Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion

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Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion

French name::Arsenal Mystérieux 5 : Invasion Colonie de Chrome


German name::Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion


Italian name::Arsenale Nascosto 5: Invasione Brancoacciaio


Spanish name::Arsenal Secreto 5: Invasión de la Horda de Acero


Korean name::숨겨진 세력 5

Set information



Booster Pack

Part of series

Hidden Arsenal

Number of cards


Cover card

Steelswarm Caucastag

Yugioh-Card database ID
Related sets
Special Edition

Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion: Special Edition

Release dates
English (na)
  • December 6, 2011
English (eu)
  • December 1, 2011
French, German, Italian, Spanish
Spanish (lat-am)
  • December 6, 2011

Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion

Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion features 60 cards from the OCG Duel Terminal - Vylon Descends!! and the OCG Duel Terminal - Raid of the Inverz!!.


Each pack contains 5 foil cards: 1 Secret Rare and 4 Super Rares and each box contained 24 packs in the TCG and 30 packs in the OCG.

This set contains 60 cards, including:



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Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Set number Name Rarity Category
HA05-EN001 Gem-Knight Garnet Super Rare Normal Monster
HA05-EN002 Gem-Knight Sapphire Super Rare Normal Monster
HA05-EN003 Gem-Knight Tourmaline Super Rare Normal Monster
HA05-EN004 Gem-Knight Alexandrite Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN005 Gem-Armadillo Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN006 Gem-Merchant Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN007 Laval Miller Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN008 Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land Super Rare Tuner Monster
HA05-EN009 Laval Warrior Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN010 Prominence, Molten Swordsman Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN011 Laval Forest Sprite Super Rare Tuner Monster
HA05-EN012 Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN013 Laval Burner Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN014 Laval Judgment Lord Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN015 Vylon Cube Super Rare Tuner Monster
HA05-EN016 Vylon Vanguard Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN017 Vylon Charger Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN018 Vylon Soldier Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN019 Gem-Knight Ruby Secret Rare Fusion Monster
HA05-EN020 Gem-Knight Aquamarine Secret Rare Fusion Monster
HA05-EN021 Gem-Knight Topaz Secret Rare Fusion Monster
HA05-EN022 Lavalval Dragon Secret Rare Synchro Monster
HA05-EN023 Laval the Greater Secret Rare Synchro Monster
HA05-EN024 Vylon Sigma Secret Rare Synchro Monster
HA05-EN025 Vylon Epsilon Secret Rare Synchro Monster
HA05-EN026 Gem-Knight Fusion Super Rare Normal Spell Card
HA05-EN027 Searing Fire Wall Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
HA05-EN028 Vylon Material Super Rare Equip Spell Card
HA05-EN029 Gem-Enhancement Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HA05-EN030 Molten Whirlwind Wall Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
HA05-EN031 Gishki Abyss Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN032 Gishki Vanity Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN033 Gishki Marker Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN034 Gishki Chain Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN035 Gishki Ariel Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN036 Gishki Shadow Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN037 Gusto Gulldo Super Rare Tuner Monster
HA05-EN038 Gusto Egul Super Rare Tuner Monster
HA05-EN039 Gusto Thunbolt Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN040 Winda, Priestess of Gusto Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN041 Caam, Serenity of Gusto Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN042 Windaar, Sage of Gusto Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN043 Steelswarm Cell Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN044 Steelswarm Scout Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN045 Steelswarm Gatekeeper Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN046 Steelswarm Caller Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN047 Steelswarm Mantis Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN048 Steelswarm Moth Super Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN049 Steelswarm Girastag Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN050 Steelswarm Caucastag Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA05-EN051 Evigishki Mind Augus Secret Rare Ritual Monster
HA05-EN052 Evigishki Soul Ogre Secret Rare Ritual Monster
HA05-EN053 Daigusto Gulldos Secret Rare Synchro Monster
HA05-EN054 Daigusto Eguls Secret Rare Synchro Monster
HA05-EN055 Gishki Aquamirror Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
HA05-EN056 Contact with Gusto Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
HA05-EN057 First Step Towards Infestation Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
HA05-EN058 Aquamirror Meditation Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HA05-EN059 Blessings for Gusto Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HA05-EN060 Infestation Wave Super Rare Normal Trap Card

