This article is about the musical. For the card, see: Sage's Stone.
DMx148 The Black Magician Girl in the Moon Light poster

Poster for the musical.

Jewel of the Sage is a broadway musical about the Dark Magician Girl. It was not named in the dub.. Promotional posters called it "Best Musical" and "The Black Magician Girl in the Moon Light". Such text was erased in the dub.[1]

In the Japanese version, this was a real musical. In the dub, it was just a part of one of Téa Gardner's dreams.[1]


DMx102 BMG show

A scene from the musical.

The show featured a scene with Dark Magician Girl flying through a village, with peasants singing below her. In the dub, Dark Magician Girl was given shorts to cover the tops of her legs as her skirt blew back.[1]

In Téa's dream, she imagined Dark Magican Girl using a jewel to change a member of the audience's clothing to that of Dark Magicial Girl and cause her to fly over the stage.[1]


Téa attended the musical at some point in her life. She thought to herself that she would like to star in a musical like this. In the Virtual World she remembered this in a dream. (In the dub, she didn't attend the musical before and saw it for the first time in the dream.) In the dream, she was selected by Dark Magician Girl to fly over stage, dressed like her. In the dream, Yugi told Téa that she would be needing the "Dark Magician Girl" card. This influenced her to pick "Dark Magician Girl" as her Deck Master in her Duel against Crump.[1]

When Téa was packing to go to America to meet Pegasus, she remembered wanting to go to America, but not this way, rather to study dance. There were posters of this musical on her wall as she thought that (in the dub, the poster is not shown).[2]


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