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A Heart Piece (ハートピース Hātopīsu) is the proof of participation for the World Duel Carnival. Each Duelist receives one Heart Piece and a heart-shaped framework to hold them.

In order to complete a full heart and advance in the finals, the Duelist has to collect four more pieces. However, if all pieces are lost, the participant will be automatically disqualified.[1] The number of Heart Pieces can be viewed on the player's Life Points, abbreviated as "HP".[2] Not every piece fits into the frame, as Yuma Tsukumo's piece won from Cody didn't fit.[3] A full container is needed to start the Duel Coaster.[4]

Multiple types of Heart Pieces exist and the different types have to be collected to form the perfect heart.[3] Duelists decide how many pieces they bet in a Duel themselves.[5] The concept of Heart Pieces is similar to the concept of Star Chips and Locator Cards used in the Duelist Kingdom and Battle City arcs of the Yu-Gi-Oh! second series anime.


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