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Hidden Arsenal 3
  • Hidden Arsenal 3

Arsenal Mystérieux 3


Hidden Arsenal 3


Arsenale Nascosto 3


Arsenal Secreto 3


숨겨진 세력 3

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Hidden Arsenal

  • HA03-EN (en)
  • HA03-FR (fr)
  • HA03-DE (de)
  • HA03-IT (it)
  • HA03-SP (sp)
  • HA03-KR (kr)
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Cover card
Yugioh-Card database ID
Release dates
English (na)
  • December 7, 2010
English (eu)
  • December 2, 2010
French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • December 2, 2010
  • July 12, 2011
Spanish (lat-am)
  • December 7, 2010

Hidden Arsenal 3

Hidden Arsenal 3 features 60 cards from the OCG Duel Terminal - Champion of Chaos!! and the OCG Duel Terminal - Dragunity of the Hurricane.


Introduces the "R-Genex", "Dragunity" and "Dragunity Knight" Archetypes to the TCG as well as further support for the "Ice Barrier", "Naturia", "Fabled", "Jurrac", "Ally of Justice" and "Worm" cards.


Each pack contains 5 foil cards: 1 Secret Rare and 4 Super Rares and each box contained 24 packs in the TCG and 30 packs in the OCG.

This set contains 60 cards, including:



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Hidden Arsenal 3
(TCG - English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
HA03-EN001 Fabled Urustos Super Rare 73040500 Effect Monster
HA03-EN002 Fabled Krus Secret Rare 19439119 Effect Monster
HA03-EN003 Fabled Topi Super Rare 46833854 Effect Monster
HA03-EN004 Fabled Soulkius Secret Rare 72328962 Effect Monster
HA03-EN005 Fabled Miztoji Super Rare 08316661 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN006 Jurrac Ptera Super Rare 45711266 Effect Monster
HA03-EN007 Jurrac Iguanon Super Rare 71106375 Effect Monster
HA03-EN008 Jurrac Brachis Super Rare 08594079 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN009 Jurrac Spinos Super Rare 44689688 Effect Monster
HA03-EN010 Naturia Dragonfly Super Rare 70083723 Effect Monster
HA03-EN011 Naturia Sunflower Super Rare 07478431 Effect Monster
HA03-EN012 Naturia Cliff Secret Rare 33866130 Effect Monster
HA03-EN013 Naturia Tulip Super Rare 70261145 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN014 R-Genex Turbo Super Rare 06256844 Effect Monster
HA03-EN015 R-Genex Overseer Super Rare 32744558 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN016 R-Genex Crusher Super Rare 65149697 Effect Monster
HA03-EN017 R-Genex Magma Super Rare 01533292 Effect Monster
HA03-EN018 Shock Troops of the Ice Barrier Super Rare 38528901 Effect Monster
HA03-EN019 Samurai of the Ice Barrier Super Rare 64926005 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN020 Dewdark of the Ice Barrier Super Rare 90311614 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN021 Caravan of the Ice Barrier Super Rare 37806313 Effect Monster
HA03-EN022 Worm Solid Super Rare 03204467 Effect Monster
HA03-EN023 Worm Tentacles Super Rare 30299166 Effect Monster
HA03-EN024 Worm Ugly Super Rare 76683171 Effect Monster
HA03-EN025 Worm Victory Secret Rare 02088870 Effect Monster
HA03-EN026 Fabled Leviathan Secret Rare 39477584 Synchro Monster
HA03-EN027 Jurrac Velphito Secret Rare 65961683 Synchro Monster
HA03-EN028 Naturia Barkion Secret Rare 02956282 Synchro Monster
HA03-EN029 Locomotion R-Genex Secret Rare 38354937 Synchro Monster
HA03-EN030 Gungnir, Dragon of the Ice Barrier Secret Rare 65749035 Synchro Monster
HA03-EN031 Dragunity Dux Secret Rare 28183605 Effect Monster
HA03-EN032 Dragunity Legionnaire Super Rare 54578613 Effect Monster
HA03-EN033 Dragunity Tribus Super Rare 81962318 Effect Monster
HA03-EN034 Dragunity Darkspear Super Rare 13361027 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN035 Dragunity Phalanx Secret Rare 59755122 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN036 Fabled Dyf Super Rare 86840720 Effect Monster
HA03-EN037 Fabled Ashenveil Secret Rare 12235475 Effect Monster
HA03-EN038 Fabled Oltro Super Rare 49633574 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN039 Jurrac Titano Secret Rare 85028288 Effect Monster
HA03-EN040 Jurrac Guaiba Super Rare 11012887 Effect Monster
HA03-EN041 Jurrac Stauriko Super Rare 48411996 Effect Monster
HA03-EN042 Naturia Horneedle Super Rare 84905691 Effect Monster
HA03-EN043 Naturia Fruitfly Super Rare 11390349 Effect Monster
HA03-EN044 Naturia Hydrangea Super Rare 47795344 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN045 R-Genex Accelerator Super Rare 73783043 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN046 R-Genex Oracle Super Rare 10178757 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN047 R-Genex Ultimum Super Rare 46572756 Effect Monster
HA03-EN048 Spellbreaker of the Ice Barrier Super Rare 73061465 Effect Monster
HA03-EN049 General Grunard of the Ice Barrier Secret Rare 09056100 Effect Monster
HA03-EN050 Ally of Justice Omni-Weapon Secret Rare 45450218 Effect Monster
HA03-EN051 Ally of Justice Quarantine Super Rare 72845813 Effect Monster
HA03-EN052 Ally of Justice Cycle Reader Super Rare 08233522 Tuner Monster
HA03-EN053 Worm Warlord Super Rare 35638627 Effect Monster
HA03-EN054 Worm Xex Super Rare 11722335 Effect Monster
HA03-EN055 Worm Yagan Super Rare 47111934 Effect Monster
HA03-EN056 Worm Zero Secret Rare 74506079 Fusion Monster
HA03-EN057 Dragunity Knight - Gae Bulg Secret Rare 00900787 Synchro Monster
HA03-EN058 Fabled Ragin Secret Rare 47395382 Synchro Monster
HA03-EN059 Vindikite R-Genex Secret Rare 73483491 Synchro Monster
HA03-EN060 Ally of Justice Decisive Armor Secret Rare 09888196 Synchro Monster

