"Jinzo", known as "Android" (じんぞうにんげん Jinzōningen) in the OCG, is an archetype of DARK Machine monsters. Their effects revolve around the negation of Trap Cards.

The main monster of the archetype is "Jinzo". He is supported by "Amplifier", "Jinzo - Returner", "Jinzo - Lord" and "Jinzo - Jector", the last of which is the first, and so far only, "Jinzo" monster support card.


Espa Roba was the first character shown to use "Jinzo". He also used "Amplifier" to strengthen it. Joey Wheeler later won it off him and used it in many of his Duels. Leichter in Virtual World used Jinzo as his Deck Master.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, Jinzo appears as a character. He is a Duel Monster Spirit awakened by the school's occult club, seeking souls so he may exist in the human world. Jinzo is defeated by Jaden in a Duel and sent back to the Duel Monsters dimension.

Makoto Inotsume also uses "Jinzo" cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, including "Jinzo - Returner" and "Jinzo - Lord", in honour of the Jinzo Art.

Playing style

The main objective of this deck is to summon "Jinzo" to lock your opponent's Traps, with "Jinzo - Jector" being the best way to do it, either by using its own effect or by Special Summoning it (with a card like "Summoner Monk") and then using "Inferno Reckless Summon".


As the archetype has the effect that negates traps, "Double Snare" can take them out of the field. Even their effects can't stop them from activating quick-play spells, which could put them at a disadvantage. Their effects doesn't help, as you don't activate trap cards while "Jinzo" is on the field, so "Amplifier" can get rid of that weakness. As all of them are Machine Monsters, anti-Machine cards like "Acid Rain" can give problems to "Jinzo".

Recommended cards