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Arsenal Mystérieux 5: Invasion Colonie de Chrome
(TCG - French)
Set number Name French Name Rarity
HA05-FR001 Gem-Knight Garnet Grenat, Chevalier-Gemmes Super Rare
HA05-FR002 Gem-Knight Sapphire Saphir, Chevalier-Gemmes Super Rare
HA05-FR003 Gem-Knight Tourmaline Tourmaline, Chevalier-Gemmes Super Rare
HA05-FR004 Gem-Knight Alexandrite Alexandrite, Chevalier-Gemmes Secret Rare
HA05-FR005 Gem-Armadillo Tatou-Gemmes Secret Rare
HA05-FR006 Gem-Merchant Marchand-Gemmes Super Rare
HA05-FR007 Laval Miller Meunier Laval Super Rare
HA05-FR008 Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land Aigle des Terres Brûlantes Super Rare
HA05-FR009 Laval Warrior Guerrier Laval Super Rare
HA05-FR010 Prominence, Molten Swordsman Prominence le Combattant en Fusion Super Rare
HA05-FR011 Laval Forest Sprite Esprit de la Forêt Laval Super Rare
HA05-FR012 Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith Kayenn le Maître Forgeron du Magma Super Rare
HA05-FR013 Laval Burner Brûleur Laval Super Rare
HA05-FR014 Laval Judgment Lord Seigneur du Jugement Laval Secret Rare
HA05-FR015 Vylon Cube Cube Vylon Super Rare
HA05-FR016 Vylon Vanguard Avant-Garde Vylon Super Rare
HA05-FR017 Vylon Charger Chargeur Vylon Super Rare
HA05-FR018 Vylon Soldier Soldat Vylon Super Rare
HA05-FR019 Gem-Knight Ruby Rubis, Chevalier-Gemmes Secret Rare
HA05-FR020 Gem-Knight Aquamarine Aigue-Marine, Chevalier-Gemmes Secret Rare
HA05-FR021 Gem-Knight Topaz Topaze, Chevalier-Gemmes Secret Rare
HA05-FR022 Lavalval Dragon Dragon Lavalval Secret Rare
HA05-FR023 Laval the Greater Laval le Puissant Secret Rare
HA05-FR024 Vylon Sigma Sigma Vylon Secret Rare
HA05-FR025 Vylon Epsilon Epsilon Vylon Secret Rare
HA05-FR026 Gem-Knight Fusion Fusion Chevalier-Gemmes Super Rare
HA05-FR027 Searing Fire Wall Mur de Feu Dévorant Super Rare
HA05-FR028 Vylon Material Matériel Vylon Super Rare
