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Ishizu Ishtar
Ishizu - manga - full body
  • Ishizu Ishtar

Ishizu Ishutarl (bunkoban)



  • 1.67 m
    5.479 ft
    65.748 in
    167 cm[1]
  • 94.799 lb
    43 kg[1]
  • Female
Blood type
Favorite food

Om ali[1]

Least favorite food

Meat dish[1]

  • Career

Secretary General


Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities

Previous occupation

Tomb Keeper

  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Battle City Top 8
Manga Deck

Past Pains

Manga debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist Duel 87: "The Ancient Stone"

Appears in
Ishtar, Ishizu

Ishizu Ishtar (イシズ・イシュタール Ishizu Ishutāru), rendered Ishizu Ishutarl in the bunkoban, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga. This is the original depiction of Ishizu Ishtar.

Ishizu works for the Egyptian government agency, the Supreme Council of Antiquities.[2]



Ishizu's family guarded the tomb of the Pharaoh for generations and 2 of the Millennium Items: the Millennium Rod and the Millennium Necklace, which were were passed on to Ishizu and her brother Marik. Marik, who was forbidden to leave the Pharaoh's tomb because it might divert his attention away from his heritage, convinced Ishizu to let him take a trip outside.

Marik no longer wanted to become a Tomb Keeper and when he was forced to take the initiation ritual to become a full Tomb Keeper, he unwillingly unleashed Dark Marik, who took the Millennium Rod for himself.

Dark Marik specifically skinned his father with it and then threw the skin of his father's back (bearing the scars of his own initiation ritual) onto the back of the unconscious Rishid, their adoptive brother.

Ishizu attempts to stop Marik's quest of unlocking the power of the Pharaoh for himself by taking the Egyptian God Card, "The God of Obelisk" before Marik can.

Ishizu is the Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. She became a museum curator in order to lure Yugi Mutou and Seto Kaiba in order to save Marik from his darker alter ego, Dark Marik.

Battle City

D-088 One more thing

Ishizu gives Seto Kaiba "The God of the Obelisk".

Ishizu traveled to Japan to oversee the dynastic exhibit, The Art of Egypt. This took place in Domino City Museum and showcased stone slabs, depicting ka battles, from which Duel Monsters originated. She invited Seto Kaiba to the museum and showed him the slabs.[2] Kaiba was astonished to see that the depicted Nameless Pharaoh resembled his classmate, Yugi Mutou. Although Ishizu claimed not to know who Yugi was. She told Kaiba about the Egyptian God cards and tasked him with retrieving them from the Ghouls, through hosting a Duel Monsters tournament. To bait the Ghouls into coming, she gave him one of the God cards "The God of the Obelisk". Kaiba asked what if he acquired the three God cards, but refused to let them go, to which Ishizu replied that she trusted him.[3]

With the Millennium Tauk, Ishizu predicted Yugi would visit the museum. When Dark Yugi arrived, with Anzu Mazaki, and saw the slabs, she approached him. She told him that a great battle would soon be taking place and that he must gather the seven Millennium Items to regain his memories. Seeing Ishizu's own Millennium Item, Dark Yugi asked if she was an enemy. She denied being an enemy, but said that the enemy who was about to appear possessed the last Millennium Item, Dark Yugi was to encounter.[4]

Ishizu took part Kaiba's Battle City tournament and was the last to qualify as one of the eight finalists.[5] She abstained from attending lottery selections determining the pairings for the quarterfinals, as she had already predicted their results.[6][7][8]

She duels Kaiba. She predicts all of Kaiba's moves and foresees her victory, but a vision of Kisara compels Kaiba to summon "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" instead of The God of the Obelisk, hence avoiding his predicted defeat. Following her loss, Ishizu gives the Millennium Necklace to Yugi, claiming that it is no longer necessary as the future it predicts is not infallible and can be changed.

During the finals where Yugi faced Dark Marik, Rishid convinces the real Marik to accept responsibility, freeing him from Dark Marik. Ishizu and Marik are then able to fulfill their duties as Tomb Keepers, by revealing the Pharaoh's memory which had been carved onto Marik's back. Ishizu, Marik and Odion then return to Egypt to start a new life.

Ceremonial Battle

Ishizu, Marik and Rishid lead Yugi and his friends to the tomb of the Pharaoh in order for Pharaoh Atem and Yugi to have a final duel in order to determine if the spirit will move on to the afterlife or remain in the present for another 3,000 years.

When the duel is over and the tomb is destroyed, Ishizu states that her family's duties as the Pharaoh's Tomb Keepers are finally complete since his spirit has returned to the nether world and the Millennium Items have been sealed forever.


Image Information
Agido-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Agido (アギド Agido)
4 ★★★★
Keldo-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Keldo (ケルドウ Kerudō)
4 ★★★★
Kelbek-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Kelbek (ケルベク Kerubeku)
4 ★★★★
Mudora-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Mudora (ムドラ Mudora)
4 ★★★★
Zolga-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Zolga (ゾルガ Zoruga)
4 ★★★★
MichizureofDoom-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Michizure of Doom | Fellow Traveller to the Grave (はかあなみちHaka'ana no Michizure)
Card type
Spell Card
RevivalMagic-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Revival Magic (ほうさいせい Mahō Saisei)
Card type
Spell Card
SwordofDogra-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Sword of Dogra | Sword of Dagla (ダグラのつるぎ Dagura no Tsurugi)
Card type
Equip Card
BlastHeldbyaTribute-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Blast Held by a Tribute | Bomb Held by a Tribute (いけにえばくだん Ikenie no Dakubakudan)
Card type
Trap Card
ExchangeoftheSpirit-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Exchange of the Spirit | Reversal of the Present World and Underworld (げんめいかいぎゃくてん Gense to Meikai no Gyakuten)
Card type
Trap Card
Muko-JP-Manga-DM-CA.png Muko | Invalid (こう Mukō)
Card type
Trap Card


Event Outcome Chapters
VSMarik Ishtar Win
VSSeto Kaiba Battle City Lose


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