that the Deck runs few of them, and most of them are either really "basic" cards (like "Torrential Tribute") or revival cards (like "Call of the Haunted") to "force" Doppel's Special Summon effect.

T.G. Junk Doppel

The T.G. monsters are particularly useful with the "Junk Doppel" strategy, particularly "T.G. Cyber Magician", "T.G. Warwolf" and "T.G. Striker".

Cyber Magician and Striker are both "Junk Synchron" targets, with Cyber Magician being another useful Level 1 Tuner and Striker having a Special Summon ability which can help to make the Synchro chains longer. Warwolf can be Special Summoned basically with every move this Deck does, allowing to have more flexibility on levels. Warwolf also allows the use of "T.G. Wonder Magician" and "T.G. Power Gladiator", with Wonder Magician being especially important as it can destroy troublesome cards and doubling as another "Synchro Tuner" besides "Formula Synchron", making the Summon of cards like "Shooting Quasar Dragon" easier.

Another added benefit of the T.G. engine is that they search themselves, providing you with a solid source of monsters while you draw the appropriate cards to begin a Synchro Summon chain. It's worthy to note that Warwolf is DARK and Cyber Magician is LIGHT, fueling the Chaos monsters too.

Recommended cards

Monster Cards

Spell Cards

Trap Cards

Extra Deck


The major weakness of this build is its complete reliance on the Graveyard: without good mills or access to it, the Deck comes to a grinding halt. Because of this, Decks using the Banish mechanic with cards like "Dimensional Fissure" and Gravekeepers are some of this build's most feared matchups. Likewise, including cards in your Side Deck to disrupt the Graveyard like "Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer" and "D.D. Crow" should ruin Junk Doppel's plans.

Another weakness is the reliance on Monster effects. Due to this, effect negation like "Effect Veiler" or "Divine Wrath" usually spells trouble for the build. Indirectly, the need to use so many monster effects (and the need to send cards to the Graveyard) makes the Deck more monster-heavy than usual (around 23 monsters most of the time), so limiting their ability to Summon is a very good idea. "Summon Limit" and "Thunder King Rai-Oh" are good cards to use against this Deck. Alternatively, "Maxx "C" allows you to stop them in their tracks, making them choose between leaving their weak monsters on the field so you stop drawing cards (and essentially losing a turn) or hoping that you don't draw anything that can stop them.

Since most of their monsters don't share a lot of properties, "Rivalry of Warlords" and "Gozen Match" are very useful at disrupting this build's combos. Just be careful against "Junk Synchron" and "Doppelwarrior", since they share the same Type/Attribute and can Summon cards that also share their Type/Attribute.

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