HA05-FR029 Gem-Enhancement Amélioration-Gemmes Super Rare
HA05-FR030 Molten Whirlwind Wall Mur Tourbillon de Lave Super Rare
HA05-FR031 Gishki Abyss Abysses Gishki Super Rare
HA05-FR032 Gishki Vanity Vanité Gishki Super Rare
HA05-FR033 Gishki Marker Marqueur Gishki Super Rare
HA05-FR034 Gishki Chain Chaîne Gishki Secret Rare
HA05-FR035 Gishki Ariel Ariel Gishki Super Rare
HA05-FR036 Gishki Shadow Ombre Gishki Super Rare
HA05-FR037 Gusto Gulldo Gusto Gulldo Super Rare
HA05-FR038 Gusto Egul Gusto Egul Super Rare
HA05-FR039 Gusto Thunbolt Gusto Thunbolt Super Rare
HA05-FR040 Winda, Priestess of Gusto Winda, Prêtresse Gusto Super Rare
HA05-FR041 Caam, Serenity of Gusto Caam, Sérénité Gusto Secret Rare
HA05-FR042 Windaar, Sage of Gusto Windaar, Sage Gusto Super Rare
HA05-FR043 Steelswarm Cell Cellule Colonie de Chrome Super Rare
HA05-FR044 Steelswarm Scout Scout Colonie de Chrome Super Rare
HA05-FR045 Steelswarm Gatekeeper Sentinelle Colonie de Chrome Super Rare
HA05-FR046 Steelswarm Caller Hurleur Colonie de Chrome Super Rare
HA05-FR047 Steelswarm Mantis Mante Colonie de Chrome Secret Rare
HA05-FR048 Steelswarm Moth Papillon De Nuit Colonie de Chrome Super Rare
HA05-FR049 Steelswarm Girastag Girastag Colonie de Chrome Secret Rare
HA05-FR050 Steelswarm Caucastag Caucastag Colonie de Chrome Secret Rare
HA05-FR051 Evigishki Mind Augus Mind Augus Evigishki Secret Rare
HA05-FR052 Evigishki Soul Ogre Ogre Âme Evigishki Secret Rare
HA05-FR053 Daigusto Gulldos Daigusto Gulldos Secret Rare
HA05-FR054 Daigusto Eguls Daigusto Eguls Secret Rare
HA05-FR055 Gishki Aquamirror Aquamiroir Gishki Super Rare
HA05-FR056 Contact with Gusto Contact Gusto Secret Rare
HA05-FR057 First Step Towards Infestation Début de l'Infestation Super Rare
HA05-FR058 Aquamirror Meditation Méditation Aquamiroir Super Rare
HA05-FR059 Blessings for Gusto Prière Gusto Super Rare
HA05-FR060 Infestation Wave Vague d'Infestation Super Rare

