Immortal is a monster Type that exists in the game Yu-Gi-Oh! The Duelists of the Roses. Immortal monsters, regardless of ATK, can move in and out of Crush Terrain freely, and when destroyed by battle, turn the surrounding spaces into Crush Terrain, often destroying the attacking monster. Many resemble machines of some sort or strange creatures related to liquids. There are only eleven in the game. They all have a counterpart in the OCG/TCG, except "Carat Idol". The Immortal-Type monsters are:

A common theme in the artwork of the Immortal-Type monsters is that they do not show the entire creature, only a part of it can be seen. However, it is possible to see their entire form in 3D models in some video games.

Name Card artwork 3D model
Electromagnetic Bagworm ElectromagneticBagworm-TF04-JP-VG ElectromagneticBagworm-WC10-EN-VG-NC
Jowls of Dark Demise JowlsofDarkDemise-TF04-JP-VG JowlsofDarkDemise-WC10-EN-VG-NC
Moisture Creature MoistureCreature-TF04-JP-VG MoistureCreature-WC10-EN-VG-NC
Mucus Yolk MucusYolk-TF04-JP-VG MucusYolk-DOR-EN-VG-NC
Rigras Leever RigorousReaver-TF04-JP-VG RigorousReaver-WC10-EN-VG-NC
Servant of Catabolism ServantofCatabolism-TF04-JP-VG ServantofCatabolism-WC10-EN-VG-NC
Shapesnatch Shapesnatch-TF04-JP-VG Shapesnatch-WC10-EN-VG-NC
Slate Warrior SlateWarrior-TF04-JP-VG SlateWarrior-WC10-EN-VG-NC
Souleater Souleater-TF04-JP-VG Souleater-WC10-EN-VG-NC
Timeater Timeater-TF04-JP-VG Timeater-WC10-EN-VG-NC

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