Reason for Challenge

After losing to Yugi several times in a fighting game, Dragon 1 imposter then beats up Yugi and takes his Millennium Puzzle. Jounouchi finds out about this and challenges Dragon 1 imposter to a fight.


  • The fight occurs on a pipe over a canal.
  • The person to knock down his opponent wins.
  • If a player leaves the pipe he automatically loses.

The game

  • Jounouchi dodges a few punches before kicking Dragon 1 imposter's leg.
  • Dragon 1 imposter regains his balance and takes out a pair of nunchucks.
  • Dragon 1 imposter attacks, forcing Jounouchi to retreat to the end of the pipe.
  • Jounouchi sprays his canned drink at Dragon 1 imposter, causing him to lose his balance.
  • Jounouchi takes back the Millennium Puzzle and kicks Dragon 1 imposter off the pipe.

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