"Mekk-Knight", known as "Jack-Knights" (ジャックナイツ, Jakkunaitsu) in the OCG, is an archetype largely comprised of LIGHT Psychic monsters (with one Cyberse as an exception) debuting in Extreme Force. The archetype is both related to and supported by the "World Legacy" archetype. All of its Main Deck members are Level 6, 7 or 8 monsters, except for the Level 5 "Jack Knight of the Blue Sky".


This archetype is related to the "World Legacy" and "World Chalice" archetypes, as shown in the artwork of "Key to the World Legacy" and "World Legacy Scars".

Each Main Deck monster has a color of the rainbow that appears in the artworks of "Jack Knight of the World Scars" and "World Legacy Puppet".


Color Mekk-Knight
Red Crimson Lotus
Orange Flickering Flame
Yellow Yellow Bloom
Green Green Heights
Blue Blue Sky
Indigo Azure Blue
Violet Purple Dusk
Visible spectrum World Scars

Playing style

All "Mekk-Knight" Main Deck monsters share the following effect:

  • "If 2 or more cards are in the same column, you can Special Summon this card (from your hand) to that column."

Thus the archetype relies on Special Summoning high level monsters while there are two or more cards in the same column to swarm the field and generate hand advantage. "Mekk-Knights" has a Kozmo Town-like recovery method in the form of "Key to the World Legacy". The Field Spell is very powerful against Extra Deck reliant Decks; but otherwise fares poorly against Deck (or Deck variants) with no Extra Deck monsters such as Kozmo, Monarch, BLS, Nekroz, or True Draco and is resource-intensive.

Recommended Cards

Recommended cards

Official Decklist

Konami's "Mekk-Knight" Deck[1]


  • Cards that prevents the player from Special Summoning can hurt the Deck's capability to swarm. Examples include the "Vanity's" series, "Archlord Kristya", "Heat Wave", etc.
  • "Ally of Justice Catastor" can instantly destroy this archetype's monsters since they are all LIGHT monsters.
  • "Lose 1 Turn" make "Mekk-Knights" more vulnerable to destruction.



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