Normal Monsters are the very first variety of Monster Cards that you should be familiarizing yourself with. Following on from "Basics of Monster Cards", there are only a few key differences. Let's use another well-known card as an example; "Blue-Eyes White Dragon".


As we can see, this has a Yellow background, which indicates that this is a Normal Monster. Normal Monsters do not have effects, although other cards can require them to be activated or used.

Type & Category

Example2 Type

This is the first key difference; with the exception of Tuner monsters, Normal Monsters do not have an identifier after their type.


Example2 Lore

This is the second key difference; on Normal Monsters, their text is in italics. This is referred to as the Card Description, and serves only as a counterpart to the card artwork as an illustration. It has no effect on Gameplay whatsoever.

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Basics of Monster Cards
Introduction to Normal Monsters
Introduction to Effect Monsters

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