"Jar" (Japanese: ポッド Poddo "Pod" or ポット Potto "Pot") in Japanese, is a series of mostly low-Level Flip monsters that help the controller and/or the opponent gain field and hand advantage. Because of their disruptive effects, almost half of them have been Forbidden.


Most of the members of this series have a single eye and/or a large grin as a distinguishing feature.


 TCG Advanced Format StatusOCG Status
Absorbing JarUnlimitedUnlimited
Aroma JarUnlimitedUnlimited
Cobra JarUnlimitedUnlimited
Cyber JarForbiddenForbidden
Dice JarUnlimitedUnlimited
Dimension JarUnlimitedUnlimited
Fiber JarForbiddenForbidden
Morphing JarForbiddenLimited
Morphing Jar #2ForbiddenUnlimited
Pot of The ForbiddenUnlimitedUnlimited

Playing style

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