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Hidden Arsenal 5: Steelswarm Invasion
(TCG - German)
Set number Name German Name Rarity
HA05-DE001 Gem-Knight Garnet Edelstein-Ritte​r Granat Super Rare
HA05-DE002 Gem-Knight Sapphire Edelstein-Ritte​r Saphir Super Rare
HA05-DE003 Gem-Knight Tourmaline Edelstein-Ritte​r Turmalin Super Rare
HA05-DE004 Gem-Knight Alexandrite Edelstein-Ritte​r Alexandrit Secret Rare
HA05-DE005 Gem-Armadillo Edelstein-Gürte​ltier Secret Rare
HA05-DE006 Gem-Merchant Edelstein-Händl​er Super Rare
HA05-DE007 Laval Miller Laval-Müller Super Rare
HA05-DE008 Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land Adler über dem brennenden Land Super Rare
HA05-DE009 Laval Warrior Laval-Krieger Super Rare
HA05-DE010 Prominence, Molten Swordsman Prominence, Geschmolzener Super Rare
HA05-DE011 Laval Forest Sprite Laval-Waldfee Super Rare
HA05-DE012 Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith Kayenn, der Magma-Meistersc​hmied Super Rare
HA05-DE013 Laval Burner Laval-Brenner Super Rare
HA05-DE014 Laval Judgment Lord Laval-Urteilsh​errscher Secret Rare
HA05-DE015 Vylon Cube Vylon-Würfel Super Rare
HA05-DE016 Vylon Vanguard Vylon-Vorhut Super Rare
HA05-DE017 Vylon Charger Vylon-Lader Super Rare
HA05-DE018 Vylon Soldier Vylon-Soldat Super Rare
HA05-DE019 Gem-Knight Ruby Edelstein-Ritte​r Rubin Secret Rare
HA05-DE020 Gem-Knight Aquamarine Edelstein-Ritte​r Aquamarin Secret Rare
HA05-DE021 Gem-Knight Topaz Edelstein-Ritt​er Topas Secret Rare
HA05-DE022 Lavalval Dragon Lavalval-Drache Secret Rare
HA05-DE023 Laval the Greater Laval der Größere Secret Rare
HA05-DE024 Vylon Sigma Vylon Sigma Secret Rare
HA05-DE025 Vylon Epsilon Vylon Epsilon Secret Rare
HA05-DE026 Gem-Knight Fusion Fusion des Edelstein-Ritte​rs Super Rare
HA05-DE027 Searing Fire Wall Lodernde Feuerwand Super Rare
HA05-DE028 Vylon Material Vylon-Material Super Rare
