Ignis (イグニス, Igunisu), also known as the Mysterious Lifeform (謎の生命体, Nazo no Seimeitai) or the Mysterious A.I. is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It is a mysterious AI program sought after by both SOL Technology and the Knights of Hanoi. He was captured into Yusaku Fujiki's Duel Disk and forced to be his Duel AI.



Ignis claims he is their savior

Ignis proclaiming himself as a savior.

Ignis is a self-centered, mischievous, arrogant, and snarky AI who gets carried away easily and likes to joke around. According to his own words, he is very disliked by his own people. Ignis struggles to understand humans' way of thinking that often seem completely illogical compared to his algorithm based way of thinking. However he can be more serious at times such as making observations both in and outside of duels. He also has a tendency to panic at times.

Ignis frequently tries to interact with other AIs, showing a more social side but is always left disappointed because they're not as capable of free thinking as himself.


Ignis Devours a Knight of Hanoi Member

Ignis about to devour a Knight of Hanoi member.

As an AI belonging to the Cyberse, Ignis has some degree of control over it. He is the only one who knows its location and can unlock data from it to start a Data Storm. Ignis is shown to be far more sophisticated than other AIs, being fully capable of thinking and acting on his own will and showing emotion. According to Shoichi Kusanagi, Ignis is built out of highly complicated algorithms that even Yusaku couldn't fully decode. Ignis' memories are stored in the form of video logs. However, Ignis' level of free will is limited by the fact that he is still an AI, as such he can't comprehend why humans do actions that would seem illogical and contradicting with each other.

After being trapped in Yusaku's Duel Disk, he can also act as a Duel AI. Inside Link VRAINS, Ignis is shown to be able to transform into a monster, which he did to devour a Knight of Hanoi member. Ignis can obtain data about Duelists while in Link VRAINS to quickly learn about them, and can send text messages on Yusaku's behalf.

Ignis has the ability to sense a Knight of Hanoi's presence through the cards in their deck, such as when he knew right away that Go Onizuka was pretending to be a Knight and when he discovered the Hanoi-affected card in Blue Angel's deck and could tell when it was drawn.



Ignis eaten by cracking dragon

Ignis devoured by "Cracking Dragon".

Five years prior to the start of the series,Knights of Hanoi launched an attack against the Cyberse and captured the AIs protecting it, except for Ignis who wasn't present. Ignis arrived, noting that it was a good time to be hated by his own kind. He stole vital information from the Cyberse and hid it within himself, disconnecting it from the rest of the network which forced Hanoi to stop the attack. Despite being crushed by a "Cracking Dragon", his eye survived. Ever since, he had been running from both the Knights and SOL Technology.[1] Being reduced to nothing but an eye also damaged most of his memories.


Ignis inside Yusaku's Duel Disk

Ignis trapped inside Yusaku's Duel Disk.

While being pursued by both factions, Ignis fell into a trap created by Playmaker, who saved him by absorbing him into his Duel Disk, turning him into a Dueling AI, thus necessitating the defeat of Playmaker in order to recover Ignis. Ignis doubted that Playmaker's Deck was strong enough to defeat the Knights' "Cracking Dragon" before stirring up a virtual wind called "Data Storm" that initiated a Speed Duel.[1]

Before the Duel began, Ignis explained Playmaker how Speed Duels worked but didn't mention Skills. Through out the Duel Ignis repeatedly tried to offer support for Playmaker, only for Playmaker to keep telling him to shut up and remind that he was holding Ignis hostage. When they sucked into a tornado within the Data Storm, Playmaker figured out that Ignis not mentioning skills and bringing him into the tornado were part of his calculations. Ignis confirmed this, and activated Playmaker's skill "Storm Access", which allowed them to obtain "Decode Talker" so that Playmaker could defeat the Knight.[2]

The Knight attempted to self destruct and kill Playmaker, but Ignis turned into a monster and devoured the knight to save Playmaker. He suggested Playmaker should log off soon. Yusaku and Shoichi Kusanagi spent the next few days trying to figure out Ignis' programming and nicknamed him "Ai", a pun on "A.I." and "eye". Eventually Yusaku found footage from some of Ignis' memories, which Ignis himself didn't understand except for Revolver being the leader of Hanoi. Scanning those recordings caused Revolver to sense Ignis and try to find him, but Shoichi shutting off Café Nagi's power prevented Revolver from finding them. The next day, Ignis was left at Yusaku's house in a store shelf, there he tried to convince Roboppy to set him free.[3]

Ignis panicked when Yusaku returned home and had roboppy put him back on the shelf. When Yusaku found them, Ignis told Yusaku that had arrived home early, to which Yusaku said a Knight of Hanoi appeared and revealed a secret room he uses to go to LINK VRAINS. As soon as they arrived, both Playmaker and Ignis quickly figured out the Knight was fake. The "Knight" revealed himself to be Go Onizuka, who wanted to challenge Playmaker. Ignis looked up information about Go, Playmaker was uninterested and attempted to log out but a program from SOL prevented him from doing so, so he was forced to Duel Go. During the Duel, Ignis continued researching Go and found out that Go donated most of his money to the orphanage where he grew up. When Go let himself take 2000 Damage when he had the chance to avoid it, Ignis was confused about why humans make illogical choices. Playmaker said it was because of their hearts, but didn't explain what that meant because Ignis' algorithm-based thinking wouldn't undertand it.[4]


Yusaku Fujiki (Playmaker)

Being trapped in Yusaku's Duel Disk, Ignis somewhat reluctantly acts as Playmaker's Duel AI for the sake of staying safe from Hanoi and SOL Technology. Ignis offers frequent support and pulls mischievous acts and jokes on Yusaku, but he originally treats Ignis as a hostage and is sometimes rude towards him. Yusaku gave Ignis the nickname "Ai" (a pun on "A.I." and "eye"), much to his annoyance.


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