Infernal Flame Vixen
English Infernal Flame Vixen
Chinese 獄火幽靈
French Renarde de la Flamme Infernale
German Infernales Flammenweib
Italian Fiamma Infernale Vixen
Korean 헬프레임 고스트
Portuguese Megera da Chama Infernal
Spanish Diabólica de la Llama Infernal
Japanese ヘルフレイムゴースト
Japanese (rōmaji) Heru Fureimu Gōsuto
Japanese (translated) Hell Flame Ghost
Card type Monster
Attribute FIRE FIRE.svg
Types Pyro / Xyz / Effect
Rank 4 Rank StarRank StarRank StarRank Star
ATK / DEF 2200 / 2000
Passcode 58712976
Materials 2 Level 4 Pyro-Type monsters
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