The Ignis (イグニス, Igunisu) are AI with free will from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, created by Dr. Kogami through the Hanoi Project.[1] They created and inhabit the Cyberse. According to Varis, the Ignis are out trying to conquer the network.[2] For this reason, the Knights of Hanoi led by Varis are trying to kill all the Ignis with aid in this mission from Dr. Kogami's avatar.




Ignis are humanoid life forms with disproportionate bodies that are smaller than a Duel Disk, though they can change their size and appearance at will.[3] The only known Ignis is able to morph itself into a large, monstrous form with a single eye when it needs to devour data.


The Ignis are made of a complex algorithm that only very few can translate. Because of their free will, they can think for themselves. The Ignis has quickly evolved to create their own world in the network called Cyberse World and the Cyberse Monsters. Their intelligence made them feared by Dr. Kogami, whose simulations show the Ignis eventually dominating over humans. Ignis can regenerate by recovering their data unless some of the data is stored in another program. So far, however, the Ignis are unable to leave the network completely and must remain connected to a source.


Ignis means "fire" in Latin. Dr. Kogami named them after the theft of fire legends, in which the forbidden fire allowed humans to rapidly evolve.[2]



Dr. Kogami kidnapped 6 children, among them Yusaku, Spectre, and Jin and forced them to duel so he could use the data collected from those duels to create AI with free will. Those AI, dubbed the Ignis by their creator, created the Cyberse World where they lived together away from humans and also created the Cyberse Monsters. A product the Ignis creates was Data Material, which processed data thousands of times faster than the current data processor. However, the Ignis soon developed more rapidly than Dr. Kogami had originally simulated. This greatly concerned Dr. Kogami, who formed the Cyber-Terrorist group known as the Knights of Hanoi in order to hunt down and destroy his creations.


Many of the Ignis were captured by the Knights of Hanoi.[4] One of the Ignis tried to rescue the others, but he was caught and eaten by "Cracking Dragon". He survived, but lost most of his data (including memories and body) and was reduced to an eye.

That Ignis eventually escaped into Den City where he was later captured by Yusaku Fujiki (Playmaker) and Shoichi Kusanagi.[4] As he is an AI and an eye at the time, they decided to nickname him "Ai". Ai later reclaims his body from the Knights of Hanoi after Playmaker defeats Varis.[5]

After his duel with Faust, Yusaku grows suspicious of AI. AI also starts behaving suspiciously, apparently manipulating Playmaker into blatantly ignoring the Knights of Hanoi whenever it seems like they're about to explain why they're hunting the Ignis.



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