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Heart of the Underdog[[English name (linked)::Heart of the Underdog| ]]
(ぼん)(こつ)()()[[Ruby Japanese name::(ぼん)(こつ)()()| ]]
English Heart of the Underdog
French (Français) Cœur de l'opprimé
German (Deutsch) Herz des Unterlegenen
Italian (Italiano) Cuore del Perdente
Korean (한국어) 범골의 의지
Portuguese (Português) Coração do Coitado
Spanish (Español) Corazón del Oprimido
Japanese (kana) (日本語) (ぼん)(こつ)()()[[Japanese kana name::(ぼん)(こつ)()()| ]]
Japanese (base) (日本語) (ぼん)(こつ)()()[[Japanese name::(ぼん)(こつ)()()| ]][[Ruby text::(ぼん)(こつ)()()| ]]
Japanese (rōmaji) (日本語) Bonkotsu no Iji
Japanese (translated) (日本語) Willpower of the Ordinary
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Continuous Continuous
Card Number 35762283
Card effect types Trigger-like
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