Jiro the Jorogumo (女郎蜘蛛のジロウ Jorōgumo no Jirō) is a character in the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! anime. He and Tetsuo Sasaki are based on the manga character, the escaped prisoner.

Jorogumo is a mythological spider from Japanese folklore and another name for the nephila clavata species of spider.


Jiro the Jorogumo was an escaped convict and master of disguise. He worked as manager at Burger World at the time Hiroto Honda, Miho Nosaka and Anzu Mazaki were working there. He disguised himself as Tetsuo Sasaki, another criminal, while committing several robberies.[1]

Eventually Jiro was exposed and he pointed a gun, which he stole from Sasaki, at Anzu, taking her hostage. He ordered Yugi Mutou to get him some things and reacted rather angrily when he heard Anzu calling for Yugi. Grief-stricken by Anzu's fate, Dark Yugi emerged, challenging Jiro to a Shadow Game before he placed the lighter on his hand. Jiro disarmed and turned off the lighter. Dark Yugi put a Penalty Game on him because he moved more than one finger, causing the criminal to believe he was set on fire.[1]


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