Hushed Psychic Cleric

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Hushed Psychic Cleric
English Hushed Psychic Cleric
Chinese (中文) 寡默的念力祭司
French (Français) Clerc Psychique du Calme
German (Deutsch) Schweigender Psi-Kleriker
Italian (Italiano) Chierico Psichico Silenzioso
Korean (한국어) 과묵한 사이코 프리스트
Spanish (Español) Clérigo Psíquico Callado
Japanese (kana) (日本語) かもくなるサイコプリースト
Japanese (base) (日本語) 寡黙なるサイコプリースト
Japanese (rōmaji) (日本語) Kamokunaru Saiko Purīsuto
Japanese (translated) (日本語) Silence Psycho Priest
Other names Taciturn Psycho Priest
Types Psychic/Effect
Level 3 CG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK/DEF 0/2100
Card Number 25343017
Card effect types Trigger, Ignition, Trigger
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TCG/OCG statuses
OCGUnlimitedTCG AdvancedUnlimitedTCG TraditionalUnlimited
Facts about Hushed Psychic ClericRDF feed
ATK0 +
ATK string0
ActionsChanges battle positions +, Sends from your hand to your Graveyard +, Sends from hand to Graveyard for cost + and Activates from your Graveyard +
Anti-supportNo Entry +
Archetype supportNo Entry +
ArchseriesNo Entry +
Archseries relatedNo Entry +
AttackNo Entry +
AttributeEARTH +
Attribute TextEarth +
Card ImageHushedPsychicCleric-EXVC-EN-R-1E +
Card Image TextHushedPsychicCleric-EXVC-EN-R-1E.jpg +
Card Number25343017 +
Card categoryMonster Card +
Card category TextMonster Card +
Card typeEffect Monster +
Card type TextEffect Monster +
Chinese name寡默的念力祭司 +
Class 1Official +
CountersNo Entry +
Croatian nameBezvučni Psihički Svečenik +
DEF2,100 +
DEF string2100
Effect typeTrigger Effect + and Ignition Effect +
Effect typesTrigger, Ignition, Trigger
English alternate namesTaciturn Psycho Priest +
English database ID9,498 +
English nameHushed Psychic Cleric +
English name (linked)Hushed Psychic Cleric +
French database ID9,498 +
French nameClerc Psychique du Calme +
Fusion Material forNo Entry +
German database ID9,498 +
German nameSchweigender Psi-Kleriker +
Italian database ID9,498 +
Italian loreQuando questa carta viene Evocata NormalmeQuando questa carta viene Evocata Normalmente o per Scoperta, essa viene messa in Posizione di Difesa. Una volta per turno, puoi mandare 1 carta dalla tua mano al Cimitero per scegliere 1 mostro di Tipo Psichico nel tuo Cimitero, e rimuoverlo dal gioco. Quando questa carta viene mandata dal Terreno al Cimitero, scegli 1 mostro rimosso dal gioco da questo effetto ed Evocalo Specialmente.d Evocalo Specialmente.
Italian nameChierico Psichico Silenzioso +
Japanese database ID9,498 +
Japanese kana nameかもくなるサイコプリースト +
Japanese loreこのカードは召喚・反転召喚に成功した時、守備表示になる。1ターンに1度、手札を1枚墓地へ送る事で、自分の墓地に存在するサイキック族モンスター1体を選択してゲームから除外する。このカードがフィールド上から墓地へ送られた時、このカードの効果で除外したモンスター1体を選択して特殊召喚する。
Japanese name寡黙なるサイコプリースト +
Korean name과묵한 사이코 프리스트 +
Level3 +
Life PointsNo Entry +
LoreWhen this card is NormalWhen this card is Normal or Flip Summoned, it is changed to Defense Position. Once per turn, you can send 1 card from your hand to the Graveyard to select 1 Psychic-Type monster in your Graveyard, and remove it from play. When this card is sent from the field to the Graveyard, select 1 monster removed from play by this effect, and Special Summon it.his effect, and Special Summon it.
MediumTCG + and OCG +
MiscLimited activations +
MonsterSpellTrapNo Entry +
Monster typeNo Entry +
OCG StatusUnlimited +
Page nameHushed Psychic Cleric +
Page typeCard page +
Phonetic nameKamokunaru Saiko Purīsuto +
RFPBanishes from your Graveyard +
Romaji nameKamokunaru Saiko Purīsuto +
Ruby Japanese name()(もく)なるサイコプリースト
Ruby text()(もく)なるサイコプリースト
Set information--- EXVC-EN027 --- Extreme Victory --- Rare --- English (EN) --- +, --- EXVC-FR027 --- Extreme Victory --- Rare --- French --- +, --- EXVC-DE027 --- Extreme Victory --- Rare --- German --- +, --- EXVC-IT027 --- Extreme Victory --- Rare --- Italian --- +, --- EXVC-SP027 --- Extreme Victory --- Rare --- Spanish --- +, --- EXVC-JP027 --- Extreme Victory --- Rare --- Japanese --- + and --- EXVC-KR027 --- Extreme Victory --- Rare --- Korean --- +
Spanish database ID9,498 +
Spanish nameClérigo Psíquico Callado +
StatsNo Entry +
SummoningSpecial Summons from your Banished Zone +, Can be Special Summoned + and Can always be Special Summoned +
SupportPsychic +
Synchro Material forNo Entry +
TCG Advanced Format StatusUnlimited +
TCG Traditional Format StatusUnlimited +
Translated nameSilence Psycho Priest +
TypePsychic +
Type TextPsychic +
TypesPsychic + and Effect +

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