Facts about "Hidden Arsenal 3"RDF feed
Cover cardDragunity Knight - Gae Bulg +
English (EN) release date2 December 2010 +
English database ID1,101,010 +
English nameHidden Arsenal 3 +
English release date2 December 2010 +
English set and region prefixHA03-EN +
English set prefixHA03 +
European English release date2 December 2010 +
European English retail release date2 December 2010 +
European Spanish release date2 December 2010 +
European Spanish retail release date2 December 2010 +
French nameArsenal Mystérieux 3 +
French release date2 December 2010 +
French retail release date2 December 2010 +
French set and region prefixHA03-FR +
French set prefixHA03 +
German nameHidden Arsenal 3 +
German release date2 December 2010 +
German retail release date2 December 2010 +
German set and region prefixHA03-DE +
German set prefixHA03 +
Italian nameArsenale Nascosto 3 +
Italian release date2 December 2010 +
Italian retail release date2 December 2010 +
Italian set and region prefixHA03-IT +
Italian set prefixHA03 +
Korean name숨겨진 세력 3
Korean release date12 July 2011 +
Korean set and region prefixHA03-KR +
Korean set prefixHA03 +
Latin American Spanish release date7 December 2010 +
Latin American Spanish retail release date7 December 2010 +
MediumOfficial +
North American English release date7 December 2010 +
North American English retail release date7 December 2010 +
OCG set prefixHA03 +
Page nameHidden Arsenal 3 +
Page typeSet page +
Set typeBooster Pack +
Spanish nameArsenal Secreto 3 +
Spanish release date2 December 2010 +
Spanish set and region prefixHA03-SP +
Spanish set prefixHA03 +
TCG set prefixHA03 +

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