Jack and Hunter's first title Duel was a Turbo Duel between Jack Atlas and Hunter Pace in the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It was the 143rd Duel King title Duel.


Most of the Duel wasn't shown. One turn showed Hunter Summoning "Skull Flame". On the last turn, Jack Summoned "Red Dragon Archfiend" and attacked "Skull Flame" with it, defeating Hunter.

5Dx001 Mike swipe

Jack swipes the microphone from the MC.

While interviewing Jack afterwards, the MC said that Jack struggled with Hunter's traps at the start, but managed to stay a few moves ahead. Jack angrily snatched the microphone and said that if he had played the Duel at full power, it would have been over in a second, but the King must provide entertainment for all.

Cards used

The following cards were used in this Duel:

Jack Atlas
Hunter Pace


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