Iggy Arlo, known as Isao Kachidoki (かちどき いさ Kachidoki Isao) in the Japanese version, is a participant in the "Junior Youth" class of the Arc League Championship and is the Ace of the Bandit Warrior Academy in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime.[1][2]




Full body view of Iggy.


In his Duels, he has been shown as a very violent person, repeatedly physically assaulting his opponent during Action Duels to prevent them from getting Cards in order to win at any cost. He used to be also stubborn, refusing help from Yuya at the end of their first Duel. However, after his second Duel against Yuya, Iggy didn't reject his help after losing and left, the two being on good terms.


Iggy is the diminutive form of Ignatius, which means "fire" in Latin.


In the Japanese version, his personal pronoun of choice is (ぶん - Jibun), which literally translates to "Oneself"



Young Iggy

Young Iggy

As a child, Iggy was walking with Ryozan Godagawa, until he stopped and noticed a young Yuya Sakaki with his father, Yusho Sakaki. Iggy's teacher told him not to think of Dueling as fun, as the path he was about to walk would be pitch black and full of darkness.[1]

Iggy came in second place in a previous Arc League Championship, losing in the finals to Kev Ravenwood.[2] According to Nico Smiley, Iggy further evolved from the previous tournament by learning Fusion Summon.[1]

Arc League Championship

During his Duel with Kit Blade, Iggy brutally beat up Kit in order to prevent him from getting any Action Cards, thus resulting in Kit's defeat in an OTK.[3]

During his Duel with Yuya, Iggy once again tried to prevent his opponent from getting Action Cards through brutal force. While it seemed like Iggy would win, Yuya entered Berserk Mode, which allowed him to Xyz Summon "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" and beat Iggy in an OTK. This Duel exposed Iggy's ignorance towards Xyz Monsters as he thought that since they have Ranks, it was implied that their Levels would be 0, and he could activate the effect of "Idaten the Conqueror Star" (In the dub, Iggy didn't mention anything about his opinion about Xyz Monsters probably having Level 0.) When Yuya offered to help Iggy up after the Duel, he disdainfully rejected it.[1]

Heartland City

As a result of his loss, Iggy was shunned at his Duel school. Dennis McField eventually approached him, informing him that if he wanted to defeat Yuya, he should come to Fusion Dimension, as Yuya would eventually show up there.[4]

When Yuya, Kite, Sylvio, and Gong arrived in the Fusion Dimension to save Zuzu from Duel Academy, Dennis told Iggy it was his turn now.[5] He attacked Yuya and pinned him to the ground, asking Yuya does he remember him. He told Yuya that he's been in darkness since his defeat and accepted Dennis' offer to come to the Fusion Dimension to defeat him. He challenged Yuya to a Duel and Fusion Summoned "Idaten the Conqueror Star" on the first turn. Iggy told Yuya to summon his "evil Xyz Dragon" and activated "Kaiki the Unity Star's" effect to Special Summon it from the graveyard. Iggy then gained markings on his face and used Kaiki's effect to Fusion Summon without "Polymerization" by paying 500 LP. He Fusion Summoned "Shura the Combat Star" and used its effect to make all other monsters ATK become 0. He revealed "Shura's" effect to increase the ATK of battling monsters by 200 times their Level and "Kaiki"'s effect to take 500 damage during each of his Standby Phases as long as he controls "Shura" to Yuya. He also revealed that he obtained this power from wandering in the darkness. Iggy was surprised when Yuya gave "Dark Rebellion" a level with "Xiangke Magician's" effect. He went for an action card after Yuya attacked "Shura", activating its second effect. He knocks Yuya out for "Choice Choice" to prevent "Shura's" destruction but still taking damage. Iggy gained more markings on his body from "Kaiki's" effect and equipped "Shooting Star Sword" to "Shura". He prevented Yuya from getting an action card again and activated "Charge Recklessly" while destroying "Performapal Drummerilla". He then attacked "Dark Rebellion" and tried to prevent Yuya from getting a action card but, Yuya dodged the attack and activated his Rollerboots. Iggy found and activated "Double Attack", doubling "Shura's" ATK but Yuya "evaded" it. When Yuya used the effects of "Dark Rebellion" and "Performapal Pyrobster" to lower "Shura's", Iggy tried to find a action card but couldn't. Instead, he activated "Radiance of the Forbidden Spell" to increase "Shura's" ATK by sealing away his monster zones destroying "Dark Rebellion". Iggy then used the rest of its effect to destroy "Shura" and force Yuya's monsters into defense mode. He told Yuya that he swore to defeat him since passing each other eight years ago and intend to force the Duel into a DRAW. While falling into the pit, Yuya used "Acrobat Tower", saving them both and bringing their monsters back from the graveyard. Iggy wondered what's happening as their monsters turn into balls and had draw two cards for the tower of balls to fall on one of them to win. He drew "Hayate the Earth Star" and "Tenma the Sky Star" and lost due to the tower falling on him. He accepted Yuya's help to stand this time as everyone clapped for their Duel. Iggy told Yuya Dueltaining was not bad and walked away.[4]

Duel Academy

After Zarc's defeat and the Standard Dimension being reborn into the "Pendulum Dimension", Iggy is seen watching Yuya's Duel against Jack Atlas.[6] He applauded when Yuya won and watched Yuya and Declan's Action Duel.[7] He was happy when Yuya won the Duel and witnessed Zuzu's revival.[8]


Iggy uses a Star Deck focused on Fusion Summoning his ace monster, "Idaten the Conqueror Star". During his Duels he shows a very violent style, physically assaulting his opponents with martial arts to prevent them from getting Action Cards. His core strategy is Fusion Summoning "Idaten", using its effect to reduce the ATK of his opponent's monsters with lower Levels to 0, and equipping it with "Magic Star Sword", which can increase the ATK of the equipped monster by sending Spell Cards from the hand to the Graveyard. He then proceeds to gather Action Cards and use this effect to power up "Idaten" to the point where he can perform a One Turn Kill.

He later gains "Kaiki the Unity Star" and shifts his strategy to incorporate the effects of Action Cards instead of sending them to the Graveyard, with his ultimate monster being "Shura the Combat Star", which counters Xyz Monsters, the monster type that Iggy was initially clueless about.



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Kit Blade 38 Win
Yuya Sakaki 39 Lose
Yuya Sakaki 113 Lose


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