Jin Kusanagi (くさなぎ じん, Kusanagi Jin)[1] is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He is the younger brother of Kolter and one of the victims of the Hanoi Project.



Jin and Shoichi Photo

A photo of Kolter and Jin as children.

Jin is a fair skinned teenage boy and he strongly resembles Kolter. Like Kolter he has grey eyes and purple hair, but his hair is long and unkempt, reaching past his shoulder and it is lighter shade than his brother. He is depicted wearing a dull-colored shirt with sleeves ending halfway down his elbows and pants. As a child, he had short hair and wore a short-sleeved, light blue shirt and a pair of khaki shorts.


According to Yusaku, after being rescued from Hanoi Project, Jin developed intense PTSD and even now he is still suffering from PTSD. Since the events of the Lost Incident, he has become withdrawn, reserved and closed of his heart from the world. Jin seems to have a hard time talking even to his older brother. Unlike Shoichi, Jin appears to be a very stoic and a distant person and is often seen with a dull emotionless expression. As a child based on the picture of him and prior to getting kidnapped for Hanoi Project, he appeared to be cheerful and outgoing. Since his brother uncovered the truth about Jin's abduction and revealed it to him, Jin has begun showing signs of recovering, talking more with his brother and doctors.



Both Jin and Yusaku were victims in the Hanoi Project 10 years ago.[2] Despite having been rescued, he was still suffering from the shock of the incident.[3] This event drove Yusaku to fight for him, and defeat the Knights of Hanoi so that Yusaku might save him from darkness.[4]


Jin has been mentioned several times by Yusaku Fujiki and Kolter during their fight against Hanoi.[5] After Kolter discovered the true identity of Blue Angel who was Yusaku's classmate and step sister of SOL Technologies Security Manager Akira Zaizen Kolter suggests Yusaku to meet her so that he can get a lead on Akira regarding Jin as well as Yusaku's stolen memories but he doubted the plan would work due to Yusaku's poor social skills with women.[6]

He was indirectly mentioned during Playmaker's duel against Varis as the former vowed to Varis that he would save him.[7] While Yusaku and Kolter were deleting the files of Playmaker that people post on the network, Yusaku wondered if it was wise to seek Varis out for answers about Yusaku's past and about Jin.[8]


When Kolter was writing his report, he also wrote that he still thought of his brother, Jin, and wished that the reader of this report would tell that to his brother when they meet him.[1] During Playmaker's duel against Varis, Kolter hoped that Playmaker will win against Varis so that he can tell the truth to Jin.[9]

Unnamed arc

The figure visits Jin

Jin gets assaulted by the orange figure.

Leaving Yusaku in charge of his food truck, Kolter went to see his brother at a resort, where Jin was recovering. Kolter noted Jin was traumatized by the incident, and with the news of Knights of Hanoi's defeat, Jin's doctor believed his patient calmed down and was improving mentally. Kolter sat by a table with Jin, and asked if he could come to live with his brother at the food stand. Jin gasped, as an orange figure came out of a TV and went towards Jin. Kolter was startled, and tried to push the figure, but failed. The figure approached Jin and made him devour data. Kolter managed to stop this, and while Jin fainted, Kolter noticed the orange figure went towards LINK VRAINS. Kolter called Yusaku to report this, and demanded him to capture this figure.[10] Kolter watched over Jin, who was lying unconscious in his bed.[11]


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