HA05-DE029 Gem-Enhancement Edelstein-Aufwertung Super Rare
HA05-DE030 Molten Whirlwind Wall Geschmolzene Wirbelwind-Wand Super Rare
HA05-DE031 Gishki Abyss Gishki-Schlund Super Rare
HA05-DE032 Gishki Vanity Gishki-Eitelkei​t Super Rare
HA05-DE033 Gishki Marker Gishki-Markiere​r Super Rare
HA05-DE034 Gishki Chain Gishki-Kette Secret Rare
HA05-DE035 Gishki Ariel Gishki-Ariel Super Rare
HA05-DE036 Gishki Shadow Gishki-Schatten Super Rare
HA05-DE037 Gusto Gulldo Gusto Gulldo Super Rare
HA05-DE038 Gusto Egul Gusto-Egul Super Rare
HA05-DE039 Gusto Thunbolt Gusto-Donnersch​lag Super Rare
HA05-DE040 Winda, Priestess of Gusto Winda, Priesterin von Gusto Super Rare
HA05-DE041 Caam, Serenity of Gusto Caam, Durchlaucht von Gusto Secret Rare
HA05-DE042 Windaar, Sage of Gusto Windaar, Weiser von Gusto Super Rare
HA05-DE043 Steelswarm Cell Stahlschar-Zell​e Super Rare
HA05-DE044 Steelswarm Scout Stahlschar-Kundschafter Super Rare
HA05-DE045 Steelswarm Gatekeeper Stahlschar-Torw​ärter Super Rare
HA05-DE046 Steelswarm Caller Stahlschar-Rufe​r Super Rare
HA05-DE047 Steelswarm Mantis Stahlschar-Got​tesanbeterin Secret Rare
HA05-DE048 Steelswarm Moth Stahlschar-Mott​e Super Rare
HA05-DE049 Steelswarm Girastag Stahlschar-Gira​stag Secret Rare
HA05-DE050 Steelswarm Caucastag Stahlschar-Cauc​astag Secret Rare
HA05-DE051 Evigishki Mind Augus Evigishki-Geist​-Augus Secret Rare
HA05-DE052 Evigishki Soul Ogre Evigishki-Seele​n-Oger Secret Rare
HA05-DE053 Daigusto Gulldos Daigusto Gulldos Secret Rare
HA05-DE054 Daigusto Eguls Daigusto Eguls Secret Rare
HA05-DE055 Gishki Aquamirror Gishki-Wassersp​iegel Super Rare
HA05-DE056 Contact with Gusto Kontakt mit Gusto Secret Rare
HA05-DE057 First Step Towards Infestation Erste Schritte zum Befall Super Rare
HA05-DE058 Aquamirror Meditation Wasserspiegel-M​editation Super Rare
HA05-DE059 Blessings for Gusto Segen für Gusto Super Rare
HA05-DE060 Infestation Wave Befallwelle Super Rare

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Arsenale Nascosto 5: Invasione Brancoacciaio
(TCG - Italian)
Set number Name Italian Name Rarity
HA05-IT001 Gem-Knight Garnet Cavaliere Gemma Granato Super Rare
HA05-IT002 Gem-Knight Sapphire Cavaliere-Gemma Zaffiro Super Rare
HA05-IT003 Gem-Knight Tourmaline Cavaliere-Gemma Tormalina Super Rare
HA05-IT004 Gem-Knight Alexandrite Cavaliere-Gemma Alexandrite Secret Rare
HA05-IT005 Gem-Armadillo Armadillo-Gemma Secret Rare
HA05-IT006 Gem-Merchant Mercante-Gemma Super Rare
HA05-IT007 Laval Miller Trivellatore Laval Super Rare
HA05-IT008 Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land Aquila Volante Sopra la Terra Che Brucia Super Rare
HA05-IT009 Laval Warrior Guerriero Laval Super Rare
HA05-IT010 Prominence, Molten Swordsman Prominence, Spadaccino Infuocato Super Rare
HA05-IT011 Laval Forest Sprite Folletto della Foresta Laval Super Rare
HA05-IT012 Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith Kayenn, Fabbro Maestro del Magma Super Rare
HA05-IT013 Laval Burner Bruciatore Laval Super Rare
HA05-IT014 Laval Judgment Lord Signore del Giudizio Laval Secret Rare
HA05-IT015 Vylon Cube Vylon Cubo Super Rare
HA05-IT016 Vylon Vanguard Vylon Avanguardia Super Rare
HA05-IT017 Vylon Charger Vylon Caricatore Super Rare
HA05-IT018 Vylon Soldier Vylon Soldato Super Rare
HA05-IT019 Gem-Knight Ruby Cavaliere-Gemma Rubino Secret Rare
HA05-IT020 Gem-Knight Aquamarine Cavaliere-Gemma Acquamarina Secret Rare
HA05-IT021 Gem-Knight Topaz Cavaliere-Gemma Topazio Secret Rare
HA05-IT022 Lavalval Dragon Drago Lavalval Secret Rare
HA05-IT023 Laval the Greater Lava il Grande Secret Rare
HA05-IT024 Vylon Sigma Sigma Vylon Secret Rare
HA05-IT025 Vylon Epsilon Epsilon Vylon Secret Rare
HA05-IT026 Gem-Knight Fusion Fusione Cavaliere-Gemma Super Rare
HA05-IT027 Searing Fire Wall Muro di Fuoco Ardente Super Rare
HA05-IT028 Vylon Material Materiale Vylon Super Rare
HA05-IT029 Gem-Enhancement Potenziamento-Gemma Super Rare
HA05-IT030 Molten Whirlwind Wall Muro Turbine Infuocato Super Rare
HA05-IT031 Gishki Abyss Abisso Gishki Super Rare
HA05-IT032 Gishki Vanity Vanità Gishki Super Rare
HA05-IT033 Gishki Marker Piovra Gishki Super Rare
HA05-IT034 Gishki Chain Catena Gishki Secret Rare
HA05-IT035 Gishki Ariel Ariel Gishki Super Rare
HA05-IT036 Gishki Shadow Ombra Gishki Super Rare
HA05-IT037 Gusto Gulldo Gusto Gulldo Super Rare
HA05-IT038 Gusto Egul Gusto Egul Super Rare
HA05-IT039 Gusto Thunbolt Gusto Thunbolt Super Rare
HA05-IT040 Winda, Priestess of Gusto Winda, Pretessa di Gusto Super Rare
HA05-IT041 Caam, Serenity of Gusto Caam, Serenità di Gusto Secret Rare
HA05-IT042 Windaar, Sage of Gusto Windaar, Saggio di Gusto Super Rare
HA05-IT043 Steelswarm Cell Cella Brancoacciaio Super Rare
HA05-IT044 Steelswarm Scout Scout Brancoacciaio Super Rare
HA05-IT045 Steelswarm Gatekeeper Custode Brancoacciaio Super Rare
HA05-IT046 Steelswarm Caller Urlatore Brancoacciao Super Rare
HA05-IT047 Steelswarm Mantis Mantide Brancoacciaio Secret Rare
HA05-IT048 Steelswarm Moth Falena Brancoacciaio Super Rare
HA05-IT049 Steelswarm Girastag Girastag Brancoacciaio Secret Rare
HA05-IT050 Steelswarm Caucastag Caustag Brancoacciaio Secret Rare
HA05-IT051 Evigishki Mind Augus Evigishki Mente Augusta Secret Rare
HA05-IT052 Evigishki Soul Ogre Evigishki Orco dell'Anima Secret Rare
HA05-IT053 Daigusto Gulldos Daigusto Gulldos Secret Rare
HA05-IT054 Daigusto Eguls Daigusto Eguls Secret Rare
HA05-IT055 Gishki Aquamirror Acquaspecchio Gishki Super Rare
HA05-IT056 Contact with Gusto Contatto con Gusto Secret Rare
HA05-IT057 First Step Towards Infestation Primo Passo Verso l'Infestazione Super Rare
HA05-IT058 Aquamirror Meditation Meditazione Acquaspecchio Super Rare
HA05-IT059 Blessings for Gusto Benedizioni per Gusto Super Rare
HA05-IT060 Infestation Wave Onda d'Infestazione Super Rare

