Happy Marriage

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Happy Marriage
English Happy Marriage
German Glückliche Heirat
Italian Matrimonio Felice
Portuguese Casamento Feliz
Spanish Matrimonio Feliz
Japanese ハッピー・マリッジ
Japanese (rōmaji) Happī Marijji
Type Spell Card SPELL
Property Equip Equip
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Facts about "Happy Marriage"RDF feed
Arabic nameالزواج السعيد +
AttributeSpell +
Attribute TextSpell +
Card ImageHappyMarriageVG-GX02 +
Card Image TextHappyMarriageVG-GX02.jpg +
Card typeSpell Card + and Equip Spell Card +
Card type TextSpell Card + and Equip Spell Card +
Class 1VGEx +
Class 4VG +
Croatian nameSretni Brak +
English nameHappy Marriage +
English name (linked)Happy Marriage +
GX02 StatusUnlimited +
GX04 StatusLimited +
German nameGlückliche Heirat +
Greek nameΕυτυχισμένος Γάμος +
Italian loreQuesta carta può essere attivata solo quando 1 mostro scoperto del tuo avversario è sul tuo Terreno. Aumenta l'ATK del mostro equipaggiato di un ammontare di punti pari all'ATK di quel mostro.
Italian nameMatrimonio Felice +
Japanese kana nameハッピー・マリッジ +
Japanese nameハッピー・マリッジ +
LoreThis card can only be activated while a face-up monster that is owned by your opponent is on your side of the field. Increase the ATK of the equipped monster by the ATK of that monster.
MediumGX02 +, GX04 +, GX06 +, TF04 + and TF05 +
Page nameHappy Marriage +
Page typeCard page +
Phonetic nameHappī Marijji +
Portuguese nameCasamento Feliz +
Romaji nameHappī Marijji +
Ruby Japanese nameハッピー・マリッジ
S/T ClassEquip Spell Card +
Spanish nameMatrimonio Feliz +
StatsEquipped gains ATK
TypesEquip +

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