Hook the Hidden Knight

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Hook the Hidden Knight
ヒドゥン・ナイト -フック-
English Hook the Hidden Knight
German Hook, versteckter Ritter
Italian Gancio,il Cavaliere Nascosto
Japanese ヒドゥン・ナイト -フック-
Japanese (rōmaji) Hidun Naito -Hukku-
Japanese (translated) Hidden Knight -Hook-
Attribute DARK DARK
Types Fiend / Effect
Level 4 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 1600 / 0
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Video gameDate#NameCostAlignmentATKDEFStatus
5D's Tag Force 52010-09-16Present
Facts about "Hook the Hidden Knight"RDF feed
ATK1,600 +
ATK string1600
ActionsChanges Battle Positions
AttributeDARK +
Attribute TextDark +
Card ImageHooktheHiddenKnight-TF05-JP-VG +
Card Image TextHooktheHiddenKnight-TF05-JP-VG.png +
Card categoryMonster Card +
Card category TextMonster Card +
Card typeMonster Card + and Effect Monster +
Card type TextMonster Card + and Effect Monster +
Class 1VGEx +
Class 4VG +
Croatian nameSkriveni Vitez - Kuka +
DEF0 +
DEF string0
Effect typeTrigger Effect +
Effect type TextTrigger Effect +
English nameHook the Hidden Knight +
English name (linked)Hook the Hidden Knight +
German nameHook, versteckter Ritter +
Greek nameΚρυμμένος Ιππότης -Γάντζος- +
Italian nameGancio,il Cavaliere Nascosto +
Japanese kana nameヒドゥン・ナイト -フック- +
Japanese nameヒドゥン・ナイト -フック- +
LPDamages your opponent
Level4 +
Level string4 +
LoreWhen this Attack Position card is [[seWhen this Attack Position card is selected as an attack target, change this card and the attacking monster to Defense Position. When this card is changed from Attack Position to Defense Position, inflict 800 damage to your opponent.damage to your opponent.
MediumTF05 +
Page nameHook the Hidden Knight +
Page typeCard page +
Phonetic nameHidun Naito -Hukku- +
Romaji nameHidun Naito -Hukku- +
Ruby Japanese nameヒドゥン・ナイト -フック-
Stars4 +
Stars string4 +
SummoningCan be Special Summoned and Can always be Special Summoned
Translated nameHidden Knight -Hook- +
TypeFiend +
Type TextFiend +
TypesFiend + and Effect +

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