Haru (ハル, Haru) is a character in the season two of Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime.



Haru VR form

VR artwork of Haru.

Haru is a seemingly young boy with blond hair and orange and red highlights. He wears a blue long-sleeved shirt with a red tie and a white blazer with yellow accents, plus a large red star on his collar, orange pants with yellow and blue accents, a pink belt with silver and blue details, and yellow-white shoes with pink trim and stars.



Unnamed Arc

Haru watched Playmaker and the orange figure Duel. He noted the latter's battle style was crude.[1] He observed the Duel, surprised that Playmaker conducted a Ritual Summon, despite that not being in his record. As Playmaker went on offense, Haru ordered the orange figure to do something. The figure, once it took the attack, revealed to be a man, who didn't know why was he Dueling. Haru reminded he was Bohman, Haru's younger brother, and urged him to continue Dueling to regain their memories. When Bohman was defeated, Haru went to take Bohman away, thankful he coded Bohman's protection against Ignis, for Ai nearly devoured him. Haru called upon Bit and Boot to take Playmaker out. However, in a fiery whirlwind, a mysterious person appeared, who let Playmaker chase after Haru as he went to deal with Bit and Boot.[2]


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