Impenetrable Attack

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Impenetrable Attack
English Impenetrable Attack
Chinese 攻擊無敵化
French Attaque Impénétrable
German Undurchdringbarer Angriff
Italian Attacco Impenetrabile
Korean 공격 무적화
Portuguese Ataque Impenetrável
Spanish Ataque Impenetrable
Japanese (kana) こうげきのむてきか
Japanese (base) 攻撃の無敵化
Japanese (rōmaji) Kōgeki no Mutekika
Japanese (translated) Attack Invulnerability
Type Trap Card TRAP
Property Normal Normal
Card Number 86778566
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Card descriptions
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Monster/Spell/Trap categories
Cannot be destroyed by card effects
Attack categories
Cannot be destroyed by battle
Variable effects
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