Hiroto Honda and Katsuya Jonouchi's Duel was a game of Magic & Wizards, which took place in the Toei Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, between Hiroto Honda and Katsuya Jonouchi.

Unlike the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official and Trading Card Game this game uses terrains. This Duel is based on Yugi and Jonouchi's school Duel from the manga.


Honda and Jonouchi both became jealous of Seto Kaiba after visiting his mansion. They both took up Magic & Wizards hoping to challenge and defeat him. At school, they began playing while Yugi Mutou explained the rules to them.

Honda's turn

Honda Summoned "Zombie" (800 ATK) in the Graveyard terrain.

Jonouchi's turn

Jonouchi Summoned "Dark Dragon" (1500 ATK) and battles "Zombie".

Honda and Jonouchi initially believe that Jonouchi won, since "Dark Dragon" had more ATK. However Yugi explained that the power of "Zombie" was doubled while it was in the Graveyard terrain, so Honda won.

Cards used

Only two cards are seen in the portion of the Duel shown. Honda used "Zombie" and Jonouchi used "Dark Dragon" (Blackland Fire Dragon).


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