Haru (ハル, Haru) is a character in season two of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime working with Lightning. He is the second generation of AI created by Lightning.



Haru VR form

VR artwork of Haru.

Haru is a seemingly young boy with blond hair and orange and red highlights. He wears a blue long-sleeved shirt with a red tie and a white blazer with yellow accents, plus a large red star on his collar, orange pants with yellow and blue accents, a pink belt with silver and blue details, and yellow-white shoes with pink trim and stars.


Despite his childlike appearance, Haru does not act very childish. He is very unscrupulous. While making a wager, he will not uphold his end of the deal upon losing.



Haru was an AI, created by Lightning to become a vessel for the Ignis. However, Lightning decided to create a new AI, in form of Bohman.[1]

Lost Memories

Haru watched Playmaker and the orange figure Duel. He noted the latter's battle style was crude.[2] He observed the Duel, surprised that Playmaker conducted a Ritual Summon, despite that not being in his record. As Playmaker went on offense, Haru ordered the orange figure to do something. The figure, once it took the attack, revealed to be a man, who didn't know why was he Dueling. Haru reminded he was Bohman, Haru's younger brother, and urged him to continue Dueling to regain their memories. When Bohman was defeated, Haru went to take Bohman away, thankful he coded Bohman's protection against Ignis, for Ai nearly devoured him. Haru called upon Bit and Boot to take Playmaker out. However, in a fiery whirlwind, a mysterious person appeared, who let Playmaker chase after Haru as he went to deal with Bit and Boot.[3] Haru carried Bohman, and fired Bit and Boot, who argued who lost the Duel against Soulburner. Playmaker tried to stop him, but Haru reminded that Jin Kusanagi's data was theirs. Playmaker wanted to know the reason behind this assault, but Haru simply said something unbelievable would happen soon. He opened a path in the restricted area and escaped with Bohman.[4]

Haru and Bohman were at a castle in LINK VRAINS, and kneeled to a shadowy figure. Haru confirmed to have obtained Jin Kusanagi's data, but ran into Playmaker, who had the "Dark Ignis". Furthermore, Haru explained another man with an Ignis of Fire appeared in LINK VRAINS. The figure foresaw that, and believed they would find the castle soon enough. The figure took the data about Jin Kusanagi from Bohman, who wanted their memories back. The figure claimed not to have made such promise and removed Bohman's memories, causing him to faint, and told Haru his brother needed new memories once more.[5] Haru and Bohman were on a sculpture, which rose above the clouds. Haru watched Bohman Duel Playmaker, and anticipated of the former a new power that was given to him. He was surprised the two sides anticipated one another's movements. He became pleased when Bohman started countering Playmaker's moves.[6] He believed Playmaker and Bohman would switch places if Bohman were to win. When Bohman took a direct attack, Haru encouraged his brother to continue, and became amazed when Bohman used Storm Access during a Master Duel. Haru was surprised of Playmaker's tactics to perform a Fusion Summon. After Bohman's defeat, Haru declared his brother would return someday.[7]

Haru went with Bohman to flee from Playmaker and Soulburner. However, Bohman decided to face Playmaker, and Haru decided to stay and watch the two Duel.[1] He commented on Playmaker's tactics to Ritual Summon "Cyberse Magician". He was surprised to see that Playmaker hurt himself, by having the magician attacking the stronger "Trident Hydradrive Lord". The strategy turned out to empower "Cyberse Magician", whose ATK became 7900, and Haru noted that Playmaker could also attack with "Cyberse Witch".[8] Haru cheered Bohman on, who went to use Storm Access skill. He was surprised to see that Playmaker used Neo Storm Access, and use "Cyberse Quantum Dragon" to attack "Rousing Hydradrive Monarch", despite having less ATK. Once the Duel ended, Haru fled with Bohman.[9]


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