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Arsenal Secreto 5: Invasión de la Horda de Acero
(TCG - Spanish)
Set number Name Spanish Name Rarity
HA05-SP001 Gem-Knight Garnet Caballero-Gema Granate Super Rare
HA05-SP002 Gem-Knight Sapphire Caballero-Gema Zafiro Super Rare
HA05-SP003 Gem-Knight Tourmaline Caballero-Gema Turmalina Super Rare
HA05-SP004 Gem-Knight Alexandrite Caballero Gema Alejandrita Secret Rare
HA05-SP005 Gem-Armadillo Gema-Armadillo Secret Rare
HA05-SP006 Gem-Merchant Gema-Mercader Super Rare
HA05-SP007 Laval Miller Molinero Laval Super Rare
HA05-SP008 Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land Águila Sobrevolando la Tierra Abrasadora Super Rare
HA05-SP009 Laval Warrior Guerrero Laval Super Rare
HA05-SP010 Prominence, Molten Swordsman Prominencia, Espadachin Fundido Super Rare
HA05-SP011 Laval Forest Sprite Duendecilla del Bosque Laval Super Rare
HA05-SP012 Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith Kayenn, el Maestro Herrero del Magma Super Rare
HA05-SP013 Laval Burner Quemador Laval Super Rare
HA05-SP014 Laval Judgment Lord Señor del Juicio Laval Secret Rare
HA05-SP015 Vylon Cube Cubo Vylon Super Rare
HA05-SP016 Vylon Vanguard Vanguardia Vylon Super Rare
HA05-SP017 Vylon Charger Cargador Vylon Super Rare
HA05-SP018 Vylon Soldier Soldado Vylon Super Rare
HA05-SP019 Gem-Knight Ruby Gema Caballero Rubí Secret Rare
HA05-SP020 Gem-Knight Aquamarine Caballero Gema Aguamarina Secret Rare
HA05-SP021 Gem-Knight Topaz Caballero-Gema Topacio Secret Rare
HA05-SP022 Lavalval Dragon Dragon Lavalval Secret Rare
HA05-SP023 Laval the Greater Laval el Mayor Secret Rare
HA05-SP024 Vylon Sigma Vylon Sigma Secret Rare
HA05-SP025 Vylon Epsilon Vylon Épsilon Secret Rare
HA05-SP026 Gem-Knight Fusion Fusion de Caballeros-Gema Super Rare
HA05-SP027 Searing Fire Wall Pared de fuego Ardiente Super Rare
HA05-SP028 Vylon Material Material Vylon Super Rare
HA05-SP029 Gem-Enhancement Gema-Mejora Super Rare
HA05-SP030 Molten Whirlwind Wall Pared de Remolino Fundido Super Rare
HA05-SP031 Gishki Abyss Abismo Gishki Super Rare
HA05-SP032 Gishki Vanity Vanidad Gishki Super Rare
HA05-SP033 Gishki Marker Marcador Gishki Super Rare
HA05-SP034 Gishki Chain Cadena Gishki Secret Rare
HA05-SP035 Gishki Ariel Ariel Gishki Super Rare
HA05-SP036 Gishki Shadow Sombra Gishki Super Rare
HA05-SP037 Gusto Gulldo Gusto Gulldo Super Rare
HA05-SP038 Gusto Egul Gusto Egul Super Rare
HA05-SP039 Gusto Thunbolt Gusto Thunbolt Super Rare
HA05-SP040 Winda, Priestess of Gusto Winda, Sacerdotisa de Gusto Super Rare
HA05-SP041 Caam, Serenity of Gusto Caam, Serenidad de Gusto Secret Rare
HA05-SP042 Windaar, Sage of Gusto Windaar, Sabio de Gusto Super Rare
HA05-SP043 Steelswarm Cell Celula Horda de Acero Super Rare
HA05-SP044 Steelswarm Scout Explorador Horda de Acero Super Rare
HA05-SP045 Steelswarm Gatekeeper Guarda Horda de Acero Super Rare
HA05-SP046 Steelswarm Caller Llamador Horda de Acero Super Rare
HA05-SP047 Steelswarm Mantis Mantis Horda de Acero Secret Rare
HA05-SP048 Steelswarm Moth Polilla Horda de Acero Super Rare
HA05-SP049 Steelswarm Girastag Girastag Horda de Acero Secret Rare
HA05-SP050 Steelswarm Caucastag Caucagtag Horda de Acero Secret Rare
HA05-SP051 Evigishki Mind Augus Ogresa de la Mente Malgishki Secret Rare
HA05-SP052 Evigishki Soul Ogre Ogro del Alma Malgishki Secret Rare
HA05-SP053 Daigusto Gulldos Daigusto Gulldos Secret Rare
HA05-SP054 Daigusto Eguls Daigusto Eguls Secret Rare
HA05-SP055 Gishki Aquamirror Aquaespejo Gishki Super Rare
HA05-SP056 Contact with Gusto Contacto con Gusto Secret Rare
HA05-SP057 First Step Towards Infestation El Primer Paso a la Infestación Super Rare
HA05-SP058 Aquamirror Meditation Meditacion Aquaespejo Super Rare
HA05-SP059 Blessings for Gusto Bendiciones para Gusto Super Rare
HA05-SP060 Infestation Wave Ola de Infestacion Super Rare

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숨겨진 세력 5
(OCG - Korean)
Set number Name Korean Name Rarity
HA05-KR001 Gem-Knight Garnet 젬나이트 가넷 Super Rare
HA05-KR002 Gem-Knight Sapphire 젬나이트 사피아 Super Rare
HA05-KR003 Gem-Knight Tourmaline 젬나이트 르말린 Super Rare
HA05-KR004 Gem-Knight Alexandrite 젬나이트 알렉산드 Secret Rare
HA05-KR005 Gem-Armadillo 젬 레시스 Secret Rare
HA05-KR006 Gem-Merchant 젬 머천트 Super Rare
HA05-KR007 Laval Miller 라바르의 회전하는 염차 Super Rare
HA05-KR008 Soaring Eagle Above the Searing Land 홍련지대를 나는 매 Super Rare
HA05-KR009 Laval Warrior 라바르 워리어 Super Rare
HA05-KR010 Prominence, Molten Swordsman 염열도 프로미넌스 Super Rare
HA05-KR011 Laval Forest Sprite 라바르 염수해의 요녀 Super Rare
HA05-KR012 Kayenn, the Master Magma Blacksmith 작열공의 거장 카엔 Super Rare
HA05-KR013 Laval Burner 라바르버너 Super Rare
HA05-KR014 Laval Judgment Lord 라바르로드 저지먼트 Secret Rare
HA05-KR015 Vylon Cube 바이론 큐브 Super Rare
HA05-KR016 Vylon Vanguard 바이론 뱅가드 Super Rare
HA05-KR017 Vylon Charger 바이론 차저 Super Rare
HA05-KR018 Vylon Soldier 바이론 솔저 Super Rare
HA05-KR019 Gem-Knight Ruby 젬나이트 루비즈 Secret Rare
HA05-KR020 Gem-Knight Aquamarine 젬나이트 아쿠아마리나 Secret Rare
HA05-KR021 Gem-Knight Topaz 젬나이트 파즈 Secret Rare
HA05-KR022 Lavalval Dragon 라바르바르 드래곤 Secret Rare
HA05-KR023 Laval the Greater 라바르 그레이터 Secret Rare
HA05-KR024 Vylon Sigma 바이론 시그마 Secret Rare
HA05-KR025 Vylon Epsilon 바이론 엡실론 Secret Rare
HA05-KR026 Gem-Knight Fusion 젬나이트 퓨전 Super Rare
HA05-KR027 Searing Fire Wall 홍련의 화염벽 Super Rare
HA05-KR028 Vylon Material 바이론 머티리얼 Super Rare
HA05-KR029 Gem-Enhancement 젬 인한스 Super Rare
HA05-KR030 Molten Whirlwind Wall 염열선풍벽 Super Rare
HA05-KR031 Gishki Abyss 리추어 어비스 Super Rare
HA05-KR032 Gishki Vanity 리추어 배너티 Super Rare
HA05-KR033 Gishki Marker 리추어 마커 Super Rare
HA05-KR034 Gishki Chain 리추어 체인 Secret Rare
HA05-KR035 Gishki Ariel 리추어 에리얼 Super Rare
HA05-KR036 Gishki Shadow 섀도우 리추어 Super Rare
HA05-KR037 Gusto Gulldo 가스타 가르도 Super Rare
HA05-KR038 Gusto Egul 가스타 이굴 Super Rare
HA05-KR039 Gusto Thunbolt 가스타 썬볼트 Super Rare
HA05-KR040 Winda, Priestess of Gusto 가스타의 무녀 윈다 Super Rare
HA05-KR041 Caam, Serenity of Gusto 가스타의 정적 캄 Secret Rare
HA05-KR042 Windaar, Sage of Gusto 가스타의 현자 윈다르 Super Rare
HA05-KR043 Steelswarm Cell 인벨즈의 마세포 Super Rare
HA05-KR044 Steelswarm Scout 인벨즈의 척후 Super Rare
HA05-KR045 Steelswarm Gatekeeper 인벨즈의 문지기 Super Rare
HA05-KR046 Steelswarm Caller 인벨즈를 부르는 자 Super Rare
HA05-KR047 Steelswarm Mantis 인벨즈 마디스 Secret Rare
HA05-KR048 Steelswarm Moth 인벨즈 모스 Super Rare
HA05-KR049 Steelswarm Girastag 인벨즈 기라파 Secret Rare
HA05-KR050 Steelswarm Caucastag 인벨즈 가자스 Secret Rare
HA05-KR051 Evigishki Mind Augus 이비리추어 마인드오우거스 Secret Rare
HA05-KR052 Evigishki Soul Ogre 이비리추어 소울오우거 Secret Rare
HA05-KR053 Daigusto Gulldos 다이가스타 가르도스 Secret Rare
HA05-KR054 Daigusto Eguls 다이가스타 이굴스 Secret Rare
HA05-KR055 Gishki Aquamirror 리추어의 의수경 Super Rare
HA05-KR056 Contact with Gusto 가스타의 교신 Secret Rare
HA05-KR057 First Step Towards Infestation 침략의 한 수 Super Rare
HA05-KR058 Aquamirror Meditation 의수경의 명상술 Super Rare
HA05-KR059 Blessings for Gusto 가스타를 위한 기도 Super Rare
HA05-KR060 Infestation Wave 침략의 파동 Super Rare


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