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Heroic Challenger
Heroic Challenger
Nistro with "Heroic Challengers" "Night Watchman", "Clasp Sword" and "Double Lance".

  • ヒロイックチャレンジャ
  • H・C (base)
  • ヒロイック・チャレンジャ (ruby)
  • Hiroikku Charenjā (romanized)
  • H・Cヒロイック・チャレンジャ (anime)
  • H・C (base)
  • ヒロイック・チャレンジャ (ruby)
  • Hiroikku Charenjā (romanized)


  • 英豪挑戰者
  • Yīngháo Tiǎozhànzhě (pinyin)
  • Jing1 hou4 Tiu1 zin3 ze2 (jyutping)


  • Challenger Héroïque


  • Heroischer Herausforderer


  • Sfidante Eroico


  • H히로익C챌린저
  • H・C (base)
  • 히로익・챌린저 (ruby)
  • Hiroik Chaellinjeo (romanized)


  • Desafiante Heroico


  • Contendiente Heroico


Anime appearances

Manga appearances

"Heroic Challenger" (ヒロイックチャレンジャ Hiroikku Charenjā, written as H・Cヒロイック・チャレンジャ in the anime), is an archetype of EARTH Warrior-Type monsters, which are part of the "Heroic" archetype, that are used by Nistro in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. All monsters of this archetype are Level 4, except for the Level 1 "Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier" & "Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword" and the Level 6 "Heroic Challenger - War Hammer". Its released support cards were retooled to be "Heroic" support cards in the OCG and are listed here as related.

The archetype primarily consists cards focusing on maintaining a powerful field presence in order to Xyz Summon the "Heroic Champion" monsters, or utilizing the "Heroic" support cards to maintain a large offense or protect their monsters from attacks (or take their opposition with them). Other cards like "Heroic Challenger - Night Watchman" help to eliminate threats that would limit the offensive capabilities of the other "Heroic" monsters. The main consistency with this archetype, as well as the other "Heroic" cards is to either increase the ATK of their monsters, utilizing this to create strong field presence and focus on battle damage to defeat opposition, or to utilize effects (that rely on monster presence) to eliminate the opponents monsters so that on the following turn, the opponent will have lost their field presence. The latter of these functions rather well with the former, granting a more open field for your high-attack monsters to create large battle damage and dominate the opposition's